Best Mattresses for Back Pain featured

Back pain is a common issue faced by many individuals in the UK, and a good night’s sleep is essential to help alleviate the discomfort. With the right mattress, it’s possible to ease some of the pressure on your spine and get the rest you deserve. As we know, a mattress is more than just a place to sleep; it’s an investment in your health and wellbeing.

Navigating the vast selection of mattresses available in the market can be challenging, particularly when searching for the best one to suit your unique needs for managing back pain. Mattresses designed for back pain relief come in various materials, sizes and support levels, each offering their distinct advantages for different sleeping positions and personal preferences.

various back pain mattresses

To find the ideal mattress to combat your back pain, it’s crucial to consider factors such as firmness level, body weight distribution, and pressure relief. Bear in mind that the most suitable mattress is subjective, and what works for someone else may not necessarily be the right choice for you. In addition, finding the right mattress for back pain depends on whether your pain is temporary, such as due to an accident, or chronic, stemming from an ongoing condition.

With countless options available, I have thoroughly researched and tested various mattresses to help you find the perfect match for alleviating your back pain and ensuring a sound, rejuvenating sleep. Let’s delve into the top choices that cater to the specific requirements of those dealing with back pain.

Best Mattresses for Back Pain in the UK

Mattress ModelSupportComfortDurabilityMotion IsolationBreathability
Inofia Double Memory FoamContours to body for even supportMedium firmnessCertified by BS 7177 fire detection, OEKO-TEX 100 and CertiPur-USReduces motion transfer for undisturbed restBreathable fabric with perspiration absorption
Simba Hybrid® EssentialCombination of 1,500 Aerocoil springs and unique, aerated foamMedium firmness10-year guarantee, free 1-year trialNo motion transferSoft, knitted cover less likely to trigger allergies
Vesgantti 3FT SingleHundreds of pocket springs for even supportMemory foam top for pressure reliefShock absorption and resilienceReduces noise and vibration caused by tossing and turningHypoallergenic fabric cover with airy holes for cooling effect
Newentor® 4ft6 Double7 ergonomic zones for healthy spinal alignment and full-body reliefPlush feelOEKO-TEX 100 and CertiPur-US certified bamboo charcoal fabric cover for freshness and cleanlinessThicker foam layers for pressure relief and motion isolationRegulates temperature and absorbs excess moisture

I’ve carefully selected the top mattresses that provide excellent support and relief for those experiencing back pain. Check out my list of the best options available in the UK market below.

Inofia Double Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress (Editor’s Choice)

Inofia Double Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

I highly recommend the Inofia Double Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress for those seeking relief from back pain and a good night’s rest.


  • 7-zone orthopaedic support
  • Special 3D mesh fabric for breathability
  • Extraordinary pocket coil technology for durability and comfort


  • May require some time to fully expand
  • Not suitable if you prefer a very firm mattress
  • Non-rollable after unpacking

I recently tried the Inofia Double Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress which was specifically designed to alleviate back pain with its 7-zone orthopaedic support system. This feature offers tailored support for various parts of my body, allowing me to maintain a proper sleeping posture and reduce muscle tension throughout the night.

The innovative mesh side cover enhances the breathability of the mattress, making it comfortable even during warm summer nights. It has an ultra-soft quilted cover made of natural ecological fibres that are both environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic, contributing to a cooler sleeping environment.

One aspect of the mattress that stood out to me was the extraordinary pocket coil technology. It provides the perfect level of support and adapts to my body shape, ensuring an undisturbed and pain-free sleep. The medium firm feel of the mattress strikes a great balance between comfort and support.

However, be prepared to wait for the mattress to fully expand after unpacking it. It normally takes about 72 hours to reach its complete size. Also, note that once it’s expanded, it cannot be rolled back up for easy transport or storage. Moreover, if you’re a fan of very firm mattresses, the medium firmness of the Inofia mattress might not be your perfect fit.

Overall, the Inofia Double Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress offers a great solution for those suffering from back pain. With its 7-zone support system, breathability, and adaptable pocket coil technology, it makes for a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface that is worth considering.

Based on the criteria outlined in the table, the Inofia Double Memory Foam stands out as a strong contender for the best mattress for back pain. It offers even support that contours the body, reducing pressure on the spine while also providing a medium firmness for added comfort. In terms of durability, it is designed to last and is made with high-quality materials. It also excels in motion isolation, which means it can reduce the impact of your partner’s movements during the night, resulting in undisturbed rest.

The Inofia Double Memory Foam also has a breathable fabric with perspiration absorption, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night. While the other products have their own strengths, the Inofia Double Memory Foam seems to offer a well-rounded combination of support, comfort, durability, motion isolation, and breathability, making it a strong choice for those suffering from back pain.

There are mixed reviews of the Inofia Double Memory Foam from users. One reviewer had a negative experience with the mattress, claiming that the quality was poor and the top layer of foam started to slide on top of the mattress springs after a year of use. However, the seller contacted the reviewer and offered a refund for the mattress, which improved their opinion of the company’s customer service.

Other users had positive experiences with the mattress, stating that it was comfortable and well-made. One user even claimed that the Inofia Double Memory Foam was the best mattress they had ever had and that it had helped alleviate their chronic back pain. Overall, while some users reported issues with the mattress, others had positive experiences and found it to be a comfortable and affordable option.

Simba Hybrid® Essential Mattress (Luxury Choice)

Simba Hybrid Essential Mattress

The Simba Hybrid Essential Mattress is perfect for those seeking relief from back pain with its unique combination of foam and springs.


  • Award-winning, UK made, and widely trusted brand
  • Unique combination of foam and Aerocoil® springs for better comfort
  • 10-year guarantee and 1-year free trial


  • Might be too soft for some users over time
  • Potential inconsistency in delivery times
  • May not be suitable for those with severe allergies

I recently started using the Simba Hybrid Essential Mattress, and I must say, my sleep has never been better. Its unique combination of memory foam and up to 1,500 Aerocoil springs offers excellent support for my back while keeping me cool and comfortable throughout the night. This mattress impressed me so much during a weekend away that I decided to replace my old spring mattress with it.

One of the things I significantly appreciate about the Simba brand is the numerous awards and recommendations it has received from reputable sources like T3 magazine, Which? Best Buy, Good Housekeeping Institute, and Ideal Home. This gives me confidence that I’ve made the right decision for my back health.

Despite the many positive aspects of this mattress, there are a few issues that make it less than perfect. The mattress can become too soft over time. This happened to my wife and me after enjoying it for about 1.5-2 years, which might not suit everyone’s preferences. Additionally, some customers have reported inconsistencies in delivery times, and there could potentially be issues for people with severe allergies (although the cover is designed to help minimise allergy triggers).

Overall, the Simba Hybrid Essential Mattress has improved both mine and my wife’s sleep quality, providing better support for our backs and a comfortable night’s sleep. Despite a few criticisms, I believe it’s worth trying out, especially with the 1-year free trial and 10-year guarantee offered by the company.

Compared with the Inofia Double Memory Foam, the Simba Hybrid® Essential has a unique combination of up to 1,500 super-cushioning Aerocoil springs and aerated foam, providing a medium firmness that is both comfortable and supportive. While both mattresses have good motion isolation, the Simba Hybrid® Essential is recommended for those who are particularly sensitive to motion transfer. It also has a soft, knitted cover that is less likely to trigger allergies.

The Inofia Double Memory Foam, on the other hand, has a 7-zone orthopaedic design that provides tailored support for specific parts of the body, reducing muscle tension and back pain. It also has a breathable fabric with perspiration absorption, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night. Ultimately, both mattresses offer a good balance of support, comfort, durability, and breathability, but the Simba Hybrid® Essential may be a better choice for those who prioritise motion isolation and allergy control, while the Inofia Double Memory Foam may be a better choice for those who want more targeted support for their back pain.

Based on the user reviews of the Simba Hybrid® Essential, there are some additional insights that users report beyond what is mentioned by the manufacturer. The mattress is generally praised for being comfortable and supportive, and several users mention that it has helped to alleviate their back or neck pain. However, some users also report issues with the smell of the mattress, which can be quite strong and persistent even after weeks of use.

Additionally, some users report that the mattress can become too soft over time, leading to discomfort and back pain. Finally, there are some complaints about the packaging, with some users reporting that the packaging was damaged or insufficiently protective. Overall, while the Simba Hybrid® Essential appears to be a comfortable and supportive mattress for many users, there are some potential issues to be aware of, including the possibility of persistent odours and the risk of the mattress becoming too soft over time.

Vesgantti 3FT Single Mattress (Best Value)

Vesgantti 3FT Single Mattress

The Vesgantti 3FT Single Mattress is a great choice for anyone seeking relief from back pain with its pocket sprung system and memory foam comfort.


  • Individually pocketed springs for spinal alignment
  • Responsive memory foam for pressure relief
  • Cooling hypoallergenic fabric cover for air circulation


  • May take up to 72 hours to fully expand
  • Cannot be rolled back once unpacked
  • Some may find medium firmness not suitable for their preference

I recently had the chance to try out the Vesgantti 3FT Single Mattress, and I must say, it was a game-changer for my back pain. The hundreds of pocket springs worked independently, ensuring that my spine was well-aligned throughout the night. Additionally, it minimised motion transfer, so my partner’s tossing and turning did not disrupt my sleep.

The multi-layered responsive memory foam moulded to my body, providing pressure relief for sensitive areas like my neck, shoulders, and hips. I woke up feeling refreshed and without any discomfort. The hypoallergenic fabric cover with airy holes is another great feature, making for a comfortable and cool sleeping surface. It helps circulate air flow, ensuring I was neither too hot nor too cold during the night.

When I received the Vesgantti mattress, it was vacuum sealed and neatly rolled in a box, which made it easy to carry and set up. However, it took around 72 hours to fully expand, so be prepared to wait a bit before you can fully enjoy it. Despite this minor inconvenience, I highly recommend the Vesgantti 3FT Single Mattress for anyone seeking a solution for their back pain.

Compared with the Inofia Double Memory Foam, the Vesgantti 3FT Single has a slightly different design with hundreds of pocket springs that work independently to provide even support to the body. It also has a memory foam top layer that moulds to the body and relieves pressure on sensitive areas. The Vesgantti 3FT Single is also designed to absorb noise and vibration caused by tossing and turning, resulting in a peaceful and restful night’s sleep.

While the Inofia Double Memory Foam has a 7-zone orthopaedic design that provides targeted support to specific parts of the body and has a breathable fabric for perspiration absorption, the Vesgantti 3FT Single has a hypoallergenic fabric cover with airy holes for a cooling effect. Ultimately, both mattresses provide good support and comfort, but the Vesgantti 3FT Single may be a better choice for those who prioritise noise reduction and hypoallergenic properties, while the Inofia Double Memory Foam may be a better choice for those who want more targeted support for their back pain.

The user reviews of the Vesgantti 3FT Single mattress suggest that the mattress is comfortable and provides good support for users with back problems. Many users appreciate the quality of the mattress and find it to be better than other expensive brands they have tried. One user even had an excellent experience with customer service and was grateful for their help.

The users generally find the mattress to be soft, fluffy, and supportive, although one user found it to be a bit too supportive at first but adjusted to it over time. Overall, users highly recommend the Vesgantti mattress and find it to be a good value for the price.

Newentor® 4ft6 Double Mattress

Newentor 4ft6 Double Mattress

I wholeheartedly recommend this Newentor mattress for anyone seeking relief from back pain and a good night’s sleep.


  • 7-zone support system
  • Medium firm feel
  • OEKO-TEX and CertiPur-US certified cover


  • Heavy to manoeuvre
  • May be too firm for some
  • Needs time for full benefits

I recently tried out the Newentor® 4ft6 Double Mattress and was genuinely impressed with my experience. What really stood out for me was its 7-zone support system. I immediately noticed the relief it provided for my back pain, particularly around the shoulders and hips. The medium firm feel is comfortable and suitable for users up to 130 kg.

The mattress is made with care, featuring an OEKO-TEX 100 and CertiPur-US certified bamboo charcoal fabric cover. I appreciate its odour elimination, moisture absorption, and temperature regulation, keeping the mattress fresh and clean for a longer period. Also, it has a 25 cm height which offers advanced pressure relief, motion isolation, and proper spinal alignment.

However, there were a few downsides as well. It’s quite heavy (18 kg) and difficult to manoeuvre upstairs without help. For some people, the mattress may be too firm, and it takes about 4 to 6 weeks to experience the full benefits. Nonetheless, I believe the pros outweigh the cons, making this Newentor mattress a fantastic option for those suffering from back pain and seeking a restful night’s sleep in the UK.

Compared with the Inofia Double Memory Foam, the Newentor® 4ft6 Double has a 7-zone system that is designed for healthy spinal alignment and full-body relief, reducing aches and back pain. The Newentor® 4ft6 Double also has a plush feel that is recommended for up to 130 kg and has thicker foam layers for advanced pressure relief and motion isolation.

While the Inofia Double Memory Foam has a 100% comfortable and breathable fabric made of natural ecological fibres, the Newentor® 4ft6 Double has a bamboo charcoal fabric cover that is scientifically proven to eliminate odours, absorb excess moisture, and regulate temperature. Ultimately, both mattresses offer good support, comfort, and breathability, but the Newentor® 4ft6 Double may be a better choice for those who prioritise spinal alignment and pressure relief, while the Inofia Double Memory Foam may be a better choice for those who want a fabric cover made of natural ecological fibres.

One user review of the Newentor® 4ft6 Double mattress reports that the memory foam feature of the mattress makes it feel like sleeping on the exact same mattress as before, except it’s new and less lumpy. The lack of movement in the mattress also makes moving around feel less easy somehow. While the moldability of the mattress feels best around the hips and knees, everywhere else is a pain.

The user also experiences issues with comfort at the foot of the mattress, where the heels start to hurt as they sink in if the feet are crossed over after a while. However, other users report positive experiences with the mattress, stating that it is comfortable, firm, and provides good support for their back pain. Some users also mention that the mattress is heavy, so it can be difficult to manoeuvre alone and recommend having delivery drivers take it upstairs.

Flash Furniture Hybrid Spring Coil Foam Mattress

Flash Furniture Hybrid Spring Coil Foam Mattress

If you’re suffering from back pain, this mattress will be a game changer in providing medium tension and support for a comfortable sleep experience.


  • Medium tension for great body conforming
  • Supportive high-density foam
  • Highly compatible with different bed frames


  • Might feel softer for those who prefer firm mattresses
  • Handles may not feel sturdy
  • Not suitable for people weighing over 120 kg

From my personal experience with the Flash Furniture Hybrid Spring Coil Foam Mattress, I have found it to be a great option for a double bed. The mattress offers comfort, support, and durability in abundance, which has made a significant difference in alleviating my back pain.

The combination of medium tension springs and foam padding kept my back and joints well-supported through every toss and turn, while the high-density foam maintains a cool surface and provided the right support for my neck, shoulders, and back.

One of the features that impressed me was its compatibility with different types of bed frames, such as platform, trundle, adjustable, and box spring beds. It measures 135 cm wide x 190 cm long x 30 cm high, and weighs 32.8 kg, giving it a medium tension rating.

On the downside, I found that the mattress might be too soft for those who prefer a firmer sleeping surface. In addition, the handles on the side of the mattress did not feel as sturdy as I would have liked. Lastly, if you weigh more than 120 kg, this mattress may not provide enough support for your body.

In conclusion, the Flash Furniture Hybrid Spring Coil Foam Mattress is a solid choice for those in search of the best mattress for back pain in the UK. Its medium tension and compatibility with different bed frames make it a versatile addition to any bedroom, but some users may find it lacking in firmness or sturdiness.

Newentor Luxury Firm Dual-Layer Mattress Topper

Newentor Mattress Topper

You should consider purchasing this mattress topper if you’re experiencing back pain and want a firm, supportive surface to sleep on.


  • Dual-sided for varying firmness preferences
  • Alleviates aches and pains
  • High-quality materials and eco-friendly approach


  • May be too firm for some users
  • Could possibly move around on the bed
  • Cover might not be the most durable

Ever since I added the Newentor Luxury Firm Dual-Layer Mattress Topper to my bed, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my sleep quality. The dual-sided topper offers the perfect balance of firm support and plushness, ensuring that my back and joints are well-supported no matter which side I choose to sleep on.

One aspect I appreciate about this mattress topper is the emphasis on eco-friendly materials. Being OEKO-TEX 100 certified, it is free from harmful substances and suitable for sensitive individuals like allergy sufferers and babies. The cover is breathable and machine-washable, making maintenance hassle-free.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the firmness might not suit everyone, and some may find it too hard for their liking. Additionally, there have been reports of the topper moving around on the bed and the cover not being as durable as expected. This might be something to keep in mind, but overall, I firmly believe the Newentor Luxury Firm Dual-Layer Mattress Topper’s beneficial aspects outweigh these minor drawbacks.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to improve your sleep and reduce back pain, the Newentor Luxury Firm Dual-Layer Mattress Topper is a great choice. It provides both firm support and plush comfort, making it suitable for various sleeping preferences. With eco-friendly materials and a user-friendly design, it’s worth considering for anyone in search of a better night’s sleep.

Silentnight Bexley Miracoil Double Size Mattress

Silentnight Bexley Mattress

I recommend this mattress for those seeking firm back support and a restful night’s sleep.


  • Firm support for back pain relief
  • Miracoil spring system provides excellent edge-to-edge sleeping surface
  • Anti-allergy and orthopaedic design


  • May feel too firm for some sleepers
  • Might need a mattress topper for added comfort
  • Delivery issues reported by some buyers

I recently tried the Silentnight Bexley Miracoil Double Size Mattress, specifically designed to help alleviate back pain. This orthopaedic mattress features firmer fillings, ensuring firm support and unique pressure relief.

The Miracoil spring system is impressive as it extends the sleeping surface all the way to the edge of the mattress, providing extra support where it’s needed most. Being someone who suffers from back pain, I found this mattress to be helpful in reducing discomfort during the night.

One thing to note is that the mattress might be too firm for some sleepers. I initially felt it was a bit hard, but after a few nights, I got used to the firmness. In case it’s too firm, adding a mattress topper could solve the issue for added comfort.

The anti-allergy feature of the Silentnight Bexley mattress is an added bonus, especially for people with allergies. However, while most of my experience with this product was positive, I did notice some buyers mentioned delivery complications and late arrivals. It’s essential to keep that in mind when ordering.

Overall, the Silentnight Bexley Miracoil Double Size Mattress is an excellent choice if you want an orthopaedic, firm, and anti-allergy mattress. Just be prepared for the possibility of some delivery hiccups and consider adding a topper if you need extra cushioning.

ELEMUSE Double Memory Foam Mattress Topper

ELEMUSE Double Memory Foam Mattress Topper for Back Pain Relief

The ELEMUSE Double Memory Foam Mattress Topper is ideal for those seeking relief from back pain without having to replace their existing mattress.


  • Upgraded comfort for various types of beds
  • Excellent pain relief for back pain sufferers
  • High-density memory foam with superior support


  • May not suit every individual’s preference
  • Two-part construction may require extra care
  • Limited to double size only

I recently upgraded my double bed with the ELEMUSE Double Memory Foam Mattress Topper, and I couldn’t be happier with the comfort it provides. My old mattress was causing me a lot of back pain, but thanks to the supportive memory foam layer, I can feel the difference in pressure relief on my spine.

The upgraded comfort from this mattress topper doesn’t only apply to my regular bed; it also works wonderfully with guest room beds and sofa beds. The high-density memory foam moulds to my body contours, providing me with uniform weight distribution and a soft, supportive surface for a good night’s sleep.

One thing I noticed about this mattress topper is its two-part construction, with a 5 cm memory foam layer and a 2 cm washable top cover. While the pillow-top mattress cover is machine-washable and keeps the foam layer clean, it may require a bit more care compared to a single piece topper.

Overall, the ELEMUSE Double Memory Foam Mattress Topper has significantly helped alleviate my back pain while sleeping. However, it’s essential to consider individual preferences, as the firmness may not be suitable for everyone. This topper is limited to double size only, so keep that in mind when making your decision.

Molblly Single Mattress Memory Foam

Molblly Single Mattress

I highly recommend the Molblly Single Mattress for those seeking relief from back pain and a comfortable night’s sleep.


  • Comfortable and supportive for various sleepers
  • Breathable and temperature-regulating design
  • Easy to set up with mattress-in-a-box delivery


  • Some users may find the 15cm thickness too thin
  • Can be too warm for hot sleepers
  • Takes up to 72 hours for full expansion and odour dissipation

When I first received my Molblly Single Mattress, I was pleasantly surprised by the stylish design and appealing colours. The two-layer all-foam system, consisting of 2cm gel memory foam and 13cm high-density base support foam, provides the perfect balance of comfort and support.

The mattress is indeed perfect for all types of sleepers, as the gel memory foam adapts to your body, offering optimal pressure relief. I also found the mattress to be breathable, thanks to its skin-friendly fabric, which helps maintain an ideal sleeping temperature.

Setting up the mattress was a breeze. It comes compressed and rolled in a box, which made for easy manoeuvring and transport. After unrolling, it took around 72 hours for the mattress to fully expand and for any lingering odours to dissipate.

The only potential downsides I experienced were the 15cm thickness and warmth. While some users may find the thickness too thin for their liking, it was sufficient for me. However, I did find the mattress to be a bit on the warmer side as a hot sleeper.

Overall, the Molblly Single Mattress provides excellent value for money, offering great support and comfort for a variety of sleepers. However, it’s essential to consider the thickness and warmth before deciding if it’s the right mattress for you.

SuiLong European Double Mattress

SuiLong European Double Mattress

I highly recommend the SuiLong European Double Mattress for its comfort, affordability, and excellent edge support.


  • Phenomenal comfort and back support
  • Edge-to-edge sleeping surface
  • Breathable cool gel foam layers


  • Heavy to manoeuvre once expanded
  • May require airing out for a few days
  • Not ideal for ultra-sensitive sleepers

The SuiLong European Double Mattress is a fantastic hybrid mattress that offers a luxurious, body-contouring feel and exceptional pressure-point relief for any sleep position. I especially appreciated how the memory foam cradles my body while still providing optimal support for my back.

What sets this mattress apart is its edge support system. The mattress features stiffer springs around the edges, allowing for corner-to-corner sleeping and added safety. I found this helpful as I never felt like I was going to fall off the bed or accidentally roll over onto the floor.

Another notable feature is the cool gel foam layers. These add a breathable aspect to the mattress that helps to regulate temperature throughout the night. I tend to sleep hot, so this was a significant selling point for me. The mattress has a soft, knitted cover that’s hypoallergenic and antibacterial, providing extra peace of mind for allergy sufferers.

The only downside I noticed when first setting up my new mattress was that it was quite heavy to move once fully expanded. Additionally, the mattress does arrive vacuum-packed and compressed, which means it may need a few days to air out before it’s ready to sleep on.

Overall, the SuiLong European Double Mattress is an exceptional choice for anyone looking for a comfortable, supportive, and affordable mattress. With its combination of memory foam and innerspring support, it’s perfect for back and stomach sleepers alike.

Buying Guide

a man testing out a mattress for back pain

When it comes to choosing the best mattress for back pain, I need to consider several factors to ensure I find the right one for my needs. In this guide, I will discuss the essential features to look for when buying a mattress that can help alleviate back pain.

Alternatives to Mattresses for Back Pain

While mattresses can provide support and comfort for people with back pain, there are alternative options available. For example, some people find relief by sleeping on a firm surface, such as the floor, or using a specialised cushion or pillow designed to support the spine. Additionally, practising good sleep hygiene, such as avoiding screen time before bed and maintaining a consistent sleep schedule, can also help alleviate back pain. However, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional before trying any alternative methods to manage back pain.

Type of Mattress

There are various types of mattresses available in the market, and each has its characteristics that can help with back pain:

  • Memory Foam: These mattresses conform to my body shape, providing excellent support and pressure relief, especially for those with chronic pain.
  • Pocket Sprung: These mattresses have individual pocketed springs which can offer targeted support and even weight distribution, potentially reducing pressure points on my back.
  • Hybrid: These combine the best of both worlds – memory foam for contouring and pressure relief and pocket springs for support and responsiveness.

Firmness Level

Selecting the right firmness level is crucial for my back health. Too soft, and I may not receive the support I need; too firm, and it could cause more pain. I should consider my sleeping position when choosing the firmness level:

  • Soft: Suitable for light individuals and side sleepers. It provides more cushioning, which can help relieve pressure points around my hips and shoulders.
  • Medium: Recommended for back sleepers and people of average weight. It offers an excellent balance of support and comfort for my back.
  • Firm: Ideal for stomach sleepers and heavier individuals. It provides the required support for proper spinal alignment, which is essential when dealing with back pain.

Support and Alignment

A good mattress should provide adequate support to maintain my spine’s natural alignment throughout the night. Look for mattresses with zonal support or targeted pressure-relief features to ensure it caters to my back’s needs.

Trial Period and Warranty

Lastly, it’s essential to look for a mattress that offers a trial period of at least 100 nights. This way, I can test it out and determine if it’s suitable for my back pain needs. Additionally, a solid warranty is always a bonus when making such a significant investment.

By considering these factors, I can confidently choose the right mattress to help alleviate my back pain and improve the quality of my sleep.


I’ve found that choosing the best mattress for back pain in the UK can be a daunting task, as there are countless options available. However, after thorough research, some key factors stand out that may aid in selecting the perfect mattress to alleviate back pain.

It’s essential to consider the mattress firmness, as medium-firm mattresses can provide excellent support and maintain the spine’s natural curve. In addition, materials like memory foam and latex can offer excellent pressure relief to alleviate discomfort.

Ultimately, it’s crucial to remember that personal preference plays a significant role in choosing the best mattress for your needs. Don’t be afraid to test various mattresses and find the one that best suits your body shape and comforts to your requirements. Happy mattress hunting!

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