Can Garment Steamers Dry Clothes

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to quickly dry your clothes but don’t have access to a tumble dryer? You may be wondering, “Can garment steamers dry clothes?” The answer is yes. Garment steamers are not just for removing wrinkles from clothing – they can also be used as an effective way of drying wet garments. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the tips and tricks needed to successfully use garment steamers for drying clothes, plus explore some alternatives if you’re looking for other ways of tackling damp fabrics. So let’s get started and see what it takes to turn those soggy items into wearable wearables again.

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Can Garment Steamers Dry Clothes?

Garment steamers are a great way to quickly freshen up clothes and remove wrinkles, but can they be used to dry wet clothes? The answer is yes – garment steamers can be used to dry wet clothes. Nevertheless, there are several crucial factors you should consider before proceeding with this approach.

The first thing to consider is the type of fabric you’re dealing with. Garment steamers work best on natural fabrics such as cotton or linen, as these materials absorb moisture more easily than synthetic fabrics like polyester or nylon. If your clothing item is made from a synthetic material, it may not get completely dry when using a steamer and could end up with water spots or other damage.

Another factor to keep in mind is that garment steamers don’t actually “dry” the fabric; instead, they use hot air and pressure to release moisture from the fibres of the fabric. This means that if you leave your clothing in the steamer for too long, it could become over-saturated with water and cause further damage. Therefore, it’s important to monitor how much time your garments spend in the steamer and make sure they don’t stay in there too long – no more than 10 minutes at most.

Although garment steamers can be used to reduce drying times for certain items of clothing (especially those made from natural fibres), they are not designed solely for this purpose. Therefore, if you need something dried quickly, it is best to use traditional methods such as hanging them outside or using a tumble dryer instead.

In conclusion, yes – garment steamers can be used to dry wet clothes, but only on certain types of fabrics (natural fibres) and within specific time frames (no longer than 10 minutes). It is also important not to forget about traditional drying methods, which may still prove faster overall depending on the item needing drying.

Garment steamers can be a great alternative to traditional drying methods, but it’s important to know the best techniques for using them in order to get the most out of your steamer. In this next section, we’ll discuss some tips on how to use a garment steamer safely and effectively.

Key Takeaway: Garment steamers can be used to dry wet clothes, but only on natural fabrics and within a limited time frame for best results.

Tips for Drying Clothes with a Garment Steamer

Garment steamers prove to be a practical and efficient method for drying clothes. They can be used to quickly freshen up garments, remove wrinkles, and even sanitise fabrics. But what about drying clothes? Can garment steamers actually dry clothes?

The answer is yes. Garment steamers can be used to dry clothes, but it’s important to use them correctly in order for the process to work effectively. Here are some tips on how you can use a garment steamer safely and efficiently when drying your clothing:

1. Pre-treat Stains

Before using a garment steamer on any item of clothing, pre-treat any stains that may be present with a stain remover or laundry detergent. This will help ensure that the steaming process doesn’t set the stain into the fabric permanently.

2. Hang Clothes Properly

Preparing clothes for drying

Make sure you hang your garments properly before using a garment steamer, so they don’t sag or become misshapen while being dried by the machine’s hot air stream. It’s best if you hang items from their shoulder seams rather than their waistbands, as this will help keep them from stretching out during the drying process.

Using a garment steamer is an efficient and effective way to dry clothes, but it’s important to be aware of the potential risks. With that in mind, let’s explore some alternative methods for drying your garments.

Key Takeaway: Garment steamers can be used to dry clothes, but it’s important to use them correctly and pre-treat stains beforehand. Moving the steamer head around each area of fabric and checking for moisture levels regularly is essential to avoid over-drying or damaging delicate fabrics.

Alternatives to Using a Garment Steamer

a woman steaming her clothes at home

When it comes to drying wet clothes, there are a few alternatives to using a garment steamer. Air drying is one of the most common methods for getting your garments dry quickly and efficiently. This method involves hanging up your clothing on a line or rack outside or in an area with good air circulation. The benefit of air drying is that it’s free and doesn’t require any extra energy like other methods do. However, depending on the weather conditions, this can take longer than other options, such as tumble drying.

Tumble dryers are another popular option for getting clothes dried quickly and easily without having to hang them up outside. Tumble dryers use hot air, which helps remove moisture from fabrics faster than air-drying alone would be able to do so. They also come with various settings that allow you to customize how much heat you want to be applied to each load of laundry – perfect for delicate items. While tumble dryers may be more expensive upfront compared to buying a garment steamer, they can save money in the long run due to their efficient energy usage when used correctly.

Another alternative is ironing wet clothes with an iron set at a low heat setting instead of using a garment steamer. This method works best on lightweight fabrics such as cotton or linen but should not be used on heavier materials like wool or velvet as these could get damaged by too much heat from the iron’s plate surface. Ironing also requires some skill and practice in order for it not to damage delicate fabrics; however, if done correctly, it can help reduce wrinkles while removing excess moisture from garments, just like steamers would do so without needing electricity or additional equipment needed for steamers.

Key Takeaway: Using an iron set to low heat can be a great alternative to using garment steamers, as it removes excess moisture from garments while reducing wrinkles – but should only be used on lightweight fabrics.


In conclusion, garment steamers can be used to dry clothes, but it’s important to take the necessary precautions and use them correctly. It’s also worth considering alternatives such as tumble drying or air drying if you’re looking for a quicker way of getting your clothes dry. Ultimately, the answer to “can garment steamers dry clothes” is yes – with some patience and practice.

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