how to clean a halogen oven

Knowing how to clean a halogen oven will extend the lifespan of your appliance, allowing you to continue to enjoy some impressive meals for years to come. Halogen cooking is an excellent method, so you don’t have to be put off by the cleaning requirements that go with it. The best part about halogen ovens is that so many of the models on the market come with a self-cleaning function, which removes so much of the pressure of trying to get everything clean by yourself.

Be aware, though. You cannot simply use that function and think it will do everything. That’s not the case. Instead, you need to carry out a few other steps if you want to get both the glass bowl and all the various accessories as clean as they need to be.

So, let’s work through how to get your halogen oven bowl as clean as possible.

How to Clean a Halogen Oven: Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: The Self Cleaning Feature

First things first: use the self-cleaning feature — most halogen ovens do have one. You may see it listed on the control panel as the wash setting.

To use the self-cleaning mode, you need to add some hot water and a mild detergent. Then, move the dial to the wash setting, and set the timer. This will then create a whirlpool effect to swish the oven bowl and help remove some of the food that has been burnt onto the glass.

However, even though this particular cleaning process does a good job, it won’t get everything immaculate. You’ll need to take a couple more actions in order to reach perfection.

Step 2: Rinsing

After the self-cleaning function has completed its job, you need to rinse out the bowl. This not only allows you to wash out some of the debris, but it lets you see the stubborn stains you then need to deal with.

Step 3: Scrubbing the Glass Bowl

To properly clean the glass bowl, remove the water that’s in there. Get some paper towels and some kitchen cleaning spray to then wipe around the bowl.

However, at this stage, make sure you rinse the bowl thoroughly before cooking again with your halogen cooker.

Pro Tip: Before we go on to anything else, allow us a word of warning when it comes to cleaning your halogen oven. Never use abrasive cleaners to clean any part of it. Do not use scrubbing brushes either. Instead, stick to warm soapy water and a damp sponge to clean everything.

Step 4: Cleaning the Lid

Cleaning the halogen oven lid is a bit trickier, as it does contain all the electrical components, and then there’s also the heating elements.

Never submerge the entire lid upside down in the water. If you do this, then your halogen lid will malfunction, and the entire halogen oven will be out of action.

Instead, use some elbow grease by wetting a clean cloth and some kitchen spray before wiping clean. Don’t use excess water at this point, or you will soak the electrical parts.

Step 5: The Accessories

cooking using a halogen oven

The accessories include the extender ring and the racks. The racks can be cleaned using kitchen spray, and those parts will often be dishwasher safe. However, you can use the self-clean method for the low rack.

But once again, it’s going to be hard work if you have to remove burnt-on food stains.

Step 6: Drying

While you can leave things open to air dry, use a clean cloth to wipe the glass section and remove excess water. You should not replace the lid until everything is completely dry.

Tips for Cleaning Halogen Ovens

Although cleaning a halogen oven is not very difficult, there are some additional guidelines that are relevant to most models.

Dealing With Tough Stains

If food remains stuck on the glass bowl, one simple approach would be using warm water, some more kitchen spray, and ample time for the spray to get to work on the harmful bacteria in the oven. Often, soaking the bowl will allow you to get everything clean.

Avoid the Dishwasher

Generally speaking, no part of the actual oven can be placed in a dishwasher, aside from the accessories. The lid can’t be washed in this way, as it would destroy the internal equipment. However, the same applies to the glass bowl of the oven.

Don’t worry about hygiene standards in this instance. If you follow the oven’s instruction manual, you should not have any real problems in getting the bowl or lid clean.

Cleaning Products

Usually, the best approach to get the cooking surface clean in these ovens is to use a simple mild detergent.

You may want to use a paper towel to help wipe the excess fat or oil from the surface first, and that will allow the cleaning products to get to work.

liquid detergent

However, keep in mind most halogen ovens have their cleaning function included. This will make a difference to your halogen oven, and you will quickly see that it is easier to clean than any conventional oven could ever hope to be.

Overall, we suggest taking your time when cleaning your halogen oven. Also, avoid exposing the lid to too many chemicals and water that could then get into the heating element and render the entire halogen oven useless.

Cleaning Your Halogen Oven With Ease

So that is how to clean a halogen oven, and as you can see, it is very easy to do, yet it will be effective. The key is in allowing the self-cleaning function to do the first step, and the rest will become much more manageable. However, just be careful with the heating element in your halogen cooker. You don’t want to do something that can destroy it and stop it from working.

If you still doubt how you remove the remnants of your cooking, then contact the manufacturer to see if they have any additional resources that could prove helpful. They could suggest additional steps suitable for their halogen oven that could very well make a difference.

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