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Hedge trimmers are essential gardening tools for maintaining and shaping hedges, bushes, and shrubs in your garden. Petrol hedge trimmers offer the added benefits of increased power and mobility, making them the perfect choice for larger gardens and more challenging tasks. The petrol hedge trimmer combines versatility and performance, giving you the ability to tackle more extensive hedge work with ease.

A wide range of petrol hedge trimmers are available in the market, each with their unique features and specifications. When choosing the best petrol hedge trimmer for your needs, it’s crucial to consider aspects such as the engine power, blade length, cutting capacity, weight, and ergonomics. These factors can significantly affect the overall trimming experience and make your gardening tasks more efficient and enjoyable.

Top pick
ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Multi Function 5 in 1 Garden Tool
Our score: 4.5/5


FUXTEC Petrol Multitool – 5in1
Our score: 4.5/5

Honourable Mention

ParkerBrand 26cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer – 24″ Blades
Our score: 4.5/5

Engine power, measured in cubic centimetres (cc), determines the strength and cutting capabilities of the petrol hedge trimmer. A more potent engine will cut through thicker branches with ease, while a lower cc engine will be suitable for regular maintenance and light trimming tasks. Blade length is another critical aspect, as longer blades allow for a more extended reach and a larger cutting area while trimming. However, keep in mind that longer blades can also increase the weight and reduce manoeuvrability.

Another critical thing to consider is the trimmer’s weight and ergonomics, as it directly impacts user comfort and fatigue levels. A well-designed petrol hedge trimmer should feel well-balanced and comfortable to grip, minimising vibrations and ensuring better control even for extended periods.

To help you make the best choice, I’ve spent hours researching and testing various petrol hedge trimmers, focusing on their features, performance, and user satisfaction. In the following section, you will find my top picks and in-depth reviews to help you find the best petrol hedge trimmer for your needs.

Top 10 Best Petrol Hedge Trimmers

Product NameEngine PowerBlade LengthWeightFuel EfficiencySafety Features
ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Multi Function 5 in 152cc43cm16kgNot specifiedTUV, CE Approved, Safety guard, Blade brake, On/off switch/trigger
FUXTEC Multitool – 5in152ccNot specified7.2kgPetrol 2-stroke air-cooled engine (52cc, 2.2kW, 2.95hp) with a gasoline mixture of 1:40EASY STARTER, Emergency stop switch
ParkerBrand 26cc – 24″ Blades26cc60cmNot specifiedFuel mix 40:1Not specified
McCulloch HT 562222.7cc56cm5.2kgNot specifiedAdjustable rear handle, Soft start, Dual action blades, Tool-less air filter cover

1. ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Multi Function 5 in 1 Garden Tool

I would highly recommend the ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Multi Function 5 in 1 Garden Tool for its versatility and power, making it an essential addition to any gardener’s toolkit.

Top pick


Overall, the ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Multi Function 5 in 1 Garden Tool is a fantastic investment for anyone looking to simplify their gardening tasks. Its powerful engine, versatility, and ease of use make it an indispensable addition to any gardener’s arsenal.

Our score: 4.5/5

My experience using the ParkerBrand 5 in 1 Garden Tool has truly been enjoyable. Assembly was a breeze – I had it up and running in no time. The compact and lightweight design ensures user comfort while tackling a wide range of gardening tasks. One of my favourite features is the thoughtful split shaft design, making changing tools quick and fuss-free.

Having used this multi-function tool for various tasks, I can confidently say that it performs exceptionally well. Whether it’s trimming grass, clearing brush or even pruning branches with the chainsaw attachment, this tool makes light work of it all. The engine runs smoothly and offers ample power for my needs. The adjustable hedge trimmer attachment also enables me to easily cut hedges at different heights and angles.

There are a few downsides, however. The 16kg weight might be too heavy for some users or for extended periods of use. It can also be tricky to manoeuvre in tight areas, considering the size of the attachments. Nevertheless, the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Multi Function 1

Among the listed products, the ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Multi Function 5 in 1 stands out as a top choice due to its powerful 52cc engine and versatile functionality. With its inclusion of a chainsaw, grass trimmer, brush cutter, hedge cutter, and extension pole, it offers a comprehensive solution for various garden tasks. Additionally, the ParkerBrand trimmer is TUV and CE approved, indicating its reliability and adherence to safety standards.

Its 43cm cutting width and 7500 RPM speed provide excellent cutting performance. While the other products offer their own features and specifications, the ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Multi Function 5 in 1’s combination of power, versatility, and safety features makes it a compelling option for those seeking a reliable and multifunctional petrol hedge trimmer.

The user reviews of the ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Multi Function 5 in 1 offer some additional information beyond what the manufacturer states. One user initially struggled to start the engine but discovered it was due to user error rather than a fault with the unit. They praised the customer care received and found the unit itself to be sturdy with good quality blades.

Another user expressed their satisfaction with the performance and versatility of the tool, highlighting the importance of reading the well-written manual for safe and effective use. They mentioned that safety equipment was included but noted the loss of a securing knob for the extension piece and suggested tightening them well to prevent such issues. However, not all reviews were positive. One user experienced issues with the pruning saw attachment, with the drive rods initially snapping and later the chain failing to rotate after minimal use.

They raised concerns about the durability and reliability of the attachment. Another disappointed user expressed dissatisfaction with customer service, as their pull recoil starter broke after minimal use and they were told it was considered wear and tear, requiring an additional purchase. These reviews provide valuable insights into both positive and negative aspects of the product, including user experiences that go beyond the manufacturer’s claims.

The Good:

  • Versatile 5 in 1 tool with attachments for various gardening tasks
  • Powerful and reliable 52cc engine
  • Easy to assemble and convenient storage

The Not So Good:

  • May be too heavy for some users
  • Not suitable for prolonged use due to weight
  • Not ideal for very small or restricted spaces

2. FUXTEC Petrol Multitool – 5in1

The FUXTEC Petrol Multitool is a great all-in-one gardening solution for those who want versatility and power in one package.


Overall, I am really impressed with the performance and versatility of the FUXTEC Petrol Multitool – 5in1. It makes light work of a variety of gardening tasks and is an excellent investment for any green-fingered enthusiast.

Our score: 4.5

As someone who loves gardening, I found the FUXTEC Petrol Multitool to be incredibly useful for handling a variety of tasks. The all-around handle makes it much easier to work in tight spaces, while the high-level pruner attachment allowed me to reach branches I would have struggled with before.

I also appreciated the 1m extension, as it allowed me to access even higher branches or hedge areas without having to use a ladder. The brush cutter was perfect for trimming grass edges along walls or fences, and the Easy Starter made the whole process a breeze.

However, I noticed that the FUXTEC Multitool was a bit heavier than some of the other products I had used in the past, which may be a consideration for some users. Additionally, the loud operation at 113 dB could be a potential issue for those with noise sensitivities or close neighbours.

FUXTEC Petrol Multitool – 5in1

Compared with the ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Multi Function 5 in 1, the FUXTEC Multitool – 5in1 offers a similar range of functions, including a hedge trimmer, pruner chainsaw, brush cutter, and grass trimmer. However, the FUXTEC model weighs significantly less at 7.2 kilograms, making it a more lightweight option for users who prioritize ease of maneuverability.

Both trimmers are powered by a 52cc engine, but specific details about fuel efficiency and cutting width are not provided for the FUXTEC Multitool. While the ParkerBrand trimmer emphasizes its TUV and CE approval, the FUXTEC model highlights features such as a gasoline mixture of 1:40, easy starter hoist for reliable starting, and a carrying strap for back-friendly working. Ultimately, the choice between these two models will depend on individual preferences regarding weight, additional features, and specific performance requirements.

The user reviews of the FUXTEC Multitool – 5in1 offer some additional information beyond what the manufacturer states. One user mentioned being impressed with the tool, stating that it starts well and has good connections. They consider it a must-have for their garden.

Another user left a brief positive review, simply stating that it is good. However, there are also negative reviews. One user expressed disappointment with the product, stating that it arrived dead on arrival and had fuel leaking from the tank cap, which they found to be a safety hazard. Another user described the plastic cable protection sleeve melting after a few hours of use and criticized the support and the quality of the accessories. Another user highlighted the issue of the fuel hose becoming porous and bending after a year, leading to breakdowns.

They also criticized the customer service response, stating that the pull recoil starter was not covered by warranty and required an additional purchase. These user reviews provide insights into both positive and negative aspects of the FUXTEC Multitool, including concerns about safety, product durability, and customer service.

The Good:

  • Multiple attachments for versatile use
  • Easy-to-change attachment system
  • Robust 2-stroke engine with 52cc capacity

The Not So Good:

  • Heavier than some other similar products
  • Loud operation at 113 dB
  • Requires petrol mixture for fuel

3. ParkerBrand 26cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer – 24″ Blades

The ParkerBrand 26cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer is a great investment for those looking for a powerful and efficient tool to maintain their gardens.


Overall, the ParkerBrand 26cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer is a reliable and user-friendly tool that allows you to manage your garden with relative ease. With its powerful engine, double-sided blade, and adjustable handle, it certainly gets the job done for most trimming tasks. Just be prepared for some potential hiccups with the starter mechanism and consider its limitations for heavy-duty work.

Our score: 4.5

I recently had the chance to use the ParkerBrand 26cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer, and I must say that it made trimming my overgrown hedges an absolute breeze. The 26cc engine packed a punch, while still being lightweight enough for me to handle easily. The 24″ double-sided blade cut through overgrowth with precision, providing a clean and efficient cut.

The 180-degree rotatable handle was a fantastic feature. I could adjust the trimmer to a comfortable angle, making hard-to-reach spots in my garden more accessible. The trimmer also came with some useful extras, such as a fuel mixing bottle and a multi-tool for assembly, which saved me time and effort in getting started.

On the other hand, I did have some trouble starting up the trimmer initially, but after some fiddling around, it fired up and was ready to go. It’s worth noting that other users have reported similar difficulties, so you might want to bear that in mind. Another potential issue I noticed is that the starter mechanism might not be as durable as it could be. Although it worked fine for me, others have experienced issues with the starter mechanism after only a few uses.

While the ParkerBrand trimmer worked well for my garden, I would say that it might not be suitable for heavy-duty tasks, given its compact size and affordability. Nonetheless, for everyday garden maintenance, this trimmer is a solid choice that I’m happy to have in my arsenal.

Compared with the ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Multi Function 5 in 1, the ParkerBrand 26cc – 24″ Blades offers a more lightweight and compact option for hedge trimming tasks. With its 26cc engine, this trimmer is suitable for maintaining and managing overgrown gardens, while its 24″ dual-sided blade provides a clean and fast cut.

However, unlike the multi-functional capabilities of the 52cc model, the ParkerBrand 26cc trimmer focuses specifically on hedge trimming with its dedicated blade. This specialized design may be appealing to users who prioritize a lightweight and maneuverable trimmer for hedge maintenance, rather than needing multiple functions for different gardening tasks. It’s important to consider the specific requirements and scope of work before deciding between these two ParkerBrand models.

The user reviews of the ParkerBrand 26cc – 24″ Blades provide additional information beyond what the manufacturer states. One user mentioned that the hedge trimmers were of good quality but arrived damaged, so they couldn’t fully assess the product. Another user praised it as a great piece of kit that is easy to start and use.

They found it lightweight and effective. Another user described it as a capable and low-cost petrol hedge cutter with a 24″ blade that easily cuts standard trimming and can handle cutting hedges from 6ft to 3ft in height. They considered it a good value for money. However, one user reported a failed starter mechanism after 4-5 uses, which was not covered by warranty.

Although they received a replacement starter mechanism and appreciated the customer service engagement, they later experienced overheating and a burning smell, suspecting a burnt-out clutch. Despite positive feedback regarding ease of starting and handling from another user, this negative experience raised concerns about the product’s reliability.

The Good:

  • Powerful and lightweight 26cc engine
  • 24″ (60cm) double-sided blade
  • 180-degree rotatable handle

The Not So Good:

  • Some users report difficulty starting the trimmer
  • Starter mechanism might not be durable
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty tasks

4. McCulloch HT 5622 Petrol Hedge Trimmer

The McCulloch HT 5622 is a reliable and powerful hedge trimmer that will make light work of your garden maintenance.


Overall, the McCulloch HT 5622 Petrol Hedge Trimmer is an excellent choice for frequent garden maintenance tasks. Its powerful engine, ergonomic design, and anti-vibration system make it a pleasure to use. Just be aware of its weight and the requirement for fuel mixing. Overall, it’s a solid investment for keeping your hedges in tip-top shape.

Onze score: 4.5

I recently had the pleasure of getting my hands on the McCulloch HT 5622 Petrol Hedge Trimmer, and I have to say, it’s a fantastic addition to any gardener’s arsenal. The mighty 22.7cc engine delivers ample power to tackle even the thickest hedges, while the 56 cm cutting blade with a 22 mm blade gap ensures a tidy and precise trim.

One of the standout features for me was the ergonomic adjustable handle, which made manoeuvring the trimmer an absolute breeze. Whether I was working on low or tall hedges, finding the perfect cutting angle was effortless. Plus, the anti-vibration handles were a godsend, adding to the overall user-friendliness and significantly reducing fatigue during those longer trimming sessions.

I do have to mention, though, that this trimmer does come with a bit of heft, weighing in at 5.2 kg. This might be a concern for individuals with limited upper body strength, as it can require some extra effort to handle. Additionally, it’s worth noting that this particular model operates on a petrol and oil mixture, so you’ll need to purchase a separate mixing bottle, as one isn’t included.

Lastly, it’s important to be aware that a few users have raised concerns about the packaging quality. Therefore, I would strongly advise checking the condition of the product upon its arrival, just to ensure everything is in order.

Compared with the ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Multi Function 5 in 1, the McCulloch HT 5622 offers a more compact and lightweight option for hedge trimming. With its 22.7cc petrol-powered engine, the McCulloch trimmer delivers a power output of 0.65kW. It features a blade length of 56cm and a blade gap of 22mm, making it suitable for frequent use and maintaining hedges. The McCulloch trimmer also boasts adjustable rear handle positions for ergonomic work and incorporates features such as soft start, dual action blades, anti-vibration handles, and a tool-less air filter cover.

However, unlike the ParkerBrand 52cc Multi Function trimmer, the McCulloch HT 5622 is solely focused on hedge trimming and does not offer the versatility of multiple attachments. Therefore, if the requirement is primarily hedge trimming and the user prefers a lightweight and ergonomic design, the McCulloch HT 5622 could be a suitable choice.

The user reviews of the McCulloch HT 5622 provide additional information beyond what the manufacturer states. Users generally praised its performance in trimming thick hedges and appreciated the rotational handle for ease of cutting. One user mentioned the need to mix petrol with oil but noted that a mixing bottle was not included with the trimmer. However, one user mistakenly ordered the product and returned it.

Another user expressed satisfaction with the machine’s performance, finding it easy to start and operate. They appreciated the quality and design of the trimmer but mentioned that the primer bubble was hidden and awkward to operate. They also mentioned the brand’s reliability based on their previous experience with another McCulloch model. Another user found the trimmer a bit heavy but still did a good job and had no issues with starting it.

On the other hand, one user complained about poor after-sales service and difficulties in contacting the company regarding a broken cord handle and registering the product. Another user experienced a significant issue with the trimmer, as a piece of cast blew off the gear housing, rendering the blades nonfunctional. They expressed disappointment with the reliability and longevity of the product. However, other users simply stated that the trimmer was excellent and performed well in their garden projects.

The Good:

  • Powerful 22.7cc engine
  • Ergonomic adjustable handle
  • Anti-vibration system

The Not So Good:

  • Slightly heavy at 5.2 kg
  • Requires fuel mixing
  • Some concerns about packaging quality

5. BU-KO 52cc Long Reach Petrol Multi Functional Garden Tool

I highly recommend this versatile garden tool for its impressive performance and multiple attachment options.


Overall, the BU-KO 52cc Long Reach Petrol Multi Functional Garden Tool is an excellent investment for any garden enthusiast seeking a powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use solution. Its multiple attachment options and extendable reach make it perfect for tackling those hard-to-reach areas, ensuring my garden stays in tip-top shape.

Onze score: 4.5

I recently had the pleasure of using the BU-KO 52cc Long Reach Petrol Multi Functional Garden Tool, and I must say, it’s a game-changer for any gardening enthusiast. The powerful 52cc engine makes quick work of trimming hedges, cutting branches, and clearing brush, while the 5-in-1 functionality allows for easy switching between different attachments with no hassle.

The extension poles make it ideal for reaching tall hedges and branches without the need for a ladder, which has significantly improved my safety while working in the garden. On the other hand, I noticed the 2-stroke engine does require a mix of petrol and oil, which might be a slight inconvenience for some users.

One thing that stood out to me is the tool’s weight compared to electric alternatives. While this didn’t impact my overall experience, it is something to consider for those with smaller gardens or limited strength. In fact, the power of this tool might be overkill for smaller gardens.

The Good:

  • Powerful 52cc engine
  • 5-in-1 functionality with easy attachment swapping
  • Extendable up to 5.2 metres with extension poles

The Not So Good:

  • 2-stroke engine requires a mix of petrol and oil
  • Heavier than electric alternatives
  • Might be too powerful for small gardens

6. Kiam Sherwood H600 Petrol Hedge Trimmer

I highly recommend the Kiam Sherwood H600 Petrol Hedge Trimmer for its powerful engine and versatile features, making garden maintenance a breeze.


Overall, after using the Kiam Sherwood H600 Petrol Hedge Trimmer, I can confidently say it’s a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a powerful and versatile hedge trimmer. The high-performance engine, dual-action cutting blades, and comfortable ergonomic handle make it a must-have tool for garden maintenance.

Our score: 4.5

Upon receiving the Kiam Sherwood H600 hedge trimmer, I was excited to put it to the test. After assembling the trimmer and starting it up, I found that the powerful 21.7cc 2-stroke petrol engine provided all the performance I needed to tackle my trimming tasks around the garden.

The 60cm long double-sided reciprocating blade made light work of maintaining my hedges, easily cutting through material up to 30mm in diameter. The adjustable ergonomic handle allowed me to change its direction 180° for added flexibility, providing optimum comfort while using the trimmer.

I also appreciated the focus on safety with this product. The integrated guard kept my hands away from the moving blades, and the two-way safety switch added an extra level of protection by preventing accidental trigger activation.

While the Kiam Sherwood H600 is slightly on the heavier side at 5.9 kilograms, the powerful engine and comfortable handle more than made up for the weight. I also noticed some minor smoking while using the trimmer, but after properly mixing the fuel with 2-stroke oil, the issue seemed to improve. So, make sure to have 2-stroke oil handy for optimal performance.

The Good:

  • Powerful 21.7cc 2-stroke engine
  • 60cm dual action blades
  • 180-degree adjustable ergonomic handle

The Not So Good:

  • Slightly heavy at 5.9 kilograms
  • Some users report minor smoking issue
  • May require extra 2-stroke oil

7. Mountfield MHT 2322 Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Mountfield MHT 2322 is a reliable choice for demanding gardening work due to its powerful engine and robust design.


Overall, the Mountfield MHT 2322 petrol hedge trimmer is a powerful and efficient tool for handling tough gardening tasks. Although it’s a bit heavy and at times difficult to start when warm, its cutting performance and convenient features make it a great addition to any gardening toolkit.

Our score: 4.5

I recently used the Mountfield MHT 2322 petrol hedge trimmer and was quite pleased with its cutting abilities. The 22.5cc 2-stroke engine provided more than enough power to tackle even the thickest hedges in my garden, making quick work of the task at hand.

The 180° twist grip rotation feature was really handy, allowing me to adjust the trimmer’s position for a more comfortable grip. This, combined with the blade tip protection system, allowed me to cut close to walls and hard surfaces without worrying about damaging the blades.

However, there’s a slight downside when it comes to the trimmer’s weight. I found it a bit heavy after using it for an extended period, but I wouldn’t consider this a deal-breaker, as the overall performance was great. One issue worth mentioning is the difficulty in starting the engine when it’s warm. It required some extra effort, yet it didn’t affect my experience too much.

Adding to the confusion, the product listing mentions conflicting cutting lengths of 50cm and 70cm. Based on my experience, the cutting length is around 50-55cm, which was still sufficient for taking care of my hedges.

The Good:

  • Powerful and efficient 22.5cc 2-stroke petrol engine
  • 180° twist grip rotation with three grip positions for ease of use
  • 50cm cutting length with blade tip protection system

The Not So Good:

  • A bit heavy for long usage
  • Can be hard to start when the engine is warm
  • Conflicting cutting length information (50cm and 70cm)

8. Hyundai 52cc Long Reach Petrol Hedge Trimmer

This Hyundai petrol hedge trimmer is great for tall hedges but isn’t suitable for extended use due to its weight.


Overall, the Hyundai 52cc Long Reach Petrol Hedge Trimmer is excellent for trimming tall and hard-to-reach hedges, thanks to its 4m reach and powerful engine. However, due to its weight and balance issues, it might not be the best choice for extended use or for those who have difficulties managing heavier tools.

Our score: 4.5

When I first used this Hyundai hedge trimmer, I was immediately impressed by its ability to reach tall hedges with ease. The 4m reach and dual action blades made trimming and pruning a breeze, delivering clean and fast cuts on the hedges in my garden.

However, I did notice that the trimmer was quite heavy, especially when using the extension shaft. Balancing the machine was difficult, which made using it for extended periods uncomfortable. The anti-vibration technology and double shoulder support harness did help to alleviate some of the strain, but it’s still not ideal for longer tasks.

Another issue I encountered was the blades becoming dull after just a few uses, making it challenging to cut through thinner hedges. Despite this, I appreciated the 3-year warranty and the full UK after-sales support offered by Hyundai, which gave me peace of mind.

The Good:

  • Up to 4m reach for tall hedges
  • Powerful 52cc 2-stroke engine
  • Dual action blades for clean, fast cuts

The Not So Good:

  • Quite heavy to handle
  • Balance issues with extension
  • Blades may dull quickly

9. Einhell GE-PH 2555A Petrol Hedge Trimmer

The Einhell GE-PH 2555A is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a powerful and easy-to-use petrol hedge trimmer.


Overall, if you’re looking for a powerful and easy-to-use petrol hedge trimmer for your home, the Einhell GE-PH 2555A is a great choice. Despite a few minor drawbacks, this trimmer makes quick work of even the thickest hedges and offers reliable performance.

Our score: 4.5

I recently had the opportunity to use the Einhell GE-PH 2555A petrol hedge trimmer, and it proved to be an effective and powerful tool. It started up quickly and easily thanks to the auto choke feature, and the low-vibration two-stroke engine made it comfortable to operate for extended periods.

The cutting performance was impressive due to the high-quality laser-cut diamond-ground steel blades, enabling me to easily trim through thick branches. The swivel handle allowed for a 90/0/-90 degrees adjustment, ensuring that I could reach even challenging angles with ease.

However, there were a few drawbacks I encountered while using this trimmer. The device felt quite heavy after a while, making it slightly challenging to use for extended periods. Furthermore, the placement of the on/off switch was not ideal, as I occasionally switched it off accidentally during use. Finally, while this hedge trimmer is suitable for domestic use, it may not be the best choice for commercial applications.

The Good:

  • Low-vibration two-stroke engine
  • Quick start system for easy starting
  • Laser-cut diamond-ground steel blades

The Not So Good:

  • Somewhat heavy
  • On/off switch placement could be better
  • Not suitable for commercial use

10. Mountfield MHT 20 Li Cordless Hedge Trimmer

This Mountfield cordless trimmer is a lightweight and user-friendly option for maintaining hedges and bushes in your garden.


Overall, the Mountfield MHT 20 Li Cordless Hedge Trimmer is an excellent choice for those with smaller gardens and light to medium trimming tasks. Its lightweight design, coupled with its cordless convenience, makes it a pleasure to use. However, for those with larger gardens or thicker hedges, this trimmer may not be the best choice due to its limitations in cutting thicker branches and limited battery life.

Our score: 4.5

I recently had the pleasure of using the Mountfield MHT 20 Li Cordless Hedge Trimmer, and I must say that it has made trimming hedges and bushes a breeze. The lightweight and ergonomic design of the trimmer allowed me to work comfortably for an extended period without straining my arms or back.

One of the standout features of this trimmer is its 55cm dual action blades. These blades are sharp and strong, allowing me to cut through most hedges and bushes with ease. Moreover, the cordless design, thanks to its 20V lithium-ion battery, has made it incredibly convenient as I no longer have to worry about tangled cords or finding a power source.

However, I did notice a couple of drawbacks to this hedge trimmer. Firstly, it struggles with thicker branches, as some reviewers have also pointed out. It is essential to keep this in mind when tackling heavier trimming tasks. Secondly, the battery life may not be sufficient for larger gardens or more extended trimming sessions. If you have a spacious garden or need to use the trimmer continually, you may need to invest in an additional battery.

The Good:

  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • 55cm dual action blades for effective trimming
  • 20V lithium-ion battery for cordless convenience

The Not So Good:

  • Struggles with thicker branches
  • May not be suitable for heavy-duty tasks
  • Limited battery life for larger gardens

Buyer’s guide

Man doing a field test with a petrol hedge trimmer

Alternatives to Petrol Hedge Trimmers

An alternative to using a petrol hedge trimmer is an electric hedge trimmer. Electric hedge trimmers are powered by electricity and offer several advantages over petrol trimmers. They are generally lighter and more compact, making them easier to maneuver and control. Electric trimmers also produce less noise and vibration, resulting in a quieter and more comfortable trimming experience. They eliminate the need for mixing fuel and are more environmentally friendly, as they produce zero emissions during operation. Electric hedge trimmers are suitable for smaller to medium-sized hedges and are typically more affordable than their petrol counterparts. However, they require access to a power source, usually an electrical outlet or an extension cord, which may limit their range compared to petrol trimmers.

Power Source

When choosing a petrol hedge trimmer, the first thing I look at is the power source. There are two main types: electric and petrol. Electric hedge trimmers can be corded or cordless, but I prefer petrol hedge trimmers because they offer more power and don’t require an extension lead.

Blade Length

The next feature I consider is the blade length. This determines the cutting capacity of the trimmer. A longer blade allows for easier and quicker trimming of larger hedges. However, it can add to the overall weight of the trimmer. I suggest considering the size and type of hedges I’ll be trimming before making a decision.

Blade Gap

The blade gap is another important feature to look at. It determines the maximum diameter of branches the trimmer can cut. If I need to cut thicker branches, I’ll go for a trimmer with a larger blade gap. However, if I’m only dealing with smaller hedges, a smaller blade gap will be sufficient.

Weight and Ergonomics

The weight and ergonomics of a petrol hedge trimmer play a significant role in my decision-making process as well. I want a trimmer that’s reasonably lightweight, so it’s not too cumbersome to use for extended periods. Ergonomic handles and anti-vibration features also contribute to a comfortable trimming experience.

Power SourcePetrol hedge trimmers offer more power
Blade LengthLonger blades handle larger hedges
Blade GapLarger gaps cut thicker branches
WeightLightweight trimmers are easier to manoeuvre
ErgonomicsComfortable handles and anti-vibration

By considering these features, I can select the best petrol hedge trimmer to suit my needs and make the task of hedge maintenance much easier.


When selecting a petrol hedge trimmer, consider factors such as:

FeatureWhy it’s important
Engine powerDetermines cutting performance
Blade length and typeAffects trimming capacity and precision
WeightImpacts handling and user comfort
Safety featuresMinimises risk of injury

Remember, it’s essential to maintain your trimmer properly:

  • Clean and lubricate blades regularly
  • Check for loose or damaged parts
  • Store the trimmer in a dry and cool place

By choosing the right petrol hedge trimmer for your needs and keeping it well-maintained, you’ll be able to enjoy a neat and tidy garden with ease.

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