how to make a pull out kitchen bin

Having a well-organised kitchen is like having a treasure chest full of delicious goodies. You can have all the ingredients you need in one place, making it easy for you to whip up your favourite pudding in no time! One way to make sure everything’s in order is by installing pull out kitchen bins.

It’s not as hard as you think; why don’t you have a go at this DIY project? With just some basic tools and materials, you can easily create your own pull out bin in less than a fortnight. Read on for an easy guide on how to build your very own pull out kitchen bin.

What You’ll Need

You’ll need a few items to complete this project, so let’s take inventory. Firstly, you’ll need a kitchen cabinet with drawers that can hold the trash and rubbish unit. This should be removable in order to have easy access to the buckets for waste disposal. You will also require plastic buckets that fit comfortably inside the cabinet and are easily removable when it comes time for emptying them out.

effortlessly dispose of trash with a pull out kitchen bin

Finally, make sure you have a drawer slider system ready so that you may attach your pull-out kitchen bin securely within your kitchen cabinet. Now that you know what materials are necessary for this project, why not have a go?

A pull-out kitchen bin is an essential tool for maintaining good hygiene in any home as it helps reduce odors and keeps pests away from food waste. Although it may appear intimidating at first, with a few essential tools and supplies, you can effortlessly install your own bin within a span of two weeks!

Installing a pull-out kitchen bin requires precision and attention to detail — but don’t let that put you off giving it a try! With proper preparation and measurements taken beforehand, success is guaranteed — no matter if it’s your first time or if you’re an experienced DIYer looking for another challenge in the pudding of home improvement projects!


Ready to get started? Let’s transform your space with this handy pull-out bin! Begin by designing the internal cabinet, which will house the recycling bin. Have a go at measuring up and choosing a model that meets your capacity requirements.

Most cupboard bins are between 10 – 20 litre capacity, but there are larger steel or metal models available too. Make sure you have all of your materials ready before you start installing – it shouldn’t take more than a fortnight to complete.

Once the recycling bin is in place, it’s time to focus on the design of the pull-out feature itself. Measure up again and choose a system that will fit easily into your cupboard.

You can buy simple rollers which use gravity to open and close, or opt for a more sophisticated model with built-in brakes for extra control when handling heavier items. All of these components can be installed effortlessly using basic do-it-yourself (DIY) tools like screwdrivers and hammers.

Finally, assemble everything together and test out how smoothly it works before installing permanently into place inside your cupboard. If you’re happy with the results then you’ll soon be able to enjoy an organised kitchen free from clutter – pudding anyone?

Measuring Up

Measure up twice to find the perfect fit for your cabinet, so you can enjoy a streamlined and clutter-free space. Accurately taking measurements is key when it comes to waste removal and storage solutions. The combination of the metal frame and countertop should be measured with precision in order to ensure that it fits along the sides of the sink installation and within any decors or floor space.

Additionally, take into consideration kitchen bins sizes when making measurements. Have a go at measuring from corner to corner both diagonally and horizontally. To make sure that all components are perfectly aligned, measure twice over a period of two weeks apart if necessary.

Having accurate measurements will also help determine which type of pull out kitchen bin would work best with your set up. If you have less than a metre of free space under the sink, opt for a slimline model instead of opting for an expansive one which may not fit properly.

On the other hand, if there is plenty of room underneath then feel free to choose whatever size you want as long as it doesn’t cause any disruption in terms of counter access or foot traffic flow around your kitchen island area.

When it comes time to install your new pull-out kitchen bin, having precise measurements will give you peace of mind knowing everything fits perfectly without extra hassle or adjustments later on down the line. This way you can get back to creating delicious meals like roast beef and Yorkshire pudding in no time!

Pull-Out Installation

Installing a pull-out kitchen bin can be a breeze if you’ve got accurate measurements, and with the right setup it’s estimated that over 90% of households are able to have a go at installing one without any difficulty. To begin, you’ll want to measure the inside of your cabinet or cupboard to ensure that there is enough space for the bin to fit comfortably.

save space and stay organized with a pull out waste bin

Then, you’ll need to decide where in your kitchen setup the pull-out bin will go – most households opt for under their sink, but this isn’t always possible depending on your plumbing system.

You should also consider whether or not you’d like hinges for your door; if so, then you’ll need to keep this in mind when measuring up and planning out where in your kitchen setup the pull-out bin can go.

Additionally, make sure that there is plenty of room around all sides of the unit when it’s installed so that you can easily open and close it without obstruction from other items or appliances.

Once everything is planned out and measured accurately, installation takes only about a fortnight if done properly. With just a few simple steps and some basic tools such as an electric drill and screwdriver, you’ll soon have a handy new addition for storing all those bits of pudding!

Setting up hinges for doors may take slightly longer but with patience and preparation it’s still usually possible within an afternoon. Moving onto hinged door installation next will give even more convenience and ease when accessing items stored away in your kitchen bins!

Hinged Door Installation

empty plastic trash bins in a shelf

With a hinged door installation, you’ll be able to enjoy the convenience of having easy access to items stored away in your kitchen bins without having to pull them out. This is an ideal solution if you want quick access to anything stored in these bins, as all you have to do is open the door and reach for whatever it is that you need.

You might think that this type of installation would be difficult or time-consuming but, with the right tools and know-how, it can actually be quite straightforward. Have a go at following some simple steps like measuring the space available for your bin, ensuring there’s enough clearance for your door’s hinges when opened fully and making sure that you’ve got enough room to store everything properly inside.

The key here is accuracy; make sure all measurements are precise so that everything fits together perfectly and works as intended. A good tip is to mark out where each piece should go before drilling any holes – this will help ensure that nothing gets misplaced during installation. Once everything has been fitted together correctly, take a few minutes afterwards just to double check that it all looks alright from different angles before going ahead with any further work.

It isn’t usually necessary to get professional assistance when installing a hinged door on your kitchen bin; simply follow these steps carefully and remember not to rush things – if done properly it won’t take more than a fortnight! With your new bin up and running, why not treat yourself by whipping up some delicious pudding?

Under-Sink Installation

Investigate the theory that an under-sink installation can provide you with easy access to items stored away in your kitchen, so you don’t have to struggle to reach them. Installing a pull out bin under the sink has some great advantages:

  1. It allows you to keep things hidden away from sight and out of mind.
  2. You don’t have to get down on your hands and knees to retrieve items, saving time and energy.
  3. The height of the bin can be adjusted too, meaning it can accommodate different sized items with ease.

Have a go at installing one for yourself and see how it works out – it could make all the difference when tidying up your kitchen! Plus, if you do have any problems during installation then there are plenty of helpful guides online that should help you find what you need quickly and easily. They may even give you a few extra tips here and there that could come in handy for future projects!

If installing your own pull out bin seems like more trouble than it’s worth, then why not consider hiring a professional? It doesn’t take long for them to fit it – just a few hours or so – leaving you free to relax over the next fortnight while they take care of everything else! Whether you choose DIY or pro installation, get ready for smoother sailing in your kitchen – no more struggling with those hard-to-reach items when all is said and done!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to install a pull-out kitchen bin?

Having a go at installing a pull-out kitchen bin doesn’t have to be daunting! You might think that it could take fortnight’s worth of fiddling and fussing, but with the right tools and techniques, you can easily install one in no time. Whether you’re an experienced home DIYer or just starting out, you’ll find that this project is surprisingly simple. All it takes is some patience and perseverance – pudding for thought!

What is the best type of pull-out kitchen bin for my kitchen?

When it comes to choosing a pull-out kitchen bin, there are a few important considerations to have a go at. Firstly, consider the size of your kitchen and the amount of waste you generate in a fortnight. If you only generate light amounts of waste, then a small pull-out bin may be suitable.

However, if you have larger family or regularly cook large meals such as roast dinners or sticky puddings, then you may want to look into investing in a larger capacity bin. Additionally, think about how easy it is to install and maintain the model that you choose – some bins require more effort than others when it comes to assembly and cleaning.

Can I install a pull-out kitchen bin in a tight space?

Have you ever thought about getting a pull-out kitchen bin for your tight space, but don’t know where to start? With the right planning and design, it’s possible! Why not have a go at installing one yourself? It may take some time – perhaps a fortnight – but if you’re up for the challenge, then there are several steps to get you started.

You’ll need to measure the area carefully and decide on the best size of bin that will fit. Choose materials and hardware that can withstand moisture and regular use, such as stainless steel or wood. Finally, make sure that when opened your bin won’t interfere with other appliances or furniture in the kitchen. If you succeed in all this, your next pudding could be made with ease!

Are there any special requirements for installing a pull-out kitchen bin?

When it comes to installing a pull-out kitchen bin, there are certain requirements you must have a go at. Firstly, ensuring that the cabinet opening is large enough for the bin itself – this can usually be done in a fortnight or so. Secondly, if the cabinet space is tight you’ll need to measure and cut out some of the surrounding woodwork to make sure the bin fits correctly.

Finally, making sure that whatever you attach it too remains strong enough to hold up all your rubbish – no one likes a sagging pudding tray! Have a go at these steps and your pull-out kitchen bin should be installed in no time!


Installing a pull out kitchen bin is an easy job that anyone can have a go at. It’s a great way to save space and make your kitchen more efficient in the long-run, so why not take the plunge? Once you’ve got the measurements right and know what type of installation you need, it won’t take more than a fortnight to get it done.

And who knows? You might even find that having your own customised kitchen bin makes pudding time all the more pleasant! So don’t be afraid – have a go at installing your own pull out kitchen bin today!

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