can bbq gas bottles be left in the sun

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to fire up the BBQ. But before you get grilling, there are some important safety considerations when it comes to storing your gas bottles. Can bbq gas bottles be left in the sun? It may seem like a simple question, but understanding the answer could save your life – or at least keep things from getting too hot under the collar. In this blog post, we’ll provide storage tips for bbq gas bottles as well as explain why leaving them in direct sunlight can be dangerous. We’ll also tell you how to check if they’ve gotten too warm and offer alternative solutions for keeping them cool and safe all summer long. So let’s find out: can bbq gas bottles be left in the sun?

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Storage Tips for BBQ Gas Bottles

Storing your BBQ gas bottle correctly is essential for safety. It’s important to keep it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and any sources of heat or flame. This will help ensure that the pressure inside the bottle remains stable and that there are no risks of an explosion.

The best way to store your BBQ gas bottle is in a well-ventilated shed or garage, preferably on its side, so that any liquid propane can escape safely. If you don’t have access to either of these options, then make sure you keep it outside but under cover, such as beneath a patio umbrella or tarpaulin sheeting. You should also avoid placing it near anything flammable, like wooden fences or trees, as this could increase the risk of fire if exposed to high temperatures over time.

It’s also important not to leave your BBQ gas bottle in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, as this can cause an increase in pressure which could lead to dangerous consequences such as explosions and fires. The same applies when storing them indoors – try not to put them anywhere near radiators, stoves or other heat sources where they may be exposed to extreme temperatures over long periods of time.

If you’re looking for alternative storage solutions for your BBQ gas bottles, then consider investing in a protective cover designed specifically for this purpose. These are usually made from durable materials like a canvas which provide insulation against both cold and hot weather conditions while still allowing air circulation around the tank itself. Additionally, some covers come with straps so you can easily secure them onto walls or other surfaces without having to worry about movement during windy days.

Key Takeaway: It is important to store BBQ gas bottles in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and any sources of heat or flame. Consider investing in a protective cover for insulation and secure it onto walls or other surfaces with straps.

The Dangers of Leaving BBQ Gas Bottles in the Sun

It’s easy to forget that BBQ gas bottles can be dangerous if not stored correctly. Leaving them in direct sunlight is a big no-no, as it can cause the pressure inside the bottle to increase and potentially lead to an explosion or fire hazard.

Pressure Increase

The heat from direct sunlight causes the pressure inside a gas bottle to rise rapidly. This can put a strain on its seals and valves, leading them to become damaged or even burst open. In some cases, this could result in serious injury or property damage due to an unexpected release of gas. It’s best practice for any pressurised container – including BBQ gas bottles – not to be exposed directly to sunlight for extended periods of time.

Fire Hazards

fire comes out of the bbq gas while cooking the meat

Another danger associated with leaving your BBQ gas bottle in direct sunlight is that it increases the risk of fire hazards occurring around your home or garden area. The increased pressure within the bottle means that there is more potential energy available should something spark nearby, such as static electricity created when moving items nearby, resulting in flames being emitted from the valve opening at high speed and intensity, which could ignite anything combustible close by – like wood piles, dry grasses etc.

Alternative Storage Solutions

So what are some alternative storage solutions? Firstly, you need somewhere cool and dark where temperatures won’t fluctuate too much over time – like a shed or garage space away from windows and doors, if possible. Secondly, make sure to keep all other flammable materials well away from your BBQ Gas Bottle just in case something does go wrong. Finally, always check regularly for signs of wear and tear on hoses, valves, seals etc., so they don’t deteriorate over time, causing further problems down the line.

Leaving BBQ gas bottles in the sun can be extremely dangerous and should always be avoided. To ensure you are taking proper safety precautions, it is important to know how to tell if your bottle has become too hot.

Key Takeaway: BBQ gas bottles should not be left in direct sunlight as it can increase pressure, create fire hazards and cause damage to seals and valves. To ensure safety, store in a cool, dark area away from windows and doors; check for wear and tear regularly; keep flammable materials away.

How to Tell If Your BBQ Gas Bottle Is Too Hot

It’s important to check your BBQ gas bottle regularly for signs of heat exposure. Heat can cause the gas inside the bottle to expand, which can lead to dangerous situations such as explosions or fires. Here are some tips on how you can tell if your BBQ gas bottle is too hot:

Feel the Outside of the Bottle

If you feel that the outside of the bottle is unusually warm, then it may be a sign that it has been exposed to too much heat and needs attention immediately.

Check for Discolouration

Look closely at the surface of your BBQ gas bottle for any discolouration or rusting, especially around where the valve is located. This could indicate that there has been excessive heat exposure and should be checked out by a professional right away.

Listen for Hissing Sounds

A hissing sound coming from your BBQ gas bottle could mean that there’s an issue with pressure buildup due to excessive heat exposure and should not be ignored.

Smell Around the Gas Bottle

smoke around the meat

If you smell something strange near your BBQ gas bottle, like gasoline fumes or burning plastic, this could also indicate an issue with excess heat in the area and should be addressed right away.

If you notice any of these signs when checking your BBQ gas bottles for potential issues related to excessive heat exposure, it is important to take action quickly. This could involve moving them into a cooler location or having them inspected by a professional before using them again.

Key Takeaway: It is important to check your BBQ gas bottle regularly for signs of heat exposure, such as discolouration, hissing sounds, and strange smells. Take action quickly if any of these issues are noticed in order to avoid dangerous situations like explosions or fires.

FAQs in Relation to Can BBQ Gas Bottles Be Left in the Sun

Is it safe to keep the gas cylinder in the sun?

No, it is not safe to keep a gas cylinder in the sun. The heat from direct sunlight can cause the pressure inside the cylinder to increase, which can be dangerous and potentially lead to an explosion. It’s best to store gas cylinders in a cool, dry place away from any sources of heat or flame. Additionally, always check for signs of damage before using a gas cylinder and make sure you follow all safety instructions provided by your supplier.

How hot is too hot for a propane tank?

The safe operating temperature for a propane tank is between -44°F and 125°F (-42°C to 52°C). If the temperature rises above this range, it can cause the pressure inside the tank to increase significantly. This could lead to dangerous conditions, such as leaks or explosions. Therefore, it is important to keep your propane tanks away from sources of extreme heat and monitor their temperatures regularly.

Can a BBQ be in the sun?

Yes, a BBQ can be in the sun. However, it is important to consider the material of your BBQ and its location when doing so. Placing a metal or cast iron BBQ directly in the sun may cause it to heat up quickly and unevenly, leading to an inconsistent cooking experience. If you choose to place your BBQ in direct sunlight, ensure that it is on a level surface with plenty of ventilation around it. Additionally, opt for lighter materials such as ceramic or porcelain which are better able to withstand higher temperatures without damage.


In conclusion, it’s important to remember that BBQ gas bottles should never be left in the sun. Not only can this cause them to overheat and become dangerous, but it can also lead to a decrease in their lifespan. If you’re looking for an alternative storage solution for your BBQ gas bottle, consider investing in a shaded area or covering it with a tarpaulin when not in use. Ultimately, the answer to “can bbq gas bottles be left in the sun” is no – so make sure you take all necessary precautions when storing yours.

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