How to Install an Under Sink Water Filter System

If you wish to install an under sink water filter system, then there are many key steps you need to follow to complete the job to a satisfactory standard.

Using a water filter in your home can certainly make a difference to the quality of your drinking water, so here’s how to install an under sink water filter system for your benefit.

Getting the Water Filter System

In this instance, we will presume you have already purchased an under sink water filter system.

In general, the installation process will be the same for various brands but double-check for your version before going any further.

Why Install Water Filters?

But why install such an item in your kitchen? Well, you may not have good enough water to drink.

It may contain impurities that affect the taste. However, no matter the type of filter you install, they will all provide you with better drinking water by removing those impurities via their filter cartridge.

Steps on How to Install Your Water Filter System

So, how do you install the system? Well, there are several basic steps to follow. The exact steps may vary depending on your system, so read the instructions before proceeding.

Step 1: Turn off the Water Supply

First, you need to turn off the water supply.

Check the tap to make sure no water is coming through and into your sink. It prevents any leaks in your kitchen.

Step 2: Consider the Position of the Tap

When considering the position of the tap, it can be either on the counter or the sink itself. The key is to ensure you can drill a hole and gain access below the hole to connect the system.

Step 3: Drill a Hole

Next, you must drill a hole in either the counter or sink where you would like to position the tap. The size of the hole required will be noted in the instructions that come with your water filter, so check what it says before you use your drill bit. You don’t want to make things bigger than they need to be.

Step 4: Insert the Pipe Tail Through the Hole

Water filters come with two pipes. One goes into the filter from the water supply, while the other goes from the water filters to the tap. In this instance, insert the pipe tail from the filter to the tap through the hole you just drilled.

Step 5: Secure the Pipe

To secure the pipe, use the appropriate type of washer and locking nuts as provided with the product. If you cannot find these parts, contact the manufacturer to ensure you are using the correct items in the installation.

Step 6: Connect the Pipe to the Tap

It should now be easy to connect the pipe to the tap. Once again, use the correct inserts to ensure a tight fit between the pipe and tap. The types of inserts to be used here will depend on the product.

Step 7: The Saddle Valve

You may see a reference to a saddle valve; if not, focus on the valve that’s going to connect the cold water pipe to the filter system.

It’s important when installing this part only to tighten it using your fingers at this moment to ensure everything is in line before tightening.

Step 8: Attach the Clamp

Water filters may need to be clamped into position. The instructions will tell you if this is the case for your type of filter. If so, attach the clamp to secure the water filter in place.

Step 9: Check Alignment

You must check the alignment of not only the water filters but also the pipes. Make sure the pipes are a comfortable length and look for any weak points in the pipe.

Splitting can easily be done, and then you will have to start again.

Step 10: Tighten the Valve

With a spanner, tighten the valve that has connected the cold water to the filter. Also, double-check the connection from the filter to the tap where the water will come out into your sink.

Step 11: Turn on Your Water Supply

You may now turn on your water supply if you feel confident enough that there will be no leaks. If concerned about the pressure, only partly turn it on while you check.

Step 12: Run Water Through the Tap

Quickly let the water run through the filter to determine if there are any leaks below your sink.

Step 13: If No Leaks, Continue Running Water

Water filters do take several minutes to kick into action effectively. It applies to all existing filters. Run water for at least five minutes as a minimum.

Step 14: Enjoy Your Water Filter

Installing water filters in your home should not take too long before you can enjoy that first glass of water courtesy of your brand new filter.

The Advantages

The advantages of using water filters are easy to see. It will provide you with better drinking water whenever you want it.

Inexpensive, easy to install and to get new cartridges fitted, installing this system should be one of the first things you should do when unhappy with your water quality.

Install Your Water Filter

That’s all there is on how to install an under sink water filter system. Of course, if you require help, then get some professional advice.

Trying to install water filters in your kitchen will be easy, even with little previous experience.

Not only will you save yourself some money, but you also save some time in waiting for an expert to come and check that everything is connected correctly.

Have you installed an under sink water filter system at your home? Do you have other tips to share? Let us know in the comment section below.

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