how to clean a deep fat fryer

Deep fat fryers are appliances that are notorious for needing regular cleaning. This is due to the use of oil and the build-up of cooking grease and fat. As a result, whether you have a commercial deep fryer or a home deep fat fryer, you need to know how to clean one.

Get your cleaning tools ready because, in this guide, we’ll look at how to clean a deep fat fryer in nine simple steps.

How to Clean a Deep Fat Fryer: A Step-by-Step Guide

This guide on how to clean a deep fat fryer is applicable for whether you have a commercial deep fryer or a deep fryer at home.

Step 1: Prepare the Deep Fryer and Cleaning Equipment

Before starting the cleaning process, prepare your deep fryer and gather all the required equipment. The items you’ll need include:

  • Fresh oil
  • Cleaning cloths
  • Washing up liquid
  • Baking soda
  • Container or jug
  • Spatula or scraper
  • Soft-bristled brush

Once you have got your equipment ready, you must unplug the deep fryer. It is also vital to ensure the fryer and excess oil have cooled properly. Cooking oil and the interior of a fryer itself can get incredibly hot, so cooling is an essential step in this process to avoid burns from oil splashes.

Step 2: Drain the Oil

Once you have allowed it to cool completely, it is time to empty the oil. When looking at how to clean a chip pan, remove the oil to clean the fryer’s interior thoroughly.

Depending on the oil quality, you may want to use it again. If so, use the drain tap to drain the cooled oil into a container or jar for future use.

You must never pour the used oil down your sink. This is because it can congeal and easily block your drains. If you want to dispose of it, you must throw it away in a sealable container.

Step 3: Remove the Fryer Basket and Soak It in the Sink

Remove the fryer basket so that you can clean a deep fryer properly. Also, the basket itself must be thoroughly cleaned as it will have a coat of grease, food particles, and oil that needs soaking off.

Remove the basket and place it in a sink full of soapy water. Add some detergent and baking soda if the basket is particularly dirty. You can now leave that to soak until you are ready to clean it: in this way, the baking soda and detergent can loosen the oil and grease.

Step 4: Wipe the Fryer Pot to Remove Debris and Remaining Oil

It is now time to clean the deep fryer pot that the basket sits in. This should be removable in most models. Take a damp cloth and wipe away any oil residue, debris, and grease from the pot.

If the cooking debris is particularly tough or stuck on, you may need to use a pan scraper or plastic spatula to work it free. We advise doing this process over some paper towels so that the food debris does not go into your sink/drains.

Step 5: Fill the Fryer Pot with Warm Soapy Water

Once you have removed the worst of the grime and cleaned the outside of the pot, you should fill it with hot soapy water and leave it to soak. Like before, if there are tough stains and grease, you might want to mix baking soda with the warm soapy water.

Step 6: Clean and/or Replace the Fryer Filters

While the pot and basket are soaking, you can check on the cleanliness of the filters and heating coils.

A deep fat fryer typically has filters in the lid, and some are removable. If they are, take a clean cloth and wipe them thoroughly. Please remember that charcoal odour filters typically can’t be cleaned and have to be removed.

Also, wipe the heating element and coils with a damp cloth or a paper towel to remove any dirt.

Step 7: Clean the Frying Basket

The frying basket should now be soaked completely. Empty the warm water from the wire basket.

Give it a final wash using a damp cloth or a long-handled brush. Once you have wiped it, dry it properly with a dry cloth or paper towels.

greasy chip pan basket

Step 8: Clean the Frying Pot

Similarly, the deep-frying pot should be ready to clean. Empty the clean water from the pot, and wipe it using a wet cloth. Once you have cleaned it, use paper towels to dry it.

Step 9: Rinse the Pot and Basket and Dry Thoroughly

Lastly, it is essential to finally rinse both the basket and pot to remove any baking soda and excess oil. Rinse the components under cold tap water and leave them to drain and dry naturally.

The one explained above is the best way to clean a deep fat fryer, and it is considered a deep clean. As you can see, cleaning a deep fat fryer does take a little more effort, but it is certainly worth it.

You will benefit from a cleaner fryer and a reduced oil smell next time you use it!

Deep Fat Fryers FAQs

How Often Should You Clean a Deep Fryer?

This depends on how often you use it. If you use it regularly, you should give it a deep clean at least once per month. Also, it would help wipe it down after each use.

How Often Should You Change the Deep Fryer Oil?

Over time, cooking oil becomes unusable and can spoil. As a result, you should completely change the frying oil after eight to ten uses.

However, it would be best to change the oil after four uses if you used breading or batter.

hot oil in chip pan

Cleaning Deep Fryers Correctly

You should now have learnt how to clean a deep fat fryer. As you can see, the process is relatively simple, and you’ll only require some drops of dish soap, baking soda and just a little bit of elbow grease! Keeping on top of the cleaning is important, or these appliances can soon be a breeding ground for bacterial growth and grime.

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