how to blow up an inflatable mattress without a pump

Are you looking for a way to blow up an inflatable mattress without the use of a pump? Well, look no further! We’ve got the solution right here. You don’t need fancy equipment or expensive tools to get your mattress ready in time for guests – just some basic supplies and ingenuity. In this guide, we’ll show you how to blow up an inflatable mattress without a pump so that it’s nice and comfortable by the time they arrive. So sit back, relax, and let us take care of everything from creating the vacuum needed for inflation all the way through sealing it up at the end!

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Gather Your Supplies

When it comes to inflating an inflatable mattress without a pump, there are some supplies you’ll need to gather first. These include:

1. Vacuum Cleaner – A vacuum cleaner is the most important tool for this job as it will be used to suck air out of the mattress and then blow it back in when needed. You can use any type of vacuum cleaner, but make sure that it has enough suction power to do the job properly.

2. Straws – Straws are necessary for creating a seal between the vacuum cleaner hose and the valve on your mattress so that no air escapes during inflation or deflation. Make sure you have several straws handy so that you can create a tight seal each time you use them.

3. Plastic Bag – You’ll also need a plastic bag large enough to fit over your entire mattress once inflated (or partially inflated). This will help keep all of the air inside while allowing you to move around with ease when needed.

After collecting all the essential supplies, it is now time to generate a vacuum to inflate your mattress without the use of a pump.

Create the Vacuum

a person adding air to the bed

Creating a vacuum inside the plastic bag is an essential step in inflating your mattress. To do this, you’ll need a vacuum cleaner and some straws.

Start by attaching one end of the straw to the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner. Make sure it’s firmly attached so that air won’t escape when you turn on the machine. Then, place the other end of the straw into one corner of your plastic bag. This will be where all of the air is sucked out from.

Next, switch on your vacuum cleaner and let it run for about 30 seconds or until you can feel that most of the air has been removed from inside the bag. You should also notice that there are no more bubbles coming out from around where you inserted your straw – this means that all of the air has been successfully removed.

Once done, quickly remove both ends of your straw and seal up any remaining holes in order to keep as much air as possible inside for later use when inflating your mattress. If necessary, use tape or glue to make sure everything is sealed tightly shut before moving on to Step 3: Inflate Your Mattress.

Inflate the Mattress

Inflating a mattress is an important step in the home and garden setup process. Ensuring that your mattress is properly inflated is crucial for experiencing a comfortable night’s sleep. Here are some tips on how to inflate your mattress:

Gather Your Supplies

Before inflating your mattress, make sure you have all the necessary supplies. You’ll need an air pump or compressor, as well as a plastic bag that fits over the valve of the mattress. If you don’t have access to an air pump or compressor, try using a bicycle pump instead – it will do just fine.

Create the Vacuum

Once you’ve gathered all your supplies, create a vacuum by closing off one end of the plastic bag with duct tape or another adhesive material. This will help keep air from escaping when you’re trying to inflate your mattress. Make sure there are no gaps around where you sealed off the bag – otherwise, it won’t work.

Inflate The Mattress

Now comes the time for inflation. Place the open end of the plastic bag over the valve of your mattress and then use either your hands or feet (or both.) to press down on it in order to force air into it. Keep pressing until you feel like enough air has been pumped into it – usually this takes about five minutes depending on how big/thick your mattress is.

Seal It Up

Finally, once enough air has been pumped into it, seal up any remaining openings in order to prevent further leakage of air out of the valve area while also preventing dust and dirt from entering inside too. To do this effectively use duct tape again but be careful not to cover up any part of the valve itself as this could cause problems later down the line when trying to deflate or inflate again if needed at some point in the future times ahead.

Key Takeaway: Inflating a mattress without an air pump is possible, but you’ll need to gather supplies such as a plastic bag and duct tape. Create a vacuum in the bag, then use your hands or feet to press down on it and force air into the mattress. Finally, seal any remaining openings with duct tape.

Seal It Up

a man pumping an inflatable mattress

Sealing your mattress is the last step in ensuring that it will stay inflated and comfortable for years to come. To do this, you’ll need a few supplies: tape or another sealing method, scissors, and a plastic bag.

Start by removing the plastic bag from the valve of your mattress. Make sure you do this quickly so no air escapes before you seal it up. Once removed, use scissors to cut off any excess material around the valve opening. This ensures that when you go to seal it shut there won’t be any loose pieces of plastic blocking the sealant from sticking properly.

Now comes the time to actually seal it up. Depending on what type of sealing method you choose (tape or otherwise), make sure all sides are securely sealed with an even layer across each side of the valve opening. If using tape, start at one end and wrap it around until completely covered in tape – making sure not to leave any gaps between layers as these can cause air leaks over time. Alternatively if using something like hot glue or silicone caulk make sure that each side is evenly coated with an even layer across each side of the valve opening – again leaving no gaps between layers as these can cause air leaks over time too.

Once done sealing, your mattress should be ready for use without worry about air escaping through small holes or cracks due to improper sealing methods used during assembly. Just remember: take your time when doing this step as rushing could lead to poor results which could affect how long your mattress lasts in the future.

Key Takeaway: Take your time when sealing an inflatable mattress to ensure a secure seal and prevent air leaks. Supplies needed: tape or another sealing method, scissors, plastic bag.

FAQs in Relation to How to Blow Up an Inflatable Mattress Without a Pump

Can I blow up an air mattress with a hair dryer?

hair dyer inflating an air bed

No, you cannot blow up an air mattress with a hair dryer. The heat generated by the hair dryer is not enough to inflate the mattress and could potentially damage it. Instead, use an electric pump or compressor specifically designed for inflating air mattresses. These pumps are easy to use and will ensure your mattress is inflated quickly and safely.

Can you manually inflate a self-inflating mattress?

Yes, you can manually inflate a self-inflating mattress. Most models come with an air valve that allows you to blow air into the mattress using your mouth or a pump. This is useful if the mattress has lost some of its inflation over time, or if it hasn’t been used in a while and needs to be re-inflated before use. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when doing this as different mattresses have different valves and may require specific techniques for successful inflation.

Can you use a vacuum to inflate an air mattress?

Yes, you can use a vacuum to inflate an air mattress. Vacuums have powerful suction that can be used to suck the air out of the mattress and fill it with air. This is a great way to quickly and easily inflate your mattress without having to buy an electric pump or manually blow it. However, make sure not to over-inflate the mattress as this could cause damage. Also remember that vacuums are not designed for this purpose so take extra care when using them in this way.

What’s an alternative to a blow-up mattress?

An alternative to a blow-up mattress is an airbed. Airbeds are comfortable and supportive, providing the same level of comfort as a traditional mattress. They come in various sizes and can be easily inflated or deflated for storage when not in use. Airbeds are also lightweight and portable, making them ideal for camping trips or guest bedrooms. Unlike blow-up mattresses, they don’t require any additional pumps or accessories to inflate them. Airbeds are a great option for anyone looking for an alternative to a blow-up mattress.


Inflating an inflatable mattress without a pump may seem like a daunting task, but with the right supplies and some elbow grease, you can do it! Now that you know how to blow up an inflatable mattress without a pump, you can enjoy your camping trip or sleepover knowing that your bed is ready for use. So go ahead and get some rest – no pump required!

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