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Electric heaters have become a popular choice for many households in the UK, offering an efficient and convenient way to heat specific rooms or spaces. As the demand for electricity continues to rise, electric heaters are a versatile and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional gas and oil heating systems. They come in various styles and sizes, making them suitable for any room, whether it’s the living room, bedroom or even the bathroom.

One of the main advantages of electric heaters is that they are incredibly easy to install and use. All you need is a power outlet, and you can enjoy instant heat without the need for complex plumbing or maintenance. Electric heaters are also highly energy-efficient, converting almost 100% of the energy they consume into heat, which can help to lower your energy bills.

various electric heaters

When choosing the best electric heater for your home, it’s essential to consider factors such as power output, energy efficiency, safety features, and design. The size and type of heater you need depend on the size of the room and your specific heating requirements. Some heaters have additional features, such as built-in timers or thermostats, allowing you to have more control and potentially save on energy costs.

I tested and compared a wide range of electric heaters available in the UK to identify the best options for different needs, taking into account their performance, features, and value for money. In the following sections, you’ll find a closer look at my findings and the top electric heaters available on the market today.

Best Electric Heaters in the UK

Product NameHeating PowerEnergy EfficiencySafety FeaturesNoise LevelDurability & Quality
Dreo Space1500WEnergy efficient ECO-Mode, Automatic Shut-OffShield360° Protection, V-0 flame-retardant materialsAs quiet as 37.5 dBHigh-quality materials, Brushless DC motor, 9 aerodynamic blades
Dreo Space Heater 1800W1800WECO mode, 5-35℃ adjustable digital thermostatV0-rated flame-retardant materials, overheat sensor, tip-over switch, automatic shutdown40dBBuilt-in UKCA-certified mechanisms, ObliqueAirflow technology
Pro Breeze 2000W Mini2000WCeramic TechnologyBuilt-in overheat protection, enhanced anti-tip over switchN/ACompact design, easy-carry handle
DONYER POWER Halogen800W/2000WN/AHeavy chassis, safety tests and quality certifications3dBWater and dust resistant

I’ve gathered a list of the top electric heaters available in the UK for you below. Let’s dive in and check these fantastic products that will keep you warm and toasty.

Dreo Space Heater (Editor’s Choice)

Dreo Space Heater

I highly recommend the Dreo Space Heater for its efficient heating, energy-saving features, and added safety measures.


  • Fast and efficient heating
  • Energy-efficient ECO mode
  • Comprehensive safety features


  • Thermostat reaction time could be faster
  • Small and compact design may not suit larger spaces
  • Remote control might have a limited range

Ever since I started using the Dreo Space Heater, I’ve been impressed by how quickly it heats up any room. It’s powered by Dreo Hyperamics Technology, which helps it reach the desired temperature almost immediately. I found this heater perfect for placing on the floor by my feet, on a desk near my hands, or carrying around indoors.

What stands out for me is the Shield360° Protection system. Not only does it offer tip-over and overheat protection, but it also comes with an enhanced safety plug and V-0 flame-retardant materials. This gives me peace of mind, knowing I can use this heater day and night without worrying about potential hazards.

The energy-efficient ECO mode has been a real boon, as it automatically adjusts the heat level to reach the desired temperature while saving on energy bills. I appreciate being able to personalise the temperature settings between 5 and 35℃, with 1℃ increments available. This feature ensures precise heating and comfort.

The 70° wide-angle oscillation is another brilliant feature, as it covers a larger area providing warmth to my bedroom, garage, basement, and office. While the heater is compact in size, it might not be suitable for larger rooms.

One aspect I’ve noticed is that the thermostat’s reaction time could be faster. It seems to stay on longer than necessary before adjusting to the set temperature. Furthermore, although the heater comes with a remote control, it might have a limited range, so make sure to test it before relying on it for frequent adjustments.

Overall, the Dreo Space Heater is an efficient, energy-saving, and safe option for heating smaller spaces. However, if you have a larger room or require faster thermostat reaction, you might want to explore other alternatives.

The Dreo Space electric heater stands out from the other products due to its combination of powerful heating capabilities, energy efficiency, safety features, quiet operation, and high-quality construction. Its 1500W heating power and 70° wide-angle oscillation provide rapid and wide-reaching warmth, while its ECO-Mode and automatic shut-off help to conserve energy and prevent overheating.

Moreover, the Shield360° protection and V-0 flame-retardant materials ensure maximum safety, and the brushless DC motor and 9 aerodynamic blades make it one of the quietest heaters on the market. Overall, the Dreo Space offers an impressive balance of performance, convenience, and safety, making it a top choice for anyone in need of an effective and reliable electric heater.

The user reviews of the Dreo Space offer some additional information about the product not stated by the manufacturer. Positive feedback includes the heater’s compact size, efficient heating, and advanced features like the remote control and ECO mode. Users also appreciate the quiet operation and quick heating.

However, some negative feedback highlights the slow reaction of the thermostatic setting, which can lead to the heater staying on for too long or turning off for too long. Additionally, one user mentions that the Dreo Space consumes more electricity than expected, which may be a concern for some users. Overall, the user reviews provide valuable insights into the Dreo Space’s performance and usability, and offer a balanced perspective on the product’s strengths and weaknesses.

Dreo Space Heater, 1800W (Luxury Choice)

Dreo Space Heater

I highly recommend this Dreo Space Heater for its instant heating, quiet operation, and energy-saving features.


  • Quick 2-second heating
  • Quiet and gentle operation
  • Safety features and energy-saving ECO mode


  • Limited to indoor use
  • Could be too small for larger spaces
  • Fan is a bit noisy in quiet environments

Upon using the Dreo Space Heater, I was impressed by how quickly it heated up my room. It has special ceramic heating that takes only two seconds to bring warmth to any indoor environment. With three different heating speeds ranging from 900W to 1800W, you can easily customize the heat output for your office, bedroom, living room or any other space.

One of the standout features of this electric heater is its quiet performance. I found the 40dB noise level unobtrusive, making it perfect for use in a bedroom or workspace. The ObliqueAirflow technology used by Dreo significantly reduces fan noise and provides gentle warm breezes to keep you comfortable during the colder months.

Safety is always a concern when using any heating appliance, but the Dreo Space Heater comes with several safety features that put my mind at ease. Some of these features include V0-rated flame-retardant materials, an overheat sensor, a tip-over switch, and automatic shutdown after 24 hours of non-operation.

Portable and convenient, the heater has a 70° wide oscillation feature that helps distribute heat more effectively. The 1-12 hour timer and included remote control make it easy to manage from a distance, while the hidden handle ensures easy transport from room to room.

Lastly, I appreciate the energy-saving ECO mode, which adjusts the heater’s power according to the room temperature. Combined with the 5-35℃ thermostat, it maintains the ideal temperature in your space while reducing energy consumption.

Overall, the Dreo Space Heater is an excellent option for those seeking a versatile, energy-efficient, and quiet electric heater. However, its small size might not be suitable for larger rooms, and the fan can be a bit noisy in silent environments.

Compared with the Dreo Space, the Dreo Space Heater 1800W offers even more precise and personalised heating. With its 1800W heating power and 2-second instant heating, it can quickly provide warmth to your desired temperature. The ObliqueAirflow technology makes it even quieter than the Dreo Space, with a noise level of only 40dB. The built-in UKCA-certified safety mechanisms, such as V0-rated flame-retardant materials and automatic shutdown, provide peace of mind.

Additionally, the Dreo Space Heater 1800W includes a remote control, 70° wide oscillation, and 1-12 hour timer, making it even more convenient and user-friendly. If you’re looking for a heater with even more precise temperature control and advanced features, the Dreo Space Heater 1800W is a great option.

According to the user reviews of the Dreo Space Heater 1800W, one user mentioned that the product is small and the fan is noisy. This is not stated by the manufacturer and may be an important factor to consider for those who require a quiet environment. However, many users praised the product for its excellent heating capabilities, with one user stating that it heats up a small room in a matter of minutes and another user reporting that their large living room was toasty warm even though their boiler was on the blink.

The oscillation and remote control were also positively mentioned by users. One user was impressed with the customer service provided by the manufacturer when they experienced an issue with the product. Overall, the Dreo Space Heater 1800W appears to be a popular choice for those looking for an efficient and effective single-room heater.

Pro Breeze 2000W Mini Ceramic Fan Heater (Best Value)

Pro Breeze 2000W Mini Ceramic Fan Heater

The Pro Breeze 2000W Mini Ceramic Fan Heater is an ideal choice due to its energy efficiency, compact design, and excellent heating performance.


  • Fast heating with advanced ceramic technology
  • Various power settings and fan-only mode for energy efficiency
  • Adjustable thermostat and multiple safety features


  • Doesn’t oscillate, directing heat to a single direction
  • Thermostat may be slow in operation
  • Can be slightly noisy

After using the Pro Breeze 2000W Mini Ceramic Fan Heater in my home office, I found it to be an efficient heating solution. The advanced ceramic heating elements provided a faster and more energy-efficient warmth compared to regular oil-filled radiators. With a variety of power settings, I was able to adjust the temperature to my liking and even switch to fan-only mode on milder days.

A key feature I appreciated was the adjustable thermostat control that allowed the heater to automatically shut off once the surrounding air temperature reached the desired level. This ensured optimal heating efficiency and helped me save on energy bills. The safety features, including overheat protection and an anti-tip switch, provided me peace of mind knowing the heater will switch off if any unsafe situation were to occur.

Despite being compact and lightweight, the Pro Breeze Mini Ceramic Fan Heater packs a punch in heating small to medium-sized rooms. I was able to carry it easily and position it to target the desired area. However, it did not oscillate, which meant the heat was directed in a single direction. Although slightly noisy, it wasn’t bothersome and I soon adapted to its presence.

In conclusion, the Pro Breeze 2000W Mini Ceramic Fan Heater is a great solution for heating small spaces without spending a fortune on energy bills. The compact design, advanced heating technology, and safety features make it a suitable choice for both homes and offices. However, be prepared for the noise it may produce and bear in mind that it doesn’t oscillate in directing heat.

Compared with the Dreo Space, the Pro Breeze 2000W Mini offers a more compact and portable option. Its advanced ceramic heating technology allows for faster and more energy-efficient heating than traditional oil-filled radiators, making it a great choice for heating small spaces like bedrooms or offices. The Pro Breeze 2000W Mini also features a built-in overheat protection and enhanced anti-tip over switch for added safety.

However, it has a higher heating power of 2000W, making it potentially louder than the Dreo Space at maximum settings. If you’re looking for a compact and portable heater that can still provide effective heating in a small space, the Pro Breeze 2000W Mini is a great option.

Several users have left reviews for the Pro Breeze 2000W Mini, offering mixed feedback. One user commented on the smart design of the product and how easy it is to control, with a good variety of heat settings. However, some users noted that the thermostat was slow to operate, and the controls for adjusting temperature and fan power did not seem to make much difference.

Another user mentioned that the heating effect is only within about 2-3 feet from the heater, and the second it is turned off, all heat is instantly lost. However, most users agreed that the heater is compact, cost-effective, and suitable for heating up a small to medium-sized room. While it may not be the most powerful heater, it is well-made and safe to use.

DONYER POWER Halogen Patio Heater

DONYER POWER Halogen Patio Heater

I highly recommend this electric patio heater for its efficient heating, elegant design, and easy-to-use functionality.


  • Efficient dual heat settings (800W & 2000W)
  • Innovative exterior design with added functionality
  • Stable and heavyweight chassis to prevent tipping


  • Wall mounting bracket could be stronger
  • Power cable might be too short for some users
  • Instructions for assembly are unclear

The DONYER POWER Halogen Patio Heater has been a fantastic addition to my outdoor space, providing me with efficient heating while also serving as an attractive piece of equipment. Its dual heat settings, 800W and 2000W, have been perfect for adjusting the temperature to suit my needs.

One feature I especially appreciate is the innovative exterior design, which adds a touch of elegance to my garden. The heavy chassis ensures the heater remains stable and secure, preventing it from tipping over during use – a crucial safety feature when using it outdoors.

However, I have encountered a few drawbacks with this product. The wall mounting bracket could be stronger, as it feels a bit feeble when trying to keep the heater upright. I had to add extra screws to ensure it was properly secured. Additionally, the power cable is slightly too short for my preference, which might be an issue for potential users with a larger space.

Lastly, the assembly instructions can be quite unclear, and it took me some time to figure it out on my own. Despite these minor issues, the DONYER POWER Halogen Patio Heater has been an excellent purchase, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an effective and stylish heating solution for their outdoor space.

Compared with the Dreo Space, the DONYER POWER Halogen offers a different type of heating method and is designed for both indoor and outdoor usage. It has two heat settings, 800W and 2000W, making it suitable for different environments and weather conditions. The innovative exterior design adds beauty while providing outdoor heating, making it a great option for patios or decks.

However, it lacks some of the advanced features found in the Dreo Space, such as the ECO-Mode, automatic shut-off, and precise temperature control. Additionally, the DONYER POWER Halogen has a heavy chassis to prevent tipping over, but this also makes it less portable than the Dreo Space. If you’re looking for an outdoor heating option that can also be used indoors, the DONYER POWER Halogen is a great choice.

Users of the DONYER POWER Halogen have shared their experiences with the product, highlighting some additional information not already stated by the manufacturer. One user reported that the wall mounting bracket is feeble and required additional screws to hold it up straight. Additionally, the heater has a pull cord and wobbles when the unit is turned on and off. Another user mentioned that the supplied bracket is weak and drops slightly under the weight of the heater and that the light on the side of the unit is very bright and stays on continuously with no way to turn it off.

However, users generally found the heater to be effective and easy to use. It heats the space around the user and is a cheaper alternative to propane heaters. One user found it ideal for the garage over the winter months, while another was able to sit outside in the winter thanks to the heater. The heater has adjustable heat settings and is controlled by a remote, making it convenient to use.

Brightown Portable Electric Space Heater

Brightown Portable Electric Space Heater

I highly recommend the Brightown Portable Electric Space Heater for its versatility and efficiency, but keep in mind the fan noise.


  • 2 in 1 heater and fan
  • Quiet and fast heating
  • Compact and powerful


  • Temperature control could be better
  • Fan noise may be bothersome
  • May not be suitable for wet or damp areas

I recently purchased the Brightown Portable Electric Space Heater, and it has been a great addition to my home. The 2 in 1 heater and fan feature makes it perfect for use throughout the year, ensuring I stay comfortable no matter the season. The heater quickly heats up medium-sized rooms, such as my bedroom and office. Its compact size means it’s easy to carry around the house or even take with me on trips.

One thing I noticed when using the heater is the temperature control could be improved slightly. It’s not a major issue, but I found that pairing the heater with a thermostat plug increased its effectiveness. I must also mention that the fan noise, while advertised as quiet, might bother some people. It didn’t cause me too much trouble, but it’s worth considering if you’re sensitive to noise.

The heater comes with multiple safety features like automatic shutdown to prevent overheating and an insulated housing, which make it safer for use in children’s rooms. However, it’s not suitable for use in wet or damp rooms like showers or bathtubs.

In conclusion, the Brightown Portable Electric Space Heater is a versatile, efficient, and powerful heater, perfect for medium-sized rooms. Despite some minor drawbacks, such as the fan noise and temperature control, it’s a worthwhile investment to keep yourself comfortable year-round.

Schallen 2000W Electric Convector Radiator Heater

Schallen 2000W Electric Convector Radiator Heater

The Schallen 2000W Electric Convector Radiator Heater is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking instant, energy-efficient heat during the colder months.


  • Powerful 2000W heater with rapid heating
  • Adjustable thermostat control
  • Modern design, suitable for homes and offices


  • Quite big, may not be suitable for small spaces
  • May require multiple units for larger rooms
  • No remote control

I recently used the Schallen 2000W Electric Convector Radiator Heater, and it blew me away with how quickly it warmed up my chilly living room. Thanks to its convection technology, it heats up faster than oil alternatives typically do, allowing my family to feel cosy right away. The three heat settings – 800W, 1200W, and 2000W – made it simple to customise the room’s temperature based on our comfort levels.

The adjustable thermostat control was handy in maintaining the warmth, as the heater automatically switched off when it reached my desired temperature. It was straightforward to move the unit from one room to another due to the portable handles on the side.

While I love the modern and minimalistic all-white design, the size of the heater might be an issue for smaller spaces. Additionally, for those with open-plan rooms or particularly large spaces, you might need to invest in multiple units to get even heat distribution across the entire area.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the Schallen heater adheres to strict safety standards, featuring overheat protection and a tip-over safety switch. This gave me peace of mind, knowing that my family and I were safe while enjoying the warmth it provides.

In conclusion, the Schallen 2000W Electric Convector Radiator Heater is an excellent investment for anyone looking for a powerful, energy-efficient heating solution with a modern design. While it might not be the best fit for extremely small or large spaces, its instant heating ability and customisable temperature settings make it a valuable addition to any home or office during the cold winter months.

CUQOO Powerful 2KW Fan Heater

CUQOO Powerful 2KW Fan Heater

I recommend the CUQOO Powerful 2KW Fan Heater for its versatility and safety features, making it a great addition to any home or office.


  • Versatile positioning and lightweight design
  • Dual heat settings and cool function for year-round use
  • Frost watch protection


  • Smell of burning reported when left on for long periods
  • Buttons may feel a bit strange to use
  • Energy usage may be higher than expected

When I first used the CUQOO Powerful 2KW Fan Heater, I immediately appreciated its lightweight design and the built-in carry handle, making it easy to move between rooms. Since it can be positioned both horizontally and vertically, it fits in nicely in any home or office space.

Offering two heat settings (1000w/2000w) and a cool blow function, this electric heater is versatile and practical. I found the Frost Watch Protection feature particularly useful, as it activates automatically at temperatures below 5°C, preventing frost buildup and keeping the chill away—all without any manual intervention.

The CUQOO Fan Heater comes with a variable thermostat dial that allows me to set my desired temperature. Once reached, the heater automatically switches on and off to maintain a consistent temperature. I also feel secure using this heater, thanks to its automatic overheat protection and fire retardant plastic construction.

However, I have noticed a smell of burning if the heater is left on for too long, which is concerning. The buttons may not feel intuitive, and it’s worth keeping an eye on your energy usage, as it might be higher than expected.

In conclusion, the CUQOO Powerful 2KW Fan Heater offers a versatile heating solution for your home or office. While it has some drawbacks, its safety features and frost protection make it a worthwhile investment, especially for colder months.

Belaco 2000W Electric Heater

Belaco 2000W Electric Heater

I highly recommend the Belaco 2000W Electric Heater for its powerful heating capabilities, adjustable settings, and modern design.


  • Powerful 2000W heating
  • Adjustable thermostat and settings
  • Modern design


  • Plug may get hot during use
  • Some customers reported dents on arrival
  • Light material may not be as durable

Having used the Belaco 2000W Electric Heater, I can say it definitely keeps me warm during cold days. With its powerful 2000W output, it quickly heats up any room in just minutes. I love the adjustable thermostat feature – it turns the heater off when the desired temperature is reached and back on when the room cools down, ensuring the perfect amount of warmth.

The Belaco heater offers three heat settings (750W, 1250W, and 2000W), which I find incredibly useful depending on my preference and room size. The light indicators make it easy to know which setting is activated. Plus, the modern and stylish appearance fits well in any room, whether it’s my home or office.

Despite its pros, there are a few drawbacks to this heater. I noticed that the plug gets hot after a while, so it’s essential to keep an eye on it and not leave it unattended. Also, some customers received the heater with dents, although it didn’t happen to me. The material feels light, so I’m unsure about its long-term durability.

Overall, I believe the Belaco 2000W Electric Heater is a great purchase for its power, adjustable settings, and stylish design. Just make sure to watch the plug and consider the few cons when making your decision.

Belaco Halogen Electric Heater

Belaco Halogen Electric Heater

This compact and portable heater is great for quickly warming up a room, but be cautious of the fragile halogen tubes.


  • Heats up quickly with three heat settings
  • Lightweight and portable with a carry handle
  • Oscillating function for even heat distribution


  • Halogen tubes are fragile and may break easily
  • Relatively short power cord
  • Safety concerns with moving the heater while on

I recently tried out the Belaco Halogen Electric Heater in my home office, and I must say, it does a fantastic job of warming up the space quickly. Its three heat settings provide versatility, allowing me to choose the level of warmth I need depending on the weather outside. The oscillation feature is also a plus since it helps to distribute heat evenly around the room.

One thing I appreciate about this heater is its portability. It’s lightweight and comes with a built-in carry handle, which makes it easy to move from room to room. However, I must warn you to be extra careful when transporting it – the halogen tubes are fragile and can break easily, so always remember to turn off the heater and let it cool down before moving it.

A downside I noticed is that the power cord is quite short, which can be limiting in terms of where you can place the heater. You might need to use an extension cord if your desired spot is not close to an outlet. Additionally, you should be aware of the safety concerns when using this product – it’s advised not to move the heater while it’s on and to avoid using it if the halogen tubes or housing are damaged.

In conclusion, the Belaco Halogen Electric Heater is a reliable choice if you’re looking for a compact and portable option to warm up your living space. Despite its fragility and some safety concerns, its quick heating capability and oscillating feature make it a worthwhile addition to your home.

Belaco Fan Heater 2 Heat Settings 1000/2000W

Belaco Fan Heater

I recommend the Belaco Fan Heater for its versatility, portability, and safety features.


  • 2 heat settings (1000W/2000W) with additional cool fan function
  • Lightweight, easy to carry with integral handle
  • Safety tip-over switch protection


  • Short power cord
  • Noise level might be higher than expected
  • Durability concerns in long-term usage

I recently tried the Belaco Fan Heater, and I found it to be a handy and compact device for keeping my room warm during the chilly weather. I liked the 2-in-1 functionality of the heater, offering both warm and cool settings. With 1000W and 2000W heating options, I could easily pick a suitable heat setting for my room. The adjustable thermostat control also allowed me to enjoy a comfortable temperature.

The Belaco heater is lightweight, featuring a built-in integral carry handle. This design made it simple to move the heater from one room to another as needed. However, I noticed that the power cord was relatively short, limiting the heater’s placement options without an extension. Another drawback was the noise level, which may be slightly louder than some may prefer, but still bearable considering the heating performance.

While the heater offers great functionality and portability, I have concerns about its durability in long-term usage, as I read some reviews stating that it stopped functioning after a year or so. However, the safety feature of a tip-over switch protection is a reassuring addition that ensures the heater turns off if accidentally knocked over, preventing accidents and fire hazards.

In conclusion, the Belaco Fan Heater is a functional, portable, and affordable option for those seeking to keep their rooms warm during the cold weather. Its safety features and dual-function heater and fan make it a versatile choice, but the short power cord and potential durability issues should be considered before purchase.

Buying Guide

a man testing an electric heater in the living room

Alternatives to Electric Heaters

An alternative to using an electric heater could be to utilise natural heat sources such as sunlight, fireplaces, or body heat. For example, opening curtains or blinds during the day to let in sunlight can help warm up a room, while using a fireplace or wood stove can provide a natural source of heat. Additionally, bundling up in warm clothing or using blankets can help trap in body heat to stay warm without relying solely on an electric heater. However, these alternatives may not be practical or available in all situations and may not be as efficient or convenient as using an electric heater.

Determine Your Heating Needs

Before buying an electric heater, it’s crucial to figure out the size of the room you want to heat. This will help you find a heater with the right power output. For example, if your room is around 12 square metres, you’ll need a heater with approximately 1.2 KW power output.

Portability and Design

As someone who values design and aesthetics, I always look for heaters that are both functional and pleasing to the eye. Make sure to choose a heater with a design that complements your room’s décor. Additionally, you may want to consider the portability of the heater. Some models come with caster wheels or handles to make moving them around the house easier.

Energy Efficiency

To keep my electricity bills under control, I look for energy-efficient features when choosing an electric heater. Some models come with a thermostat, allowing you to set a specific temperature, and the heater will turn off once that temperature is reached. Additionally, timer functions can be another energy-saving feature.

ThermostatHelps maintain a consistent temperature and saves energy
Timer functionAllows you to set operating hours to conserve energy

Safety Features

Safety should always be a top priority, especially when it comes to heating appliances. I always look for heaters with built-in safety features, such as:

  • Overheat protection: This feature automatically switches off the heater if it gets too hot.
  • Tip-over protection: Should the heater tip over, this function will automatically turn it off.

Noise Level

If you, like me, are sensitive to noise, consider the noise level of the electric heater. Fan heaters can be noisier than oil-filled radiators or convection heaters. So, think about where you’ll be using the heater and whether noise will be a concern.

By considering these factors, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect electric heater to keep you warm during the colder months.


After thoroughly researching electric heaters available in the UK, I have found a few options that stood out to me. These options are efficient, affordable, and suitable for various needs.

For small rooms or personal use, I recommend the Daewoo 800W Mini Oil-Filled Radiator. It’s compact, easy to move around, and provides just the right amount of heat for small spaces.

For medium-sized rooms, I would go for the Dimplex 403TSFTIE Convector Heater. It has a built-in timer and thermostat, making it convenient to control the temperature and save energy at the same time. It also has a Turbo mode for faster heating if needed.

For larger rooms, the Dyson Hot+Cool Fan Heater makes for an excellent choice. While it’s pricier, the sleek design and powerful performance justifies the investment. It provides even heat distribution and doubles as a cooling fan in warmer months.

A quick summary of my recommendations:

  • Small rooms: Daewoo 800W Mini Oil-Filled Radiator
  • Medium rooms: Dimplex 403TSFTIE Convector Heater
  • Large rooms: Dyson Hot+Cool Fan Heater

In my experience, it’s essential to consider the size of the room, energy efficiency, and safety features when choosing the best electric heater. The above-mentioned options cover those aspects and more, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect fit for your heating needs.

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