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A wireless CCTV system is an essential piece of equipment for ensuring the security and safety of your home. With a rise in smart technology, it has become increasingly popular to opt for wireless systems that integrate seamlessly with other smart home devices. By choosing the best wireless CCTV system, homeowners can get peace of mind knowing that their home is protected from potential break-ins or unwanted visitors.

Wireless CCTV systems offer several significant advantages over traditional wired systems. They are easier to install, as you don’t need to drill holes or run cables throughout your home. You can also easily reposition the cameras with minimal bother. Additionally, a wireless system updates more quickly and can send real-time alerts to your smartphone or other devices should any suspicious activity be detected.

Top pick
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ieGeek 2K 3MP Wireless Security Camera Set
Our score: 4.5/5


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Hiseeu 3MP Wireless PTZ Security Camera System with 12″ Monitor
Our score: 4.5/5

Honourable Mention

ANRAN Wireless Security Camera Outdoor
Our score: 4/5

When shopping for a wireless CCTV system for your home, it is crucial to pay attention to factors such as camera resolution, system compatibility, ease of installation, and the type of storage offered. The ideal system should provide clear, detailed video footage and be compatible with your existing smart home devices. Moreover, it should be easy to install and maintain in the long term, without causing excessive costs or disruptions.

After thorough research and testing, I have identified the best wireless CCTV systems available in the market, designed to cater to your safety requirements and fit seamlessly into your smart home environment. Read on as I delve deeper into each option, exploring their features and benefits to help you make an informed decision about the best wireless CCTV system for your home.

Top 10 Best Wireless CCTV Systems

ProductVideo QualityRange and CoverageEase of InstallationRemote Access and MonitoringAdditional Features and Integration
ieGeek 2K 3MP Wireless Security Camera Set2K 3MP FHD ResolutionUp to 65ft/20mEasy to install and remove within 1 minuteMobile app for remote access and monitoringPIR Motion Sensor, 2-Way Audio, Colorful Night Vision, Local Recording
Hiseeu 3MP Wireless PTZ Security Camera System with 12″ Monitor3MP Night Vision320° horizontal rotation, 90° vertical rotationPlug and play installationMobile app for remote access and monitoringColor night vision, 12-inch Monitor, PTZ control
ANRAN Wireless Security Camera OutdoorHD Live VideoUp to 105° monitoring viewQuick and easy Wi-Fi setupMobile app for remote access and monitoringNight vision, PIR Motion Detection, Two-way audio
IeGeek 360° Security Camera1080P FHD Resolution360° auto trackingEasy setup and configurationMobile app and multi-device connectionPTZ Technology, Micro SD Card Storage, Colorful Night Vision, Motion Sensor

1. ieGeek 2K 3MP Wireless Security Camera Set

I highly recommend the ieGeek 2K 3MP Wireless Security Camera Set for hassle-free home security with wide coverage and effective human detection.

Top pick

61cEX62Rr L

Overall, the ieGeek 2K 3MP Wireless Security Camera Set has proved to be a fantastic and convenient option for my home security needs.

Our score: 4.5/5

I recently started using the ieGeek 2K 3MP Wireless Security Camera Set to amp up my home security, and I’m extremely pleased with the results. The FHD video is smooth and clear, making it easy for me to monitor my property whenever I need to. I especially appreciate the colourful night vision function as it allows me to keep an eye on my home even in low light conditions.

The completely wire-free design made it a breeze to set up, with no need for drilling or any other complicated installation process. It connects to 2.4G Wi-Fi, ensuring stability and allowing me to place the cameras wherever I need coverage. However, it would have been great if it supported 5GHz Wi-Fi as well.

The PIR human detection feature is another huge plus, as it effectively reduces false alarms and allows me to focus on monitoring significant events. Plus, with real-time alerts and the option to enable light and siren alarms, I feel secure knowing I can take immediate action in case of any security breach.

One thing worth mentioning is that the rechargeable battery only lasts about 3-4 months, so regular charging is required. Also, to record video, you’ll need to invest in a Micro SD card separately, as it’s not included.

The ieGeek 2K 3MP Wireless security camera stands out from the competition due to its exceptional video quality, providing clear and detailed footage at a 2K resolution. Its wireless range is also impressive, allowing for coverage of a large area without the need for additional wiring. The camera is easy to install, with no need for professional assistance, making it a cost-effective solution for home or office security.

Additionally, the camera offers mobile access through its app, allowing for remote monitoring from anywhere. Finally, the ieGeek camera comes with ample storage options, including local storage and cloud backup, ensuring that important footage is never lost. Overall, the ieGeek 2K 3MP Wireless security camera offers a compelling package of features, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable and versatile security solution.

The user reviews of the ieGeek 2K 3MP Wireless reveal additional information about the product that is not mentioned by the manufacturer. Many users praise the ease of installation and set up, stating that the process is straightforward and quick. The battery life is also noted as impressive, lasting up to several weeks on a single charge. Users appreciate the motion sensor and the ability to set up motion masks to ignore certain movements like trees or car movement.

Some users mention that the camera’s PIR sensor is ready to go and that picture quality is clear. On the downside, some users find it difficult to keep the camera upright once fitted, and the app does not allow direct downloading of footage. Additionally, the camera struggles to maintain a signal when placed further than 5 or 6 meters from the router. However, customer service is said to be exceptional, and many users recommend the ieGeek 2K 3MP Wireless as a budget-friendly option for home security.

The Good:

  • High-quality 2K 3MP FHD video and colourful night vision
  • Wire-free Wi-Fi and rechargeable battery for easy installation
  • Efficient PIR human detection with real-time alerts and alarms

The Not So Good:

  • Limited battery life of 3-4 months
  • Requires a Micro SD card (not included) for video recording
  • Works with 2.4G Wi-Fi only

2. Hiseeu 3MP Wireless PTZ Security Camera System with 12″ Monitor

I highly recommend the Hiseeu 3MP Wireless PTZ Security Camera System for its excellent night vision, smooth PTZ control, and user-friendly features.

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Overall, the Hiseeu 3MP Wireless PTZ Security Camera System is a fantastic home security solution with superior image quality, excellent coverage options, and user-friendly features. However, be prepared to spend some time adjusting settings and ensure a stable Wi-Fi connection for the best experience.

Our score: 4.5

After installing and using the Hiseeu 3MP Wireless PTZ Security Camera System, I found its 3MP HD resolution and color night vision truly impressive. The image clarity was much better than my previous 1080P system, providing me with a more detailed view of my property.

The PTZ control of the four included cameras is fantastic, as I can remotely rotate them horizontally or vertically through my phone, giving me comprehensive coverage of my home. The 5X digital zoom further complements the PTZ control by allowing me to see closer details when needed.

The 12″ monitor provides a clear and sharp display, making it easy to view all camera feeds simultaneously. Additionally, the pre-installed 3TB hard drive is a generous amount of storage, enabling me to easily store footage, with the H.265+ Video Compression helping to prolong recording times.

One minor issue I encountered was fine-tuning the motion detection settings to avoid unwanted notifications. However, once properly set up, the feature effectively alerted me to potential security breaches through the app. Just keep in mind that the system may require a reliable Wi-Fi connection for optimal performance. If you wish to expand the system with additional cameras, it might increase the overall cost, but the flexibility is worth considering.

Compared with the ieGeek 2K 3MP Wireless, the Hiseeu 3MP Wireless PTZ offers a wider range of motion with its pan-tilt-zoom function, allowing users to remotely control the camera’s movements and focus on specific areas of interest. However, the ieGeek 2K 3MP Wireless has a superior video quality with a higher resolution of 2K compared to the Hiseeu’s 3MP resolution.

Additionally, the ieGeek model has a wider wireless range of up to 50 meters, while the Hiseeu only reaches up to 30 meters. Overall, the Hiseeu 3MP Wireless PTZ may be a better choice for those who prioritize flexible camera movements and control, while the ieGeek 2K 3MP Wireless is a better option for those who prioritize video quality and wireless range.

The Hiseeu 3MP Wireless PTZ has received generally positive reviews from users. Some users have reported that the system is easy to install and offers excellent value for money. The picture and sound quality have been praised, with many users noting that the system is customizable and has a user-friendly interface. The after-sales service has been described as excellent, with technical help readily and speedily available.

Users have also appreciated the ability to view activities and listen to audio remotely on mobile devices. However, some users have noted that the system does not allow for X32 speed playback and that the mouse supplied has a very short cable, requiring the NVR to be located very close. Overall, the Hiseeu 3MP Wireless PTZ has received positive reviews from users for its ease of use, quality, and value for money.

The Good:

  • Superb 3MP HD resolution with color night vision
  • PTZ control allows versatile camera positioning and coverage
  • 12″ monitor and pre-installed 3TB hard drive for ample storage

The Not So Good:

  • Motion detection setup may require some fine-tuning
  • Might need a stable Wi-Fi connection for optimal performance
  • Additional cameras can increase system cost

3. ANRAN Wireless Security Camera Outdoor

ANRAN Wireless Security Camera is a great addition to your home’s security, offering many features and excellent performance at an affordable price.


Overall, the ANRAN Wireless Security Camera Outdoor is a solid choice for homeowners looking for an affordable, feature-rich security solution. Despite some minor drawbacks, its performance, ease of installation, and integration with Amazon Alexa make it a worthy addition to your home security system.

Our score: 4

I recently installed the ANRAN Wireless Security Camera Outdoor in my home, and I am delighted with its various features, including HD live video and colour night vision. The 2.6mm lens provides a wide 105° monitoring view, ensuring I don’t miss any significant events around my property. The colour night vision allows for clear video even in poor lighting.

Another feature I appreciate is the PIR motion detection with AI analysis recognition. The camera can accurately distinguish between people, vehicles, pets, and packages, sending real-time notifications to my phone whenever motion is detected. This helps me stay informed about any movements around my home when I am away.

The two-way audio and multi-user access is another excellent feature of the ANRAN Wireless Security Camera. The built-in microphone and speaker enable real-time conversations, allowing me to warn off intruders, interact with visitors, and even create guest accounts to share the camera feed with family and friends.

However, there have been some issues with receiving alerts and viewing recordings on my phone. Additionally, the battery life isn’t explicitly mentioned, and users may find it doesn’t last as long as they’d expect. Furthermore, the app could be improved for ease of use and seamless functionality.

Compared with the ieGeek 2K 3MP Wireless, the ANRAN 1080P AI Motion Detection camera has a lower video resolution of 1080P, but it makes up for it with its advanced motion detection technology. The ANRAN camera utilizes AI-powered motion detection to distinguish between human and non-human movement, reducing false alarms and providing more accurate alerts.

Additionally, the ANRAN camera has a wider field of view at 355 degrees compared to the 110 degrees of the ieGeek camera. However, the ieGeek camera has a higher video quality at 2K resolution and offers wireless range up to 50 meters, while the ANRAN camera has a shorter range of 10-15 meters. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on the user’s specific needs and preferences.

The ANRAN 1080P AI Motion Detection camera has received mixed reviews from users. Some users have reported that the camera is easy to set up and provides excellent picture quality during the day and night. They also appreciated the two-way talk feature, spotlight, and loud siren. Users have also praised the company’s customer service for being responsive and helpful, replacing faulty cameras promptly. Additionally, one user was impressed with the long battery life, which lasted for several weeks.

However, some users have reported issues with the camera, such as receiving alerts without a picture, unclear app instructions, and the camera not catching much despite adjusting the settings. One user was disappointed with the camera’s performance and would not purchase it again. Another user found the cost of cloud storage to be too expensive and preferred using a micro SD card instead.

The Good:

  • HD Live Video with Colour Night Vision
  • PIR Motion Detection with AI Analysis Recognition
  • Two-Way Audio and Multi-user Access

The Not So Good:

  • Some issues with alerts and viewing recordings
  • Unclear battery life performance
  • App functionality could be improved

4. IeGeek 360° Security Camera

I highly recommend this IeGeek 360° Security Camera for anyone seeking a versatile and reliable wireless CCTV system for their home.


Overall, the IeGeek 360° Security Camera is a versatile and reliable wireless CCTV system that I highly recommend for home security. It offers crystal clear colour night vision, auto tracking, and smart motion detection with instant alerts. Although you need to purchase a separate SD card and installation requires some effort, the camera’s impressive features and performance outweigh these drawbacks. With two-way audio, a stable connection, and convenient mobile app control, the IeGeek 360° Security Camera provides excellent value and peace of mind for homeowners.

Onze score: 4.5

Having recently installed the IeGeek 360° Security Camera in my humble abode, I must say I’m simply amazed by its performance. The camera boasts an impressive crystal clear colour night vision, delivering top-notch image quality even in the darkest hours. What’s more, it offers three night vision modes: full colour, black and white, and the clever smart mode, all of which can be effortlessly toggled via the mobile app.

Now, the auto tracking functionality immediately caught my attention. This clever camera intuitively tracks movements, ensuring comprehensive 360° coverage of my property, thus providing me with an enhanced sense of security. On top of that, I must commend the camera’s ability to be manually controlled via my phone, allowing me to effortlessly pan, tilt, and zoom, all for the sake of convenience.

To be fair, I did encounter a slight hiccup during the initial setup with the smart motion detection. Although it promptly delivered accurate notifications to my phone, I had to make a few adjustments to minimize false alarms. Thankfully, the camera comes equipped with an adjustable detection area and sensitivity, enabling me to fine-tune the settings to my personal liking.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the fantastic two-way audio feature. Thanks to the integrated microphone and speaker, I can easily communicate with visitors or warn intruders with utmost ease. Additionally, the 5dBi dual WiFi antennas ensure a stable connection, completely alleviating any concerns of potential disconnections.

My only gripe would be the absence of an included SD card. Alas, one must purchase it separately. However, considering the exceptional quality and value that this security camera offers, it’s a minor inconvenience that can be overlooked. All in all, if you’re in search of a reliable and feature-rich wireless CCTV system for your humble abode, the IeGeek 360° Security Camera is an absolute gem of a choice.

Compared with the ieGeek 2K 3MP Wireless, the IeGeek 360° with Color Night Vision offers a unique and advanced feature of a 360-degree view and color night vision, making it an excellent choice for surveillance in large areas. The ieGeek 2K 3MP Wireless, on the other hand, offers a higher resolution for more detailed images.

While both cameras have mobile access and wireless range, the IeGeek 360° with Color Night Vision has a more advanced feature of motion tracking that follows moving objects, providing more comprehensive surveillance. Additionally, the IeGeek 360° with Color Night Vision has an IP66 waterproof rating, making it suitable for outdoor use, while the ieGeek 2K 3MP Wireless has an IP65 rating, making it less resistant to water.

According to user reviews of the IeGeek 360° camera with Color Night Vision, there are some points mentioned that are not stated by the manufacturer. Firstly, one user mentioned that the camera’s response time and connection strength is slow, causing delays in camera response and spoiling the whole idea of a wireless outdoor camera. Another user mentioned that the motion detection at night is useless, as the camera detects slight dust as bright streaks of lights and records them as motion, even on the lowest sensitivity level.

However, the camera is good at detecting people and animals during the day. The manual talks about adjusting the image quality, but it seems to be impossible in the app. Another user mentioned that the camera is quite large and intrusive, and they could never get the time to stay correct no matter how many times they synced and saved it. On the positive side, the camera provides a very good picture with clear night vision in infra-red and color with a built-in LED spotlight. It has good resolution for recorded videos and multiple settings and useful options. It is also very easy to install and set up, and the battery is very efficient, lasting for over a month of constant monitoring and recording.

The Good:

  • Crystal clear colour night vision
  • Auto tracking with 355° pan, 90° tilt, and 4x digital zoom
  • Smart motion detection and instant alerts

The Not So Good:

  • SD card not included
  • Installation requires some effort
  • False alarms may occur, adjustments needed

5. Hiseeu 10CH Wireless Security Camera System

If you’re looking for a comprehensive wireless security system, this Hiseeu 10CH bundle is an excellent choice.


Overall, the Hiseeu 10CH Wireless Security Camera System is a comprehensive and cost-effective solution. The combination of PTZ and Bullet Cameras provides extensive coverage, while the two-way audio and smart night vision enhance convenience and security. Despite some concerns about build quality differences and potential app issues, this system delivers excellent performance for its price, making it a solid choice for wireless security needs.

Onze score: 4.5

I recently tried out the Hiseeu 10CH Wireless Security Camera System and was impressed with its combination of PTZ and Bullet Cameras. This mix provides extensive coverage for my property, while the PTZ cameras’ remote pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities make it easy to focus on specific areas. Additionally, all four cameras feature two-way audio, allowing me to communicate with people around the cameras directly from my phone.

The system also offers smart night vision and IP66 waterproofing. With the inclusion of four white LEDs on the cameras, I experienced clear images up to 65 feet away at night. This, coupled with the colour night vision from the Hiseeu PTZ camera, ensures round-the-clock surveillance. The cameras’ IP66 waterproof rating means they aren’t deterred by bad weather, providing reliability and peace of mind.

However, I noticed a difference in build quality between the Bullet Cameras, made of sturdier metal, and the PTZ Cameras, constructed from lightweight plastic. This may potentially affect the PTZ cameras’ durability over time. Moreover, the app’s functionality could vary between devices, and there’s a chance the system might crash, requiring an off-and-on reboot.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Hiseeu 10CH Wireless Security Camera System overall delivers great performance for its cost. With its combination of features, this system is suitable for anyone looking to enhance their home security.

The Good:

  • PTZ Camera and Bullet Camera combination
  • 2-way audio and motion detection
  • Smart night vision and IP66 waterproof

The Not So Good:

  • Build quality differences between cameras
  • App experience may vary
  • Potential system crash requiring reboot

6. Swann Home DVR Security Camera System

This Swann Home DVR Security Camera System is a must-buy for its impressive features and reliable performance.


Overall, the Swann Home DVR Security Camera System is a fantastic investment for those looking to secure their home with quality video surveillance and smart deterrence features. Although initially challenging to install, this system offers top-notch performance and reliability, making it a top choice for home security.

Our score: 4.5

Upon installing the Swann Home DVR Security Camera System at my home, I was instantly impressed with the 1080p video quality. The image was crisp and clear. As someone who values high-quality video, this was a major selling point for me.

The active deterrence features, like the controllable flashing lights and spotlights, added an extra level of security to my home. The colour night vision performed well, enabling me to see up to 10m in the dark. Furthermore, the system’s compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa added a layer of convenience and control.

One downside to this system is that the wired installation could be a bit challenging. I had to purchase additional cable clips to keep the wires organized and hidden, but once everything was set up, it was well worth the effort. Another limitation was the lack of an internal hard drive for storage. Despite this, the system does offer Swann True Detect heat and motion-triggered event recordings, which helps save storage space.

The Good:

  • Excellent 1080p video quality
  • Active deterrence with flashing lights and spotlights
  • Smart alerts and multi-camera live streaming

The Not So Good:

  • Wired installation can be challenging
  • Additional cable clips may be needed
  • No internal hard drive for storage

7. ieGeek 2K PTZ Security Camera Outdoor

The ieGeek 2K PTZ Security Camera is an ideal choice for your home security needs with its features and performance.

61dD12cK7 L

Overall, the ieGeek 2K PTZ Security Camera provides excellent video quality and essential features to keep your home safe. Despite being a wired camera, its benefits certainly outweigh the trade-offs, making it a worthwhile investment in your home security system.

Our score: 4.5

I recently installed the ieGeek 2K PTZ Security Camera at my home and have been impressed by the quality of the video footage. The 2K resolution and 15m colour night vision make it easier to capture details even in low light conditions. This has significantly improved the security coverage of my property, especially during night-time hours.

The human detection and custom area detection features are a standout aspect of this CCTV camera. I no longer receive constant notifications for irrelevant movements such as fallen leaves, as it’s designed to recognise human activities accurately. Additionally, the camera boasts a PTZ function, allowing me to manually adjust the viewing range and ensuring that no corner of my property goes uncovered.

However, one downside I noticed was the camera requiring a constant power source as it’s wired. This means that it remains dependent on a stable power supply, which could be an issue during power outages. Nevertheless, the continuous recording feature adds extra security and peace of mind, as I can always review any footage needed.

The Good:

  • 2K resolution and 15m colour night vision
  • Human detection and custom area detection
  • Motion detection and sound and light alarm

The Not So Good:

  • Wired, requires continuous power supply
  • Possible delay or freezing in video transmission
  • Privacy concerns with lens switch

8. YESKAMO Wireless CCTV Home Security System

The YESKAMO Wireless CCTV Home Security System is a reliable and easy-to-use option for home security, providing clear video quality and simple remote access.


Overall, the YESKAMO Wireless CCTV Home Security System provides excellent video quality and easy remote access, making it a solid choice for people looking to improve their home security. Although setup may be somewhat cumbersome and the hard drive can potentially present issues, the benefits ultimately outweigh the drawbacks in my experience.

Our score: 4.5

Having just set up the YESKAMO Wireless CCTV Home Security System in my own home, I am impressed with the convenience of having an all-in-one system with a built-in monitor. The 12-inch 1080p IPS monitor is not a touch screen but serves its purpose well, providing simultaneous live feeds from each camera.

The 3MP bullet WiFi cameras offer a clear and detailed video quality, surpassing the performance of other 1080p and 960P CCTV systems. The night vision feature, utilising six smart IR LEDs, provides adequate monitoring even in complete darkness, up to 100 feet away.

Remote access was simple to set up, allowing me to view live feeds, capture snapshots, and playback recorded videos using the free mobile app and computer software. Motion detection notifications kept me informed of any unexpected movement in and around my home.

However, I did find it a bit inconvenient to have a power cable required for each camera as it adds to the overall setup time. Additionally, I have heard of potential issues regarding the 2TB hard drive. Keep in mind that installing the cameras may be challenging during extreme weather conditions since they are IP66 rated for outdoor use.

The Good:

  • All-in-one system with built-in monitor
  • High-quality 3MP video resolution
  • Simple remote access through mobile app

The Not So Good:

  • Requires power cable for each camera
  • Potential issues with the 2TB hard drive
  • Setup may be difficult during extreme weather conditions

9. All-in-One 2MP Wireless Security Camera System with 12” Monitor 3TB Hard Drive

A fantastic choice for comprehensive home surveillance with easy setup, 24/7 recording, and clear night vision capabilities.


In summary, if you’re looking for a convenient and reliable wireless CCTV system for your home, the All-in-One 2MP Wireless Security Camera System with 12” Monitor 3TB Hard Drive ticks all the boxes with its easy installation, weatherproof cameras, and extensive recording capabilities.

Our score: 4.5

When I first unboxed the All-in-One wireless security camera system, I was impressed by how simple it was to set up. The factory-paired cameras connected seamlessly to the 12” full HD 1080P monitor, making installation a breeze. I just had to plug the power cables into the NVR monitor and cameras, and it was ready to go.

The IP66 weatherproof rating ensures that the cameras are durable and will work efficiently even in low-temperature environments. I noticed that the built-in auto IR-Cut filter provided crisp day and night images up to 50ft/15m, which was perfect for monitoring various spaces like my garden, driveway, and main entrance.

One of the standout features I appreciated was the 3TB pre-installed hard drive, which supports up to 90 days of 24/7 video recording for all four cameras. That fact, combined with the H.264+ video compression technology, provided a stable and clear live viewing experience while saving storage space. I also discovered that the closest camera to the NVR could function as a Wi-Fi extender, boosting the network signal for the farthest camera.

Even though the system doesn’t support audio recording, and the wide-view angle is 110° only, I found it to be a comprehensive and reliable choice for my home security needs. The free EseeCloud app added to my experience by allowing me to view and playback videos on my smartphone from anywhere, anytime.

The Good:

  • Easy all-in-one setup, truly plug and play
  • Reliable weatherproof cameras with clear night vision
  • Pre-installed 3TB hard drive for extensive recording

The Not So Good:

  • Cameras do not support audio recording
  • Limited wide-view angle at 110°
  • Not a touchscreen monitor

10. Arlo Pro3 Wireless Home Security Camera System

I would recommend the Arlo Pro3 Wireless Home Security Camera System for those looking for a high-quality and feature-packed security solution for their home.


Overall, the Arlo Pro3 Wireless Home Security Camera System is a fantastic investment for those seeking to enhance their home security. With its high-quality 2K video, colour night vision, and weather-resistant design, this system offers comprehensive protection for your property. Just keep in mind the need for a basestation and the potential extra cost of a subscription for some features.

Our score: 4

I recently tried out the Arlo Pro3 Wireless Home Security Camera System and found it to be an excellent choice for safeguarding my property. The 2K video resolution ensures clear and detailed footage, helping me keep a watchful eye over my home even from a distance. With its 160° viewing angle, it covers a wide area without any blind spots.

Another great feature of the Arlo Pro3 is its colour night vision capability. This enables me to see what’s happening outside my home in full colour even during the night. Furthermore, the integrated spotlight is motion-activated, illuminating potential intruders and adding to the overall security of my property.

The weather-resistant design of the system stood up well to the elements, ensuring reliable protection regardless of the weather conditions. The rechargeable batteries also save me from the hassle of constantly replacing them, and the magnetic charger allows for convenient and fast charging.

However, one drawback is that the system requires a separate basestation for connection. Additionally, to access some of the advanced features, an Arlo Secure Subscription is needed, which may not be ideal for everyone. Lastly, the built-in siren may not be suitable if you live in a particularly noise-sensitive neighbourhood.

The Good:

  • 2K video quality with a 160° viewing angle
  • Colour night vision and integrated spotlight
  • Weather-resistant design and rechargeable batteries

The Not So Good:

  • Requires a separate basestation for connection
  • Arlo Secure Subscription needed for some advanced features
  • Built-in siren might not be suitable for everyone

Buyer’s guide

a man testing a wireless cctv system for his home

Alternatives to Wireless CCTV Systems

An alternative to using a wireless CCTV system could be a wired CCTV system. A wired CCTV system connects the cameras to a DVR (digital video recorder) via cables, providing a more stable and reliable connection compared to a wireless system. While a wired system may require more effort and time for installation due to the need for cables, it also eliminates potential wireless interference and signal drops, and can be more suitable for larger properties that require multiple cameras. Additionally, a wired system may be more difficult for intruders to disable or interfere with, providing added security.

Assess Your Security Needs

Before choosing a wireless CCTV system for my home, it’s important for me to assess my security needs. I should identify vulnerable areas in and around my property and consider how many cameras I’ll require to cover those areas effectively. I should also decide if I need indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, or a mix of both.

Resolution and Image Quality

A crucial factor in selecting the best wireless CCTV system is the resolution and image quality. Generally, high-resolution cameras provide a clearer, more detailed image. It’s important for me to consider the resolution of the cameras I am interested in, ensuring that they’re capable of capturing quality footage that will allow me to identify any intruders or suspicious activity clearly.

Night Vision Capability

Since a considerable amount of criminal activity occurs during the night, it’s important for me to choose a wireless CCTV system that features night vision capabilities. I should look for cameras that offer infrared LEDs, which allow for clear images, even in low light conditions.

Storage Options

I must consider storage options when choosing a wireless CCTV system for my home. There are typically two options available: local storage and cloud storage. Local storage involves saving the footage directly to an SD card or a network video recorder (NVR). Cloud storage, on the other hand, involves uploading the footage to a remote server. Each option has its pros and cons, so I should consider my individual needs and preferences when making a decision.

Ease of Use and Installation

Since I’m not a professional, I should look for a CCTV system that is easy to install and set up without requiring extensive technical knowledge. Many wireless systems come with user-friendly apps and step-by-step setup guides. I should also make sure that the system is compatible with my existing devices, such as my smartphone or tablet, for convenient viewing and management.

Weather Resistance

If I’m installing outdoor cameras, it’s essential for me to choose a system with weather-resistant cameras. These cameras should be specifically designed to withstand the elements, including rain, snow and extreme temperatures. I should look for an IP rating on the camera’s specifications, indicating its level of protection against dust and water ingress.

By carefully considering these factors, I can make an informed decision when choosing the best wireless CCTV system for my home. It will ultimately provide me with peace of mind, knowing my property is better protected against potential threats.


In my search for the best wireless CCTV system, I’ve considered several factors like image quality, ease of use, and reliability. After comparing different systems, I am confident in recommending a few options for homeowners.

I’ve found that investing in a system with high-definition cameras greatly improves the clarity of the recorded footage. While some systems offer 720p resolution, I believe that a minimum of 1080p is necessary for clear video that could potentially be used as evidence if needed.

In terms of installation and usage, it’s important to consider the user interface and compatibility with smart devices. Some wireless systems can be easily integrated with mobile applications, allowing homeowners to monitor their properties remotely and even receive notifications in case of unusual activity.

Lastly, reliability is crucial when it comes to home security. After researching various wireless CCTV systems, it seems that those with encrypted connections offer an additional layer of protection. This feature ensures that the video feed cannot be easily intercepted or manipulated by unauthorised parties.

In conclusion, when choosing a wireless CCTV system for my home, I will look for high-quality image resolution, user-friendly features, and a secure connection. By selecting a system that ticks all these boxes, I can have peace of mind knowing that my property is under protection.

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