how to clean shower tiles without scrubbing

Who wouldn’t like to learn how to clean shower tiles without scrubbing? You should be aware that you have several options, and they are all capable of doing a pretty good job of getting things clean without too much elbow grease!

In this article, we will teach you how to deal with dirty shower tiles giving you a plethora of cleaning methods to try out. Honestly, there is not really one that always works better than the rest for cleaning bathroom tiles without scrubbing. This just means you need to perhaps test out a few to see which is ideal for your tiles and their level of dirtiness.

Cleaning either shower tiles or bathroom tiles, in general, is something we all need to do. However, people often don’t do it right as they simply wipe things down every once in a while before suddenly realising just how dirty everything is.

But at that point, you discover that you have grime and stains that don’t seem interested in moving. This means you have a problem that needs to be addressed, but that’s where we plan on helping.

So, on with the options for achieving spotless shower tiles.

Effective Methods to Clean Shower Tiles Without Scrubbing

Method 1: Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning shower tiles is a wonderful method, and it does mean you can achieve so much without using any chemicals or homemade solutions at all.

You should not underestimate the cleaning power of steam: it’s not as aggressive when it comes to cleaning, yet it still produces a superb final result.

But here is an extra tip for using your steam cleaner. Even though a steam cleaner works at high temperatures and a lot of pressure, you should let the shower or bath run hot for up to 10 minutes before you start cleaning. The hot water is great at opening up the pores in the dirt particles, making it easier to clean them off.

Look at the hot water and steam as a way of preparing the dirt on your porcelain tiles or dirty grout and making it ready for cleaning. After that, use your steam cleaner as usual before drying everything off with a cloth once done.

Method 2: Hydrogen Peroxide

Another option for cleaning shower tiles effortlessly is to use hydrogen peroxide mixed with water. You’ll need a spray bottle, and you must mix the hydrogen peroxide with water in a ratio of 2 parts water to one part hydrogen peroxide.

Once mixed, spray it onto the shower tiles, and leave it there for at least 30 minutes. When you go back, you need to rinse the tiles and then polish things up with a cloth. You should find that the dirt, grime, and stubborn stains have all been removed. It will then be easy to polish up your tiles to make them look new.

Method 3: Baking Soda

In this instance, you want to mix baking soda with a little bit of water to make a baking soda paste. Some people use this sticky paste together with the aforementioned hydrogen peroxide method. That’s because the rough textured paste works well at getting into those grout stains without actually damaging the grout.

Be aware, however, that this cleaning solution does require some elbow grease on your part, especially if you are planning to clean all the tiles. It’s worth noting, though, that it’s great on both wall tiles and shower floor tiles.

Method 4: A Vinegar Solution

For this method, you need to take any form of liquid soap, a spray bottle, and white vinegar to make your own vinegar spray solution. Mix both solutions in equal measures, and then go crazy with the spray bottle by covering those dirty tiles. Oh, and it does not matter which type of dish soap you use.

To get the best results for cleaning shower tiles using this method, leave it on for an hour before rinsing it off and saying goodbye to that dirty bathroom.

Extra tip? You should use this homemade cleaning spray on your shower door to achieve an added sparkling effect! In fact, this vinegar solution will work wonders if you want a clean shower ā€” not just tiles.

Method 5: Mixing Vinegar and Baking Soda

Hand with yellow rag cleaning the ceramic tiles

If you want to mix things up a bit, combining vinegar with baking soda is something you might want to consider. This does also mean you have no reason to worry about soap residue, as no soap is included at any point in this method.

This mix is particularly good for removing annoying stains from between dirty shower tiles. All you need to do is mix some vinegar with the baking soda and then gently rub the mix onto those persistent stains, if any. This works like a magic eraser in the way it can eliminate grimy grout.

If you want to supercharge things, spray some vinegar onto the paste when it’s sitting there on the tiles and grout. Then, leave it for around an hour before you think about rinsing.

If you do this mix right, you will see the paste bubbling away, which will break down the dirt better than any cleaning agents out there. Then, rinsing and wiping things down will result in you removing those tile stains, and even those grout lines should be spotless.

Method 6: Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide

Combining borax and hydrogen peroxide can be a powerful way to clean shower tiles without scrubbing them. This method should be used when you have previously tried to clean shower tiles with the natural methods above without much luck. Perhaps you still see those tile stains and think nothing will help? Well, this mix should change that.

Be aware that this method involves a lot of waiting time, but it should mean you don’t have to spend a lot of energy scrubbing tiles to get a clean shower.

First, pour the borax over the tiles, and leave it there for around four or five hours. After that, pour the hydrogen peroxide over the tiles, and leave it for around 90 minutes. Remember, you can do this on tile floors or shower tiles without worrying about it damaging the tiles. However, we do recommend only doing this when you have bathroom windows since ventilation is vital.

After all those hours, rinse your tiles with warm water, including the bathroom floor, and step back to marvel at those clean shower tiles.

Method 7: Bleach and Baking Soda

You have probably been waiting for bleach to be mentioned, so here it is. However, this option includes using baking soda at the same time to get those shower tiles as clean as possible.

Now, people do not recommend using straight bleach on bathroom tiles on a regular basis, but you are making a weak solution here, so it’s fine when removing exceptionally tough stains.

We are talking about only a few drops of bleach mixed with a splash of warm water and baking soda. Apply it to the tiles, and use an old toothbrush or rough cloth to get into more challenging areas.

You should find that this form of a bleach cleaning solution is gentle enough to not damage the tiles but still allows you to clean the tiles without scrubbing.

Once you have finished, rinse everything off with warm water and admire your work.

Extra Tips on How to Clean Shower Tiles Without Scrubbing

To round things off, we have a few additional tips to help you get those shower tiles spotless.

A Tip on How to Clean Shower Tile Grout

If you see that your grout is discoloured and looking past its best, you need to use one of the baking soda options to really get the grime off the grout. The problem with grout is that it’s easy for it to accumulate dirt, and that dirt changes its colour over time.

Use something such as baking soda or even hydrogen peroxide ā€” they lift grime, leaving the grout pretty much the same colour as when the bathroom tiles were installed.

Regular Cleaning With Dishwashing Detergent Helps

One of the best tips to keep on top of things is washing the tiles with dishwashing detergent. However, you do need to watch out for soap scum.

That is why it’s best to use it mixed with vinegar if you want to keep those tiled floors or wall tiles spotless. Also, wipe things down with a rough textured cloth. It helps break up the dirt particles and will undoubtedly make a difference in keeping your shower clean.

Dealing With Soap Scum

If soap scum is an issue, then you need to get that spray bottle out and add some vinegar to it. Spray this over both tiles and grout lines to leave your shower tiles completely free from that soap scum build-up.

Once again, this is something you should do regularly, as it’s very easy for this to build on your shower tiles. If you aren’t careful, you will make life a lot harder for you when it comes to trying to remove it.

You Need Very Few Tools

Cleaning and disinfection of the bathroom tap with steam One of the best things about all of this is you need little tools to keep your bathroom tiles spotless ā€” just a spray bottle, a couple of microfibre or old cloths, and a few household ingredients that most people typically have at hand.

And it would be good if you had that used toothbrush. It can break down those challenging parts without you still having to use too much energy. The bristles make a huge difference if simply spraying a solution on the tiles has not worked in the way you had hoped.

Keep Your Shower Tiles Clean

And that is how to clean shower tiles without scrubbing, and as you can see, it shouldn’t be a task too complex to achieve if you use the right method. All that remains is choosing the approach you feel is best for you and getting to work.

Do keep in mind that cleaning shower tile grout is different to removing those dirt particles from the tiles themselves, so prepare to perhaps use more than one approach to get those shower tiles spotless once more.

What’s your go-to approach? Let us know in the comments!

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