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Pregnancy is an incredible journey, and ensuring comfort during this time is crucial for both the expectant mother and the growing baby. One way to enhance comfort and support is by investing in a pregnancy pillow. This specialised type of pillow is designed to provide the necessary support to various parts of the body, such as the bump, hips, back and neck, ensuring a good night’s sleep and reducing pregnancy-related discomforts.

A pregnancy pillow is not only beneficial during pregnancy but can also serve a purpose post-pregnancy, as it can help in positioning during breastfeeding or as support when recovering from a C-section. With a vast range of shapes and sizes available, selecting the right pregnancy pillow becomes a personal choice based on individual preferences and specific needs.

Various pregnancy pillows

When searching for the best pregnancy pillow in the UK, a few crucial aspects should be taken into consideration. Evaluating the materials used, whether they cause allergies, their level of firmness, and ease of cleaning are essential factors to consider. Additionally, the size of the pillow and the available sleeping space must be taken into account to ensure it suits one’s sleeping arrangement.

I have dedicated myself to researching and testing various pregnancy pillows available in the UK market, delving into the specifics of each product to identify the best options that optimise comfort, support and ease of use during pregnancy. So without further ado, let’s dive into the list of the best pregnancy pillows that can help ease your pregnancy journey.

Best Pregnancy Pillows in the UK

Product NameSupportSize/ShapeMaterialWashabilityVersatility
Niimo Washable Maternity PillowYesXXL C-shapedCotton coverYesYes
bbhugme Full Body Support for Side SleepingYesCylindricalCotton/spandexYesYes
Silentnight V with PillowcaseYesWedge-shapedHypoallergenicYesYes
PharMeDoc Sage U-Shape Full BodyYesU-shapedJersey cottonYesYes

I’ve compiled a list of the best pregnancy pillows available in the UK, designed to provide comfort and support during this special time. Check out my top picks below.

Niimo Pregnancy Pillow (Editor’s Choice)

Niimo Pregnancy Pillow

I highly recommend the Niimo Pregnancy Pillow for expecting mothers seeking extra support and comfort during sleep.


  • Provides restful sleep with back and hip support
  • Multipurpose – can be used for breastfeeding and baby support
  • Soft, high-quality materials – 100% cotton cover and siliconized polyester fibre filling


  • External cover might be difficult to remove and replace for washing
  • Could benefit from an extra pillowcase included for washing rotation
  • Not suitable for taller individuals

I have recently tried out the Niimo Pregnancy Pillow, and I must say that it has significantly eased my discomfort during sleep. The pillow is designed to help you rest comfortably in a lateral position, offering support for both my back and hips. The difference in my sleep quality is noticeable as I wake up feeling more refreshed and less strained.

What I truly love about this pillow is its multipurpose use. When wrapped around your baby, it provides a soft, supportive embrace, freeing up your hands for feeding or strolling. The wooden button allows me to quickly transform it into a breastfeeding pillow and a play support for my little one.

The materials used in making the Niimo Pregnancy Pillow are of high quality. The cover is made from 100% cotton, which feels gentle on the skin and has a hidden zip to prevent snagging. The pillow’s filling is composed of siliconized polyester fibre, striking the perfect balance between firmness and softness for both me and my baby.

However, I did encounter a few drawbacks. Removing the pillowcover for washing proved to be quite challenging, and it would have been great if an extra pillowcase was provided to use while the first one is being washed. Moreover, the pillow’s size and design might not be ideal for taller mothers, as it could fall short in providing the desired support.

While all the pregnancy pillows mentioned in the table have unique features and benefits, the Niimo Washable Maternity Pillow stands out as the best choice for several reasons. Firstly, the XXL C-shaped size of the pillow offers full-body support, ensuring comfort for the whole body, especially the back and hips. The firmness of the 100% siliconized polyester fiber filling strikes the right balance between softness and support. Secondly, the 100% high-quality cotton cover feels soft on the skin, and it’s removable and machine washable, making it easy to maintain.

Lastly, the versatility of the pillow, thanks to the wooden button that allows it to transform into a breastfeeding pillow and play support, provides even greater value for money. Overall, the Niimo Washable Maternity Pillow offers the best combination of support, comfort, and convenience compared to the other pregnancy pillows mentioned.

The user reviews for the Niimo Washable Maternity Pillow generally support the manufacturer’s claims of offering relief from pain and discomfort during pregnancy. Users report that the pillow helps with aligning hips and reducing pain, with some even using it to ease back pain and pressure points. The pillow’s size and shape also work well for most users, even those with smaller frames. However, some users report that the pillow loses its integrity after washing, making it difficult to put back into the cover.

Additionally, some users find the cushion too soft, which makes it unsuitable for breastfeeding. Finally, some users mention that the pillow is not as comfortable as they expected and does not provide the relief they were hoping for. Overall, users seem to agree that the Niimo pillow is useful for sleeping but may not be the best option for breastfeeding or as a general body pillow due to its softness.

In conclusion, the Niimo Pregnancy Pillow has been a great addition to my prenatal care regimen. Its well-thought-out design, quality materials, and multi-functionality make it a worthwhile investment for expecting mothers.

Bbhugme Adjustable Pregnancy Pillow (Luxury Choice)

Bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow

This Bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow is a must-have for pregnant women seeking comfort and support during sleep.


  • Developed by female health professionals
  • Adjustable and ergonomic
  • Designed for sleep and comfort


  • Pricey
  • Difficult cover removal and replacement
  • May not be suitable for petite individuals

I recently tried the bbhugme Adjustable Pregnancy Pillow and found it to be incredibly supportive for my changing body. Developed by highly experienced female health professionals, this award-winning pillow is designed to relieve pain while helping me sleep better. With its extra-long shape and unique micro-bead filling, it offers support for my belly, pelvis, lower back, knees, and ankles, making it a great investment piece for pregnancy.

The adjustable and ergonomic feature is fantastic as I can modify the firmness by fastening the silicon pebbles on both ends. This pregnancy pillow keeps me relaxed and takes away the unnecessary strain on my back when I sleep or even when I’m feeding my baby.

However, there’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to removing and replacing the cover for washing. It could be easier, but I appreciate that it is machine washable. Additionally, this pillow might not be suitable for everyone, especially petite individuals, as they might find it too bulky.

The Bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow is made from quality materials and filled with pressure-relieving micro-beads. The removable pillow cover is made from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex jersey fabric, making it soft and comfortable to touch. It is certainly worth considering, despite its higher price tag.

Compared with the Niimo Washable Maternity Pillow, the bbhugme Full Body Support for Side Sleeping is another excellent option for pregnant women seeking comfort and support. The cylindrical shape of the bbhugme pillow provides support to the belly, pelvis, lower back, knees, and ankles. The extra-long size and micro-bead filling offer 5-point body support, ensuring that the pillow adapts to the changing needs of the body.

Additionally, the bbhugme pillow’s adjustable and ergonomic design allows new moms to fasten pebbles on both ends to increase or decrease firmness, customizing the support to their individual needs. The 95% cotton and 5% spandex jersey fabric used in making the pillow cover feels soft on the skin, and it is machine washable for easy cleaning. While the Niimo Washable Maternity Pillow offers versatile support with its C-shape and wooden button for breastfeeding, the bbhugme pillow’s adjustability and micro-bead filling provide customized support for different body types and sleeping positions.

Several users have shared their experiences with the bbhugme Full Body Support for Side Sleeping, with most reviews being positive. Users have praised the pillow for providing support and alleviating pain during pregnancy and breastfeeding. They also appreciate its adjustability and flexibility, allowing them to use it in various ways. One user found the bean bag filling and moldability of the pillow to be particularly beneficial, while another loved its softness and firmness at the same time.

However, some users have criticized the product’s high price and the cover’s difficulty to remove and wash. One user also found that the pillow got in the way at night and wasn’t helpful for their smaller frame. Despite the negative comments, most users believe that the bbhugme Full Body Support for Side Sleeping is worth the investment, especially for those struggling with pain during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

In conclusion, I highly recommend the Bbhugme Adjustable Pregnancy Pillow for pregnant women seeking extra comfort and support during their pregnancy journey. The pillow’s adaptability and design make it a worthwhile investment, even though it might take a little time to get used to removing and putting the cover back on. Overall, this pillow has improved my sleep quality and daily comfort.

Silentnight V Pillow with Pillowcase (Best Value)

Silentnight V Pillow

The Silentnight V Pillow provides great support and comfort, making it an excellent choice for pregnant women, nursing mothers, and those in need of orthopaedic support.


  • V-shape offers superb head, back, and neck support
  • Versatile for various positions and uses
  • Removable, water and stain repellent cover included


  • Some users may find it too firm
  • Pillowcase could be better sewn
  • May be too bulky for smaller washing machines

I recently got myself a Silentnight V Pillow with Pillowcase, and I can happily attest to the comfort it’s given me during my pregnancy. The contoured V-shape cradles my head, neck, and back, making it easier to find a comfortable position when resting or sleeping.

The pillow is quite versatile, suitable not only for pregnancy but also for nursing, post-surgery recovery, and even orthopaedic support. I’ve found that it adapts well to various sleeping and resting positions, allowing me to get proper rest without constantly adjusting the pillow.

What I appreciate most is the included removable cover, which features a soft-touch material treated with a stain and water repellent finish. It’s incredibly useful in protecting the pillow, especially during nursing sessions. However, I did notice that the pillowcase stitching isn’t perfect, and it could benefit from better craftsmanship in that aspect.

One thing to note about the Silentnight V Pillow is that it leans towards the firmer side. While this level of firmness is necessary for providing ample support, some users might find it a bit too firm for their preference. Additionally, the pillow could be a challenge to clean in smaller washing machines due to its size; however, that’s a minor gripe given its overall performance.

Compared with the Niimo Washable Maternity Pillow, the Silentnight V with Pillowcase is another good option for pregnant women seeking extra support while sleeping. The contoured V-shape of the Silentnight pillow provides extra support for the head, back, and neck, increasing comfort while sleeping or relaxing. The wedge-shaped design of the Niimo pillow, on the other hand, provides support to the belly and hips, making it an excellent choice for pregnant women.

The Silentnight pillow’s hypoallergenic properties make it suitable for people with allergies, while the Niimo pillow’s 100% high-quality cotton cover feels soft on the skin. Both pillows are machine washable for easy cleaning, and the Silentnight pillow comes with a removable soft-touch cover with a stain and water repellent finish. While the Niimo pillow offers full-body support with its C-shape and wooden button for breastfeeding, the Silentnight pillow’s V-shape provides extra support for the head and neck, making it a great option for people who suffer from neck pain or discomfort.

The user review for the Silentnight V with Pillowcase highlights the unique V-shaped design of the pillow, which provides excellent support for the neck and back. The reviewer also notes that the pillow is soft and comfortable to the touch, making it ideal for extended use in bed. Additionally, the pillow and pillowcase have held up well over time, even after multiple washes.

While this review is overwhelmingly positive, it is important to note that it is written from the perspective of someone caring for a terminally ill family member. It is unclear how well the pillow would work for someone without medical needs, and there are no negative reviews to provide a balanced perspective. Overall, this review suggests that the Silentnight V with Pillowcase is a supportive and comfortable pillow that may be particularly useful for those with medical conditions or limited mobility.

In conclusion, the Silentnight V Pillow with Pillowcase is a fantastic solution for those in need of extra support and comfort, particularly pregnant women, nursing mothers, and anyone requiring orthopaedic assistance.

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow, Sage U-Shape Full Body Pillow and Maternity Support

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

As a pregnant woman, I highly recommend this pillow for those seeking comfort and support during sleep.


  • Provides full body support
  • Made for everyone, not just pregnant women
  • Comes with a cosy removable cover


  • It might take some time to get used to
  • Could be a bit heavy to move around
  • Some users reported initial discomfort with filling

The PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow has been my go-to pillow since I started using it. It really helps support my back, hips, knees, neck, and head, which has greatly aided me in getting a good night’s sleep despite the discomforts of pregnancy. The U-shape design provides fantastic support, and I no longer need multiple bed pillows.

What I love about this pillow is that it’s not just for pregnant women! It has been useful in relieving pain from conditions like sciatica and fibromyalgia as well. Additionally, the 100% jersey cotton cover is not just soft and comfortable, but also removable and machine washable. This makes cleaning a breeze and ensures a fresh sleep every night.

Do bear in mind that it took me a week or two to get used to the pillow, as was the case for some other users as well. Also, it is worth considering the weight of the pillow, which could be a bit cumbersome when trying to move it around. Some users have mentioned initial discomfort with the filling, but the overwhelming majority have been pleased with the support and comfort it offers in the long run.

Compared with the Niimo Washable Maternity Pillow, the PharMeDoc Sage U-Shape Full Body pillow is another good option for pregnant women looking for full-body support. The U-shaped design of the PharMeDoc pillow helps to support the back, hips, knees, neck, and head, providing relief for discomfort associated with pregnancy, sciatica, fibromyalgia, gastric reflux, and more. The Jersey cotton material used in making the PharMeDoc pillow cover feels soft on the skin, and the pillow comes with a removable cover that is machine washable, making it easy to maintain.

The Niimo pillow, on the other hand, has a C-shaped design that provides full-body support, especially for the back and hips, with a 100% high-quality cotton cover that is also machine washable. While both pillows offer full-body support, the PharMeDoc pillow’s U-shape provides targeted support for specific body areas, making it a great option for pregnant women with specific pain points or medical conditions.

The reviews for the PharMeDoc Sage U-Shape Full Body pillow are generally positive, with many users finding it comfortable and helpful for improving their sleep during pregnancy. One reviewer praised the pillow for providing support on their side and not being too firm, while another reviewer appreciated the soft jersey fabric and support from all sides. Several users also liked that the pillow was one piece, which made it easier to use than having to rearrange multiple pillows.

However, there were some negative comments as well. One reviewer found the filling to be cheap and uncomfortable, while another reviewer reported that the pillow started to rip after a few weeks. One user also found the pillow heavy and difficult to move around in bed. Overall, most users found the PharMeDoc Sage U-Shape Full Body pillow to be a helpful and comfortable product, although there were some issues with the quality and durability for some users.

In conclusion, this PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow is a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking better sleep and support during pregnancy or for those dealing with pain in various parts of the body. Give it a try, and it might just become your new favourite sleep companion.

Kolbray U Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Kolbray U Shape Pregnancy Pillow

This pregnancy pillow is perfect for those seeking a comfortable and supportive sleep during pregnancy.


  • Versatile for different sleep positions and nursing
  • Detachable extension for extra support
  • Breathable and soft-knit jersey cover


  • May be bulky for smaller beds
  • Might require some adjustment initially
  • Cover may experience wear over time

I began using the Kolbray U Shape Pregnancy Pillow a few weeks ago, and it has truly made a difference in my overall comfort during sleep. The U shape design cradles my body, providing support for my belly, back, neck, shoulders, arms, and legs. I found it particularly helpful for my back pain, which greatly reduced after just a few nights of use.

The pillow also features a detachable extension, which can either be used as a standalone body pillow or attached to the main body pillow for added support. I’ve enjoyed the flexibility to customise the pillow according to my changing needs throughout my pregnancy.

One of the best features is the soft-knit jersey cover that helps keep me cool during the night. It’s easy to remove and machine-wash, making it simple to keep clean and fresh. However, keep in mind that the cover may wear over time, so it’s essential to handle it with care when washing and drying.

In summary, the Kolbray U Shape Pregnancy Pillow offers comfort, versatility, and a great night’s sleep for expectant mothers. Although it may be bulky for smaller beds and take some adjustment initially, the overall benefits and quality make it a worthwhile investment for a more relaxed and pain-free pregnancy.

AS AWESLING Pregnancy Pillow

AS AWESLING Pregnancy Pillow

This pillow provides exceptional comfort and support for pregnant women, making it a must-have for a good night’s sleep.


  • Ergonomic U-shaped design for complete support
  • Multifunctional for various sleeping positions and activities
  • High-quality velvet material and durable 3D PP cotton filling


  • May be slightly short for taller users
  • Could have a thicker cushion for enhanced support
  • Some may find it a bit expensive

I recently tried the AS AWESLING Pregnancy Pillow, and I must say, it has made a huge difference in my sleep quality during pregnancy. The unique U-shaped design provides full support for my head, neck, belly, back, hips, and legs, eliminating the need for multiple pillows.

Moreover, the pillow is quite versatile as I can also use it while reading or watching TV, and even after pregnancy for nursing. The velvet material used for the outer cover feels luxurious and soft, while the 3D PP cotton filling ensures the pillow remains firm and comfortable.

However, I did notice that the pillow could be a bit short for taller users, as it comes up to my thigh even though I’m 5’2″. A thicker cushion might also provide better support, especially for those with pre-existing conditions or post-surgery needs.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the AS AWESLING Pregnancy Pillow has undoubtedly improved my sleep and overall comfort during my pregnancy. The high-quality materials and ergonomic design make it a worthy investment for expecting mothers, post-surgery patients or anyone in need of better body support during rest.

ARLINENS 9ft Long U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

ARLINENS Pregnancy Pillow

This ARLINENS pregnancy pillow is perfect for expecting mothers and anyone seeking a comfortable, supportive night’s sleep.


  • Provides full body support and pain relief
  • Multi-purpose: ideal for pregnant women, physical therapy, and various conditions
  • Easy to care for and non-allergenic


  • Cover may feel rough to some users
  • Pillow case fit can be tight and uncomfortable
  • Might feel too short for taller individuals

Initially, I was sceptical about whether this pregnancy pillow could make a significant difference, but to my pleasant surprise, it provided excellent support for my entire body. The U-shape is great for cocooning my body while relieving pressure on my joints and sore areas.

What stood out for me was its versatility. Not only was it ideal for pregnancy, it also helped with pain relief for various issues such as back pain, sciatica, and arthritis. The ARLINENS pillow even came in handy during my physical therapy, offering much-needed support and comfort during those tough sessions.

Despite its substantial benefits, the pillow isn’t without flaws. The cover material felt a bit rough, which could become uncomfortable for some users. Additionally, the pillow case seemed to fit quite tightly, resulting in an awkward seam digging into my neck area. Lastly, those with taller statures may find it insufficiently long, as it doesn’t reach the knees for full support.

That being said, the ARLINENS 9ft Long U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow still offers impressive full-body support and pain relief for a wide range of users. Its pros definitely outweigh the cons, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking comfort and support during pregnancy or other physical conditions.

Bedding Home 9 FT Long C_U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Bedding Home Pregnancy Pillow

The Bedding Home 9 FT Long C_U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow is a great investment for expectant mothers in need of proper support and comfort during sleep.


  • Provides full body support, including head, neck, back, leg, and hip
  • Large 9-foot length to accommodate varying heights
  • Hollow Fiber filling for added comfort


  • Pillow cover is not included
  • May flatten over time and lose bounce
  • Can be bulky and difficult to move around during sleep

I recently started using the Bedding Home 9 FT Long C_U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow, and it has been a game-changer for my sleep during pregnancy. This pillow provides excellent support for my entire body, taking the pressure off my back, hips, and legs. I no longer need to constantly adjust my position at night or use multiple pillows to feel comfortable.

The 9-foot length of this pillow is perfect for me, ensuring that it fits my body shape and height. Also, the hollow fiber filling adds a layer of soft and comfortable support. However, it is worth noting that the pillow cover is not included, so you’ll need to purchase one separately.

I’ve heard that some users have experienced the pillow flattening over time, losing its initial bounce. While I haven’t faced this issue yet, it’s something to consider. Additionally, the pillow is quite large and can feel bulky in bed, making it a bit tricky to move around during the night.

Overall, the Bedding Home 9 FT Long C_U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow is a valuable addition for expectant mothers searching for proper support and comfort while sleeping. Despite some minor drawbacks, I believe it significantly contributes to a better night’s rest during pregnancy.

Hometex 9ft U Shaped Pregnancy Support Pillow

Hometex 9ft U Shaped Pregnancy Support Pillow

This Hometex pillow is a must-have for expecting mothers seeking ultimate comfort and support during pregnancy.


  • Offers total body support
  • Relieves pressure on joints and sore areas
  • Includes 200-thread count pillowcase in various colours


  • Might be too big for some users
  • Possible difficulty getting comfortable in certain positions
  • Bulkiness may take up more space in bed

I recently tried out the Hometex 9ft U Shaped Pregnancy Support Pillow and found it to be a game-changer for my nighttime comfort. The pillow provided excellent support for my spine, muscles, and joints, making it ideal for easing my neck, shoulder, and hip pain during pregnancy.

The pillow is made with anti-allergenic bounceback hollowfibre filling, ensuring a soft and plush experience. I also appreciated that it came with a premium 200-thread count pillowcase in grey, with six more colours available to match my bedroom decor.

One of the only drawbacks I experienced with this pillow was that it might be too big for some users. As someone who is 5ft 4, I had a bit of trouble resting my bump on it when lying sideways. However, this didn’t stop me from enjoying the overall comfort and support it provided. The bulky nature of the pillow does take up quite a bit of space in the bed, so just keep that in mind when considering it for purchase.

In conclusion, the Hometex 9ft U Shaped Pregnancy Support Pillow is an excellent investment for expecting mothers dealing with various physical discomforts. Although it might not be ideal for all body types or sleeping positions, its support and comfort levels are certainly noteworthy. If you’re in search of a good pregnancy pillow, I highly recommend giving this one a try.

ARLINENS Deluxe Quality 9 ft Big U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

ARLINENS Pregnancy Pillow

I highly recommend this pillow for expectant mothers seeking full-body support and relief from a range of conditions.


  • Soft and supportive with 100% slick hollow fibre filling
  • Provides whole-body comfort for pregnant women and others with joint pain or pressure
  • Easy and convenient to maintain, machine washable and tumble-dry friendly


  • May flatten over time with prolonged use
  • Cover not as durable as the pillow itself
  • Slightly bulkier than expected

The ARLINENS pregnancy pillow has been my go-to comfort companion during my pregnancy. I was particularly impressed with the soft, plump and supportive feel of the pillow, which offers extensive support for the entire body, making it an ideal choice for expectant mothers like myself.

The U-shape design cocoons the body, providing relief for various conditions like GERD, Fibromyalgia, and back pain. I found it especially helpful in reducing pressure on my joints and sore areas. The hollow fibre filling adds to the overall comfort and plumpness of the pillow, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

Being machine washable, maintaining the pillow has been a breeze for me. It’s also anti-allergenic, so I never had to worry about any allergic reactions. However, I noticed that the pillow became a bit flatter after extended use. Additionally, the cover seemed less durable, requiring replacement sooner than expected.

Despite its bulky size, the pregnancy pillow has been a valuable addition to my bedtime routine, aiding in pain relief and providing a supportive sleeping experience. If you’re expecting and looking for a functional and comfortable pregnancy pillow, I would definitely recommend the ARLINENS Deluxe Quality 9 ft Big U-shape Pregnancy Pillow.

Buying Guide

a woman testing a pregnancy pillow

Alternatives to Pregnancy Pillows

One alternative to using a pregnancy pillow is to use a regular pillow or a combination of pillows to support different areas of the body. For example, a regular pillow can be placed between the knees to alleviate pressure on the hips, while another pillow can be used to support the back. However, this approach may require some experimentation and may not provide the same level of support as a dedicated pregnancy pillow. Additionally, some women may find it more difficult to adjust to using multiple pillows and may prefer the convenience and specialized design of a pregnancy pillow.

Comfort and Support

When choosing a pregnancy pillow, the first thing I consider is comfort and support. It’s essential to find a pillow that provides enough support for my growing bump, back, and hips. Look for pillows with a soft, yet firm filling that can conform to the contours of my body and maintain their shape over time.

Size and Shape

There are various shapes and sizes of pregnancy pillows available in the UK, such as:

  • C-shaped: These pillows provide support to both the front and back of my body, allowing me to sleep on my side comfortably.
  • U-shaped: These offer full-body support and can be a great option if I need head-to-toe cushioning.
  • Wedge: These are smaller pillows that can be placed under my bump or between my knees for extra support.

I choose the size and shape depending on my sleeping position and personal preference.

Material and Filling

The material and filling used in pregnancy pillows are important factors to consider. Some common materials include:

  • Memory foam: This conforms to my body shape and provides excellent support, but may be a bit warm for some.
  • Polyester fibre: This filling provides good support, but some may find it too firm.
  • Microbead: These pillows are lightweight and mold to my body shape, offering great support.

I opt for hypoallergenic and breathable materials to ensure a comfortable and irritation-free sleep.

Cover and Maintenance

Having a removable and washable cover for my pregnancy pillow is a must. I look for pillows with covers that can be easily removed and thrown into the washing machine, making for easy maintenance and ensuring hygiene.

Using these criteria, I can find the best pregnancy pillow for my needs and enjoy a good night’s sleep throughout my pregnancy.


I’ve found that using a pregnancy pillow can make a world of difference for expectant mums in the UK. It helps to provide the necessary support for a growing bump, and aids in alleviating some common pregnancy discomforts. In my experience, the best pregnancy pillows available in the market are:

  • Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow
  • Pharmedoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow
  • Dreamgenii Pregnancy Support Pillow
  • Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Each of these pillows offers unique features tailored to specific needs:

  • The Leachco Snoogle has a C-shape design that provides full-body support and eases back pain.
  • Pharmedoc’s pillow is versatile and can be used in various sleeping positions.
  • The Dreamgenii pillow is specifically designed to encourage a healthy sleeping posture.
  • The Queen Rose pillow is available in various sizes and offers comprehensive body support.

It’s crucial that expectant mothers choose a pillow that matches their sleeping habits and personal preferences. Of course, the quality of materials used in the pillow is important as well, with options like hypoallergenic and breathable covers. Ultimately, the investment in a pregnancy pillow can make for a more comfortable and restful sleep during pregnancy, which is essential for both mum and baby.

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