how to hide toaster on counter

Having a toaster on the counter can be an eyesore. With limited counter space, it’s important to make sure that it is not dominating the area. According to research, over 70% of households in the UK have a toaster on their counter – so you’re not alone!

In this article, I’ll discuss how you can easily hide your toaster while still keeping it close by for easy access. We’ll look at different ways including custom cabinets, carousel convenience and more. So if you’re looking for a way to de-clutter your kitchen and make the most of your counter space, then read on!

In Plain Sight

You can easily tuck it away out of sight so it won’t take up counter space. Consider storing your toaster in a cabinet either above or below the countertop. This will provide easy access when you need to use it, but also keep the appliance hidden and out of view.

hide the toaster on the kitchen counter

If you lack cabinets, consider placing shelves around the coffee maker or other appliances to generate storage space specifically for your toaster.

You can also hang your toaster oven on the inside of closed doors or add outlets near shelves where you can plug the appliance in and store it there.

This way, even if someone opens the door, they won’t see your toaster unless they look carefully.

Keeping your toaster tucked away also allows more room on the counter for food preparation and other activities that require more counter space than what a bulky appliance would take up.

Custom Cabinet

A custom cabinet is the perfect way to keep your kitchen neat and organized, keeping appliances out of sight! Kitchen design has come a long way from the traditional upper cabinets and narrow corner cabinets. Today’s homeowners have options such as appliance cabinets, armoires, pullout drawers and more to make optimal use of their countertop space.

The benefits of having a custom cabinet in your kitchen are endless; it offers storage for all types of appliances with ease while still allowing you to enjoy the convenience of a carousel in moments. With all the available styles and designs, you can find something that fits in perfectly with any home’s decor. Custom cabinets also provide an additional level of security by hiding items away from prying eyes or inquisitive hands.

Whether you want additional storage space or simply aim to maintain an organised kitchen, a custom cabinet is an ideal solution. It not only provides ample storage but also helps create a visually appealing look in any kitchen.

With its countless advantages such as maximizing countertop space and increasing home security, investing in a custom cabinet is certainly worth considering if you want to hide your toaster on the counter without sacrificing style or convenience. Taking these factors into consideration will help ensure that your new addition seamlessly integrates into your existing kitchen design with ease.

Carousel Convenience

a toaster with slices of bread and different jams

With a custom cabinet, you can have the convenience of a carousel at your fingertips without sacrificing the modern look of your kitchen; it’s like having access to a time machine! The carousel allows for easy access to all of your kitchen appliances and tools, such as coffee machines, microwaves ovens, and more. It also provides extra storage space in the form of an appliance garage or in kitchen drawers for those with limited cabinet space.

In addition to providing convenience and additional storage options, a carousel is also great for organizing all of your kitchen supplies. You can easily separate out items that you use every day from those that are used less frequently. This way you can keep track of what is where and make sure everything stays neat and organized. Plus, many models come with built-in shelves so you can store items like coffee mugs or other small kitchen utensils on them.

Not only does a carousel provide convenient access to all your kitchen supplies but it also adds an attractive touch to any contemporary kitchen design. Whether you choose one with wood finishes or metal accents, it will add some unique style to your space while still keeping everything organized and accessible. With this type of modern convenience at hand, hiding the toaster on the counter has never been easier!

Appliance Outlet

Having an appliance outlet in your kitchen allows for easy access to all the necessary appliances, without having to worry about unsightly cords cluttering up the space. Modern kitchens often have a variety of electrical outlets located throughout the kitchen, from near the kitchen sink to pantries and even in corners.

This makes it easier to plug in larger appliances such as microwaves or food processors without having to worry about where you will put them. Additionally, if you have a walk-in pantry, you can easily hide away any cords that may be too long for other areas of your kitchen.

This is especially helpful when trying to hide a toaster on your countertop. By utilizing an appliance outlet, you can easily plug it into the wall and keep it out of sight while still being able to use it whenever needed. This helps cut clutter and keeps your modern kitchen looking neat and organized.

By taking advantage of all the available electrical outlets in your kitchen, you can make sure that all of your appliances are within reach but also hidden away when not in use. This way, you don’t have to sacrifice style for convenience or vice versa; instead, you can enjoy both!

Cut Clutter

You’ll never need to worry about clutter again when you take advantage of cutting it out completely! The best way to achieve a dream kitchen is with a kitchen remodel. Consider adding paneled islands and stainless steel appliances for an extra touch of elegance. Kitchen islands are perfect for providing additional counter space for food preparation, while also hiding the toaster from view. Plus, they’re great for entertaining guests or just enjoying your morning cup of coffee in peace.

Take advantage of undercounter storage solutions as well. Install pull-out drawers and shelves beneath the countertops so that all the smaller items can be tucked away neatly out of sight – no more mess! This will give your kitchen a much cleaner look and help keep everything organized while freeing up valuable countertop space for what matters most – cooking!

Organizing your kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive; there are plenty of simple yet effective ways to cut clutter in your home. With a few clever changes such as these, you can easily create the perfect environment where you can get things done without having to worry about disorder and messiness. With these tips in mind, you’ll soon have a tidy and inviting kitchen that looks like it came straight out of a magazine!

Undercounter Storage

Experience the convenience of undercounter storage solutions, allowing you to tuck away all those smaller items without taking up valuable countertop space. This nifty solution provides a plethora of options for organising and storing everyday items:

  1. Opt for baskets that can be pulled out with ease and stored in drawers or cupboards;
  2. Utilise vertical storage options such as carousels or lazy susans;
  3. Install corner shelves to make use of otherwise wasted space.

You can even choose to have specialised custom-made cabinets built for the ultimate storage solutions tailored precisely to your needs and preferences. Aside from their practicality, these solutions offer an aesthetic appeal by eliminating clutter and creating clean lines throughout the kitchen – a perfect way to show off your style!

Furthermore, they are easy to maintain due to their durability and gloss finishes that require minimal cleaning effort. By integrating these undercounter storage solutions into the design, you can enjoy ample amounts of organised space while still keeping everything within easy reach – making it simple to add, remove or rearrange items as needed without having them cluttering up your countertops!

Slide-Out Solutions

Slide-Out solutions make it easy to access all your kitchen essentials in a jiffy, so you don’t have to rummage around for what you need. Installing a slide-out cupboard or shelving unit is an excellent way to hide the toaster whilst still keeping it within reach.

These solutions allow you to store items such as cooking utensils, spices and condiments behind closed doors or drawers, freeing up counter space and allowing for easier organisation of the kitchen.

The advantage of slide-out solutions is that they can be tailored to fit any area in the kitchen; whether above a countertop, below the sink or next to an oven. They are also available in various sizes and configurations so that you can choose one which best suits your needs.

In addition, installing a slide-out solution ensures that all of your appliances remain safely tucked away when not in use; preventing them from becoming dirty or damaged over time due to dust accumulation or knocks from family members.

It’s important to note that although slide-out solutions offer great convenience, they still require regular maintenance and cleaning in order ensure they run smoothly over time – especially if they contain multiple shelves and drawers which can accumulate grime easily. Taking good care of your solution will help prolong its life span whilst ensuring easy access when needed!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much counter space do I need for a toaster?

I require a certain amount of counter space to fit my toaster. It depends on the size and shape of the model I own, but generally speaking, a minimum of 30 cm by 30 cm is necessary to have enough room for adequate ventilation.

In addition, I should consider leaving some extra space around the sides for any cords or other items that may need fitting. If I am short on space in my kitchen, then I can opt for a slimmer design or one with retractable cords. That way, I can easily keep my toaster out of sight when not in use.

What type of toaster is the most energy efficient?

I’m here to answer the question of what type of toaster is the most energy efficient? As an avid baker, I know that finding a toaster that not only looks good on my counter but also saves me money in the long run can be difficult. Suspense builds as I consider all my options, from traditional models to modern designs.

In the end, I’ve determined that convection toasters are the most energy efficient. They cook food quickly and evenly while using less electricity than traditional models. With their sleek design, convection toasters look great on any countertop and provide plenty of savings in energy costs!


I have found that there are several ways to hide a toaster on the counter. From custom cabinets and carousels, to outlets and undercounter storage solutions, I have been able to clear up clutter and make my kitchen look more organized. For example, I was able to install an appliance outlet in my kitchen that allowed me to tuck away the toaster when not in use.

This has given me a sense of control over the appearance of my kitchen, making it feel more spacious and inviting than ever before. By implementing one or more of these hiding options for your own space, you can also experience this newfound freedom from clutter.

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