How to Arrange Pillows on a Bed

Have you ever wondered how to arrange pillows on a bed correctly? While there’s no specific rule you need to follow with your single, double, or king bed pillow arrangement, some strategies can make your bed more comfortable and aesthetically appealing.

Arranging pillows correctly can be a great way to make your bedroom look more inviting when you want to give a finishing touch to your interior design. Pillow arrangements can also be significant when snapping pictures or showing off an open house.

Today, we will look at some techniques for your pillow arrangements, focusing on everything from sleeping pillows to decorative pillows, throw pillows, and accent pillows.

What Is the Correct Way to Place Pillows on a Bed?

Your pillow arrangements will depend heavily on your personal preferences, the size of your bed, and the kind of pillows you’re using. If you only have a handful of pillows, stick to a more simple pillow arrangement. Alternatively, if you’re looking for an eye-catching way to arrange your pillows for aesthetic purposes, there are some options.

While your bed cushion ideas will often vary, your decorative options will depend on the kind of pillows you’re working with.

Sleeping Pillows

These are the standard pillows you use for sleeping purposes. Sleeping pillows can come in different sizes: euro pillows, king pillows, and queen size pillows. The larger the pillow, the fewer you’ll be able to fit on your bed.

Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows are the part of your pillow arrangement you generally won’t sleep on. A decorative pillow can come in a range of different shapes and sizes. While they’re usually just for making your king or queen bed look more inviting, some also act as lumbar pillows, offering extra neck support.

Accent Pillows

Accent pillows are smaller decorative pillows that usually can’t act as lumbar or standard pillows. They add extra impact to your decorative design and help to give your bed a pop of colour or texture. An accent pillow or two will usually be the smaller pillows at the top of the layered look on your bed.

How Many Pillows Should Be on a Bed?

a cosy room for relaxation

Once you know the different kinds of pillows you’re working with, you can decide how many pillows you want to use. The sleeping pillows on a king or queen-sized bed can often be more than those on a single or double bed. However, you’re free to use as many as you consider comfortable.

Some design recommendations and decoration basics suggest that if you want to go beyond the look of standard shams in your bed, you’ll need between 6 to 10 pillows. However, only one or two of these will be intended for sleeping per person.

To create a layered look in your bedroom, you’ll usually have a couple of standard-sized pillows, a cushion or two, otherwise known as a decorative pillow, and one or two small accent pillows all rested against your headboard.

The key is to make your bedding look appealing without overwhelming your bed. A double bed pillow arrangement should be simpler than a queen bed, and so on. Think about how much space you have to arrange shams and European squares to make them visually attractive.

How to Style a Bed With Pillows

Pillows in various sizes, patterns, and textures can be an excellent way to make your bed space seem more appealing. Figuring out how to arrange pillows on a single bed is often more complex, as you’ll only have a small amount of space.

However, if you have a larger-sized bed, you can get more creative. The strategy you choose for your décor will depend on the design elements in your room and the overall decorating theme of your bedroom.


One of the most common ways to arrange bed pillows and cushion decorations is with a classic style. If you’re not sure how to dress a bed with pillows, this could be the best option.

Start with two or three euros or standard size pillows on top of the part of your bed where you’ll lay your head. Next, layer one decorative bed pillow on top of the middle of each standard pillow. You can place an accent pillow in the middle of the two sections to create a simple style and an elegant look.


If you’re into a sleek and modern look for your bedding and bedroom, you can reduce the number of pillows against your headboard.

Start with your standard shams on either side of the bed, then place a smaller set of European squares on each.


You can get creative if you’re a pillow fan and happy to be left with less space on your beds. An indulgent style involves placing standard-sized pillows on either side of your bed and a smaller square pillow in the middle.

Prop the pillows against the headboard to create more space. Place a row of smaller cushion style pillows in front of the standard shams, and finish this with more pillows (accent size) between each smaller pillow.

You could even arrange pillows with an extra boost by placing a longer lumbar pillow along the back of your regular pillows to make the cushions stand out.

How to Arrange Pillows on a Bed When You’re Ready to Sleep

Depending on how you arrange pillows on your bed, you won’t be able to jump into the covers and go to sleep immediately. You’ll need to move your pillow arrangements to the floor or on a bench at the end of a queen-size bed.

You can keep some extra euro shams or king-size pillows for when you need additional support, particularly when decorating king-sized beds. It’s also worth having a chest or somewhere you can store the extra king-sized pillows, accent cushions, and euro shams you have when you’re not using them.

If you have too many pillows at any point, you can just put them temporarily away. Ensure you store them properly to keep them safe from moths and deterioration.

Learn How to Style a Bed With Pillows

Learning how to arrange pillows on a bed doesn’t have to be as complex as it seems. Most of the time, it’s just a matter of matching your king size pillows and two or one euro pillow to the room in your twin bed, queen bed, or king bed.

Start with the biggest pillows (king-sized shams) on the bottom of the pile, closest to your king-sized bed and duvet cover, and build your bed pillows up one smaller design at a time. The result should be a visually appealing pillow arrangement, with the smallest shams at the very front of the rest.

Remember, it’s your room, and you’re free to adjust your bedroom décor however you choose! Experiment with European squares and shams until you’re happy with the final patterns.

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