How Do Massage Chairs Work

Massage chairs are a valuable investment for people who regularly struggle with back pain, posture problems, and other common concerns. When you spend your day extensively using your back for physical work and exercise, it’s common to feel some strain in your muscles.

Even sitting in an uncomfortable chair for too long can cause lower back pain and make it harder to relax when you’re comfortable at home. A massage chair is designed to reduce discomfort and pain without the need for a massage therapist or masseuse. But how do massage chairs work? Today, we’re going to show you how.

How it Works

recliners in a row The kind of massage chair you buy will determine how it works. There are various types of devices on the market, each intended to tackle different kinds of problem. Some chairs aim to improve blood circulation with mechanical rollers, whereas others focus on deep tissue massage to get rid of more chronic pain problems. Depending on the type of chair you have, you might even be able to set multiple massage modes to suit your needs.

The system inside of the chair will use components to replicate the touch of human hands, reduce tension, and overcome common problems with your back muscles. Some chairs can even tackle things like varicose veins through vibration.

All kinds of massage chairs are intended to simulate the sensation of receiving a massage. Some chairs only have simple vibrating elements, while others are more complex.

Types of Massage Chair

To fully answer how massage chairs work, you need to know that there are different kinds of massage chairs on the market today.

Mechanical Chairs

The most common kind of massage chair is the mechanical massage chair, which has been present for quite a few years now. These devices have components hidden behind the padding and finish of the chair. They are intended to replicate the feeling of having a masseuse work on your back.

Mechanical massage chairs rely on a variety of gears, rollers, and motors. These chairs work by using vibrating services to help remove tension from certain muscles and parts of your body. If you spend extra on a luxury item, you can find mechanical chairs with more advanced features.

Within more expensive massage chairs, rollers mount onto a mechanical arm system within it. This helps to further replicate the experience of getting a massage from a human masseuse. The mounted rollers can move around your body, helping with blood flow and relaxing your muscles. Most high-quality chairs that offer massages come with access to various massage patterns and techniques.

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Water Massage Chairs

Water massage chairs use hydro systems and pumps underneath a waterproof membrane. These chairs are somewhat less common than their mechanical counterparts. The series of nozzles within the system can direct certain amounts of pressure at muscles in your back and around your body.

Some advanced water massage chairs also come with extra features like vibration and heat control to deliver a more effective outcome. You may be able to control hydro massage chairs with a remote-control system or app. These chairs may be ideal for a user who isn’t used to more mechanical massage chairs, which can sometimes feel like a person delivering a karate chop to your shoulders.

Air Massage Chairs

An air massage chair can be similar to a hydro chair, using the motions of certain air compressor components to deliver a massage sensation. These devices are excellent for helping people recover from stress, tissue damage, and discomfort.

The air massage chair uses airbags that can inflate and move beneath your massage chair’s outside material. The airbags in one of these products can sit around your arms and legs and squeeze the muscles to help remove tension without the use of nodes and mechanical arms. Airbags inflating and deflating with a series of tubes and pipes can also help to stretch muscles in the back in a wheel-like motion.

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How Many Times Can You Use a Massage Chair

After you invest in high-quality massagers for your home, it’s natural that you’d want to take advantage of the technology as often as possible. However, one of the most common questions worth asking is how often you can use your device safely.

You wouldn’t pay for someone to give you a massage several times a day, no matter how stressed you are. When you’re using massage chair models at home, it’s often a good idea to start with small sessions, just once a week, to help you get used to the experience.

Many of the leading massage chairs actually work according to timers that you can set by yourself. There should be instructions available if you search for them in the manual. These will tell you how long you should enjoy certain massages before you give your body a break. The kind of massage technique offered by the way the rollers move in your chair might influence how often you can use your device. However, most experts recommend setting aside time for massages around 3-4 times per week.

How Long Should you Sit on It?

Just as it’s important not to use a massage chair too frequently on the same day, it’s also important to avoid using your device for too long. The rollers and systems in it are often harder than what you’d experience with the human touch. Some rollers can give deeper tissue massages, which can even cause bruising and discomfort over time.

Make sure you follow the instructions provided by your massage chair to avoid staying in the seat for too long. The instructions that show you how it works should also give you information about how long you can use your chair’s rollers. The aim is to improve blood circulation and unlock the various advantages of massage therapy without any damage to your muscles.

Start with about 15 minutes of massage per day. Don’t increase too much without asking for guidance from your doctor. It’s also a good idea to set some timers or use a pre-set option in your chair to stop the massage after a set period. It’s easy to fall asleep with the relaxing feeling of rollers kneading the tension out of your back.

Remember, every user can respond differently to a massage. If you notice the rollers are starting to feel uncomfortable, stop your massage and take a break. The key is not to overdo it. You wouldn’t have a masseuse give you normal massages the entire day!

Time to Get Kneading

So how do massage chairs work? They use vibration, tapping sensation or some other mechanism to simulate a massage. We hope that this article will work in your favour whether you have a massage chair at home or looking to buy one.

Let us know about your massage chair experiences.

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