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At House Happy we believe everyone should be able to make their house a home, it’s just a question of having the right knowledge. Whether your looking to improve the decor of your house, or simply fix it up with some repairs, we are here to help.

Thousands of people use our tips and guides each month in order to do everything from cleaning their decking, picking the kitchen appliance for your dietary needs or even making your house smarter. Our editor’s and writers are all passionate about their homes and each have their own areas of expertise, ensuring we can deliver trustworthy and helpful information, every time.

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Our Mission and Values

Mission Statement:

At House Happy, our mission is to empower every homeowner with the knowledge and guidance needed to transform their house into a home. We strive to provide accessible, practical, and trustworthy advice on a wide range of topics, helping thousands of people every month to create and maintain homes that are not only functional, but also places of comfort and happiness. We are passionate about home improvement and dedicated to delivering insights and solutions that enhance the quality of life for our readers.

Core Values:

  1. Trustworthiness: We prioritize accuracy in our content, with our editors diligently fact-checking and ensuring the quality of our guides. We believe in transparency, and our reviews and product comparisons are based on independent research, never influenced by any special compensation.
  2. Passion: Our team is composed of individuals who are not just experts in their fields, but also genuinely passionate about home improvement. This passion drives us to share our knowledge and expertise, and to continuously improve and expand our content.
  3. Empowerment: We believe that every homeowner should have the confidence to undertake their home improvement ventures. Our guides and tips are designed to be accessible and practical, providing our readers with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully carry out their projects.
  4. Service: We are committed to serving our readers’ needs. From home decor to cleaning solutions, from DIY tasks to gardening, we strive to cover a wide range of topics that are relevant and useful to homeowners.
  5. Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of integrity in our work. Our recommendations and advice are always based on careful, unbiased research. We are transparent about our affiliations, and our readers can trust that our content is reliable and objective.

Editorial Guidelines

At House Happy, we uphold a strict set of editorial standards to ensure the production of high-quality, reliable content. Our guidelines are central to maintaining our integrity and delivering valuable insights to our readers.

Accuracy: Our team of knowledgeable writers and researchers dedicate themselves to providing accurate and up-to-date content. They use their expertise in home improvement to fact-check all the information before publishing. If inaccuracies are discovered post-publication, we are committed to making corrections swiftly and transparently.

Independence: Our content is independent, unbiased, and driven by the needs of our readers. Any product reviews or recommendations we make are the result of thorough research and testing, and we do not accept compensation for favouring one product over another.

Citations: We strive to appropriately reference all sources of information. When we cite external sources, they are selected for their credibility and relevance to the topic at hand.

User Feedback: We value the input of our readers. If you encounter an error, have a question, or want to provide feedback on our content, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and your feedback helps us serve you better.

We believe that adhering to these guidelines helps us create the high-quality content that our readers expect from House Happy. Our commitment to these principles ensures that our readers can trust the information we provide and use it to create happier, more comfortable homes.

Who Are We?

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House Happy is is run and created by PureMedia OÜ – A publisher and media group. Our Company Number is 14702071 and our address is Sepapaja 6, Tallinn, Harju, 15551, Estonia.

If you wish contact us you can get in touch at [email protected] or [email protected]

Call us on +447520666806

Meet the Team

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Paul Skidmore


Paul is a seasoned expert in the realm of home improvement, possessing an innate aptitude for practical problem-solving and hands-on tasks. He is frequently immersed in household projects, demonstrating his proficiency by enhancing and refining aspects of the home that others may overlook. His well-founded advice and insightful strategies can be found throughout the many comprehensive guides he has authored.

james fisher

James Fisher


As an accomplished professional in home improvement and DIY tasks, James brings an extensive wealth of knowledge and technical expertise to the table. His fervor lies in empowering others with the skills and insights needed to transform their living spaces into aesthetically pleasing, functional environments. He strives to educate homeowners on the intricacies of home maintenance and the art of enhancing their dwellings, instilling in them the confidence and proficiency to independently undertake their home improvement ventures.

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Ian Johnson


Ian is a seasoned home improvement enthusiast with a robust technical acumen and a knack for do-it-yourself projects. He devotes his leisure time to meticulously executing a variety of home renovation tasks, steadily amassing a wealth of practical skills and experience. He couples his hands-on expertise with a passion for knowledge sharing, generously providing insightful tips and guidance through his writings, aimed at empowering others to successfully undertake their own home improvement endeavors.

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Amy Poole


Amy is a seasoned connoisseur in the realm of home furnishings and cleaning solutions. Always at the forefront of the latest home gadget trends, she possesses a unique ability to identify and curate items that combine functionality and style. Her passion for maintaining a pristine and well-organized home environment speaks to her expertise in utilizing optimal cleaning products and methodologies.

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Kelly Rowett


Kelly is a seasoned specialist in the sphere of home decor, with a unique proficiency in consumer product research. Her expertise lies in discerning the most functional and visually appealing items that can transform a house into a home. After experiencing firsthand the challenges of navigating the vast array of online product information, she has honed her skills to efficiently identify the finest home decor elements. Her passion and expertise now guide others in making well-informed choices for their own interior design needs.

Rebekah 150x150 1

Rebekah Carter


Rebekah is an accomplished writer and a recognized authority in the home improvement sector. Her enthusiasm for exploring novel products and uncovering ingenious home hacks underscores her commitment to simplifying everyday life. Through a unique blend of practical knowledge and innovative thinking, Rebekah consistently provides valuable insights into home enhancement techniques. Her passion extends beyond home improvement into health and fitness, further enriching her holistic approach to enhancing one’s lifestyle.

Holly Miller

Holly Miller


Holly is an accomplished gardening expert, home enthusiast, and writer, specializing in the intersection of horticulture and home aesthetics. She possesses a profound understanding of how our surroundings influence our emotional wellbeing, productivity, and overall quality of life. Holly’s commitment to transforming homes into sanctuaries is deeply rooted in her belief that a well-tended garden can serve as an oasis of peace and tranquility.

Michelle.Osgood 150x150 1

Michelle Osgood


Michelle is a seasoned expert in the field of home cleanliness and organization. With an unerring eye for detail, she is continuously experimenting with the latest cleaning innovations and methodologies, committed to maintaining a pristine home environment. As a full-time professional and dedicated mother, she has mastered the art of maintaining balance between work and home life. Through her profound insights and practical advice, she aims to assist others in their journey towards a cleaner, more organized home while achieving the coveted work-life balance.

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