how to fix a sensor bin

Sensor bins are fantastic inventions that allow us to dispose of our waste without touching the bin lid. The lid is locked and has a mechanism that only opens when the sensor area is triggered — usually via a simple waving hand gesture.

This trash can is far more hygienic, but it can sometimes present technical problems. But worry not; in this guide, we will look at how to fix a sensor bin.

Common Issues With Sensor Bins and How to Solve Them

Regardless of the design of these bins, there are common issues that cause them to stop working.

Clear Film Is Still Covering the Sensor

Before attempting to take the device apart, always check the visibility of the sensor. Usually, when installing a new sensor bin, the movement sensor that triggers the opening mechanism has a clear plastic film covering it.

This plastic film protects the sensor during transit and prevents it from getting scratched or damaged. You have to remove this film! The manufacturer’s instructions should state this, but people often forget to remove it or ignore the helpful appliance booklet.

If the plastic film is still covering the sensor, it could be blocking it, and thus your hand gestures may not work!

The Batteries Have Died or Faulty

If your sensor bin is battery powered, this is another prime area for faults.

Firstly, for this type of device, we advise using high-quality batteries. A low-quality battery will drain quicker, and it may lose charge even when the bin is not in use. Ensure also not to combine old batteries with new ones.

Secondly, ensure that the batteries have been inserted correctly and secure them within their compartment. This guarantees the electrical connection and that the batteries can function properly.

Incorrect Hand Gestures

We would also suggest following the instructions on how to use the bin. The instructions should clearly show what hand gestures to use to make the lid open. They will often give an example in the form of a diagram and explain scenarios where your movements may not work.

Often, there is nothing wrong with the bin, power, or sensor, but the user isn’t using it properly.

You have to pass your hand over the sensor in a slow waving gesture. The key is the speed at which you do this. If you pass your hand over too quickly, the sensor may not register your movement, and thus the bin lid won’t open.

It may sound silly, but practice the normal opening gesture and watch videos to ensure you are doing it right!

The Electronic Memory Needs Resetting

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One of the most common issues is that the sensor’s memory is overloaded or unresponsive. The sensors are relatively small and fragile and do not have a huge memory capacity. As a result, they can easily cause problems and have malfunctioned.

Luckily, it is easy to reset the memory completely by unplugging the bin and removing the batteries. However, it would be best to leave the bin with the batteries removed for 24-hours. This should reset the entire system, bringing the memory and the sensor to their original factory settings.

After 24-hours, you can insert the batteries or attach the plug and turn on the bin. Doing these steps should have resolved any issues with the battery or chip memory.

Sensor Bin FAQs

Can You Replace the Sensor/Motor?

Not really. These parts are usually fitted into the lid/rim mechanism and are not easy to remove. Also, manufacturers usually do not sell replacement sensors and motors. It is easier to purchase a new bin if the sensor or power source is broken most of the time.

Do You Think Sensor Technology Bins Are Good?

Yes! They are admittedly more expensive. However, as there is no touch involved, they are more hygienic to use, especially with a bin liner. In addition, when these bins are working correctly, you do not have to handle horrible food waste any more.

Get Your Sensor Bin Working!

That is it on how to fix your broken sensor bin. If you do experience issues, now you should have a clear idea of the common problems and how to solve them. A sensor bin is a brilliant item in your kitchen when working correctly. Operating a trash can like this is easy, making waste removal highly convenient.

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  1. it light on red i replace battery it still do not work it was great for 2 years

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