How to Empty an Inflatable Hot Tub

A hot tub is a great invention for relaxing at home, and it can make a great party must-have. Hot tubs require a secure and private area for storage as well as maintenance. In this article, we’re sharing how to properly empty and refill a hot tub.

Reasons You Need to Empty the Water in Tubs

Before we begin, let us share some information on why you need to empty the water in inflatable hot tubs in the first place. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) measure everything that’s dissolved in the tub, including chlorine, pH balances and bromine. When the TDS levels are too high, the water becomes dirty, saturated and not inviting to sit in.

Fortunately, you can prevent TDS levels from getting too high in the first place, but once it gets too high, you’ll have to drain the tub and refill it with fresh water.

How to Empty an Inflatable Hot Tub

No matter the size or brand of inflatable hot tub you use, emptying the water is an easy solution. Here are some clear instructions on handling this task.

  1. Switch off the inflatable tub and unplug from the electricity supply connected to it.
  2. Attach the drainage valve to a hose.
  3. Put the other end of the garden hose onto an area where you don’t mind the water draining away. Ensure it’s away from flowers and grass if there are lots of chemicals from the tub that might harm or kill them.
  4. Remove the drainage valve, and allow the water to empty. You can choose to do this gradually from the bottom or all in one process.

Where to Drain Hot-Tub Water

Although we mentioned above to not drain water near flowers or grass, this is perfectly okay if there aren’t any chemicals in the water to begin with. In fact, the drained water can damage your lawn if you’ve been using the wrong chemical balance in the first place. You should also bear in mind that very hot water might also be unsuitable for your grass. For the best practice, allow the water to cool first before draining it to avoid any issues.

Furthermore, you might also want to consider the drainage in your garden after heavy rain. If the water collects on the surface, this could also happen with the water from your hot tub, so pick a suitable spot before draining a hot tub. Alternatively, you might want to do a slow draining process, so water doesn’t collect.

Ways to Get the Hot-Tub Water Where You Need It to Be

Once you’ve found a spot to empty the drained water and debris out of, you might have the problem of getting the water there. Depending on the size of your tub and the level of the surface it’s on, the water might drain out directly into where you need it. Otherwise, you can use a drainage hose to direct the water into a special container, but this can pose a lot of manual labour and be a challenge if you have a large tub.

You can always collect the water in buckets to transport it to the location for the best results. Ask others to help you, and if applicable, complete the process over several days. Alternatively, purchase a submersible pump. One should cost you less than £70, but check that it will connect to a hose before making a purchase. With a submersible pump, you can drain water from the hot tub into storage containers. Or apply the pump unit directly to exactly where you want it to go.

How to Refill a Hot Tub

Once you’ve emptied the water from the tub, it’s time to add a fresh batch of water inside, which is easy enough to do. Just place the hose into the filter housing. Switch it on, ensuring that the pipework becomes full first to prevent air from trapping in the plumping system and affecting the water flow.

How Often Should You Change the Water

The next question you might have is: how often do I need to change the spa water in my tub? The most obvious answer is not too frequently, or you risk your heating system bills increasing massively. However, you don’t want the water in your tub to remain in there for too long. Otherwise, this can lead to an unhygienic environment, not to mention that it’ll be dirty, and you won’t want to get inside. On average, you’ll want to remove the water around every 30 days.

Factors That Affect How Often to Change the Water

We all know that it’s better to be accurate than guessing when to empty your inflatable hot tub. Here are common factors that can affect water maintenance.

Water Quality

The better the water quality is, to begin with, the less often you’ll have to change the water. Therefore, ask yourself about the water quality in your home. For example, hard water contains a lot of calcium and magnesium. Alternatively, soft water contains very little calcium and magnesium, which is best for your inflatable hot tub. Depending on the type of water you have, you might need to change the often more often—especially if you have hard water with higher alkaline levels.

Frequency of Use

Generally speaking, the more often you use your hot tub, the more often you’ll need to change the water. For example, if you use the tub daily, you’ll need additional chemicals to keep it clear. Also, the number of people makes a difference to the quality. It is because additional bathers will result in a larger transfer of materials and particles to the winter. In which case, you may need to renew the water after each use.


Bear in mind where your tub is placed. If it’s on mud, gravel or under trees, it’ll require draining the water more often.

Filtration System

How effective is your tub’s filtration system? One that does a better job of purifying the water won’t require as much chemical treatment, and you’ll probably find that you don’t need to change the water as often. To get the best results, choose a tub that filters and purifies the water constantly, so the water is also being cleaned and renewed.

Signs You Need to Change Your Water

Although this 30-day rule is a general guide, you may also want to look out for some signs that the water needs changing. Below are some signs that you might need to drain and renew the water in your luxury inflatable hot tub.

Cloudy Water

One of the most obvious signs that you need to change the water is a cloudy substance on the surface. It is primarily due to a build-up of dirt inside the inflatable hot tub, resulting in you needing to follow the above cleaning procedure.

Smelly Water

Another common sign that you need to clean any inflatable hot tub is a bad odour from the spa tub. If you notice a bad smell, this could be a sign that there are bacteria in the water—even if it may look clean. Always trust your nose.

Additionally, take note of a chemical smell, which could be caused by a sanitiser in the water. Fortunately, a cleaning solution will amend this smell and get the inflatable hot tub smelling clean and fresh again.


It’s not uncommon to notice a layer of foam in the water, which is usually caused by leftover lotions, soap and body oils. Choose a product that can adjust the pH of the water, helping to keep your hot tub foam-free and clean. If the product doesn’t work, drain the water and fill up the hot tub again.

Green Water

Another common sign that you need to renew the water is a level of green water. It is caused by algae that love water with a high pH level. Use cleaning tablets to neutralise the water and achieve a crystal-clear finish that’s safe and ready to use again.

Enjoy Your Hot Tub

When you know how to empty an inflatable hot tub properly, you’ll be able to enjoy soaking and relaxing without worrying about bacteria, algae, or other contaminants. Don’t forget that changing the water after 30 days is a good rule of thumb.

If you’re experienced with tubs, what are some cleaning tips you’d love to share? Let us know how you clean your inflatable hot tub in the comments.

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