how to make breadcrumbs without a food processor

From crispy pieces of fried chicken to crunchy onion rings to fine meatloaf and more, all of these pieces of good food have one thing in common; they need one key ingredient to take them from fine to amazing. That one key ingredient is breadcrumbs!

Are you hoping to make breadcrumbs but don’t have a food processor? Look no further. There’s more than one way to transform your bread into crumbs; here’s how to make breadcrumbs without a food processor.

What Are Breadcrumbs Used For?

Coating Foods

First off, breadcrumbs can be used for coating foods.

As an alternative to coating your foods in batter, breadcrumbs provide a delicious texture that can be cooked in various ways. Foods that are coated in fresh breadcrumbs can be fried or oven-baked instead. By baking food in an oven, you can limit, control and minimize the amount of oil that you use on these breadcrumbs covered food. It is because you can add just enough oil to make your dishes have the desired amount of crispiness and crunch to them.


Breadcrumbs can be used for many different uses beyond this initial, main and most popular use. For example, breadcrumbs can be used in seasoning. By mixing breadcrumbs with spices and herbs, you have now made a thicker mix of seasoning that can be applied to bigger pieces of food. This thicker seasoning mix will ensure that any recipe you use this mix on will retain its flavour because the mix of seasoning will be so thick that it can’t fall off.

The List Goes On…

Another use for breadcrumbs is as an ingredient itself. There is more than one recipe out there today that calls for breadcrumbs to be a key ingredient.

For example, you can use thicker and larger bread crumb cubes to use as croutons on top of a salad. It adds extra flavour, more nutritional benefits and an extra crunch to your salad.

As well, thicker and larger bread crumb cubes can be made into a dish all by themselves. You can make a hearty, thanksgiving inspired stuffing for a savoury tasting bread crumb cubes-based recipe. For a sweet-tasting bread crumb cubes based recipe, you can use it in the process of baking when you make oven-baked french toast.

Many recipes ask for breadcrumbs when making burgers or the US classic meatloaf. Breadcrumbs give these dishes texture and moisture that they would be lost without, so be sure not to skip this vital ingredient!

Macaroni and cheese work just fine on any regular, nightly dinner. But I’m sure any kid’s desired hunger would be satisfied much better with a lip-smacking crumble of breadcrumbs, creating that fantastic crust to this all-time favourite recipe.

It is hard to think of a recipe that exists today that wouldn’t be benefited by adding breadcrumbs to it. Breadcrumbs can make their way into any breakfast, lunch, dinner or even dessert!

Store-Bought Breadcrumbs

Although breadcrumbs are readily available in many supermarkets, store-bought breadcrumbs have their downfalls. They have often been sitting in their container for far too long on store shelves; even before they reach the store’s shelves, breadcrumbs had to be processed and packed in a factory before being shipped out. Also, the shipment process of the breadcrumbs in their container would have taken a long time.

It means that the breadcrumbs that you have bought at a store are often stale or have lost their crisp texture; they have too often become soft and lack flavour by the time they reach your pantry.

Make Your Own Breadcrumbs

So what’s the solution to break away from commercially processed breadcrumbs? The answer to this question is to make fresh breadcrumbs!

Benefits of Homemade Breadcrumbs

Homemade breadcrumbs have numerous benefits associated with them. For example, when you make breadcrumbs, you can control how much salt and sugar you want to add to them. It means that you can make your breadcrumbs way healthier than the commercially processed breadcrumbs that you usually buy. Considering this, you can also make breadcrumbs without anything else being added to them at all.

Likewise, by making fresh breadcrumbs, you will know that they are fresher than those sold in stores. It means that your homemade breadcrumbs will be full of flavour and will be crisp, not soft at all. It also means that your homemade breadcrumbs can be used for multiple cooking techniques to make any dish imaginable.

Homemade Breadcrumbs

Homemade breadcrumbs can be easy to make. Yes, that’s right, almost no prep time is needed to make breadcrumbs. There are two main types of texture for breadcrumbs.

Although the main way to make homemade breadcrumbs require a food processor, not everyone owns a food processor. But fear not, there are many ways to make breadcrumbs without this machine or any other for that matter!

How to Make Breadcrumbs Without a Food Processor

There are many ways to make breadcrumbs without a food processor. Here are some tips on how to make breadcrumbs without a food processor.

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Choose the Right Type of Bread

The first step to make breadcrumbs is to use the right bread.

The key to making breadcrumbs is to use dried bread or stale bread because fresh bread will not break up in the same way. However, if you don’t have any dried bread on hand, here are some easy tips for using fresh bread.

One way to air dry bread is to lay out slices of your fresh bread on a baking sheet in the open air. It is because a bag keeps the bread moist. You will know the pieces of bread slices have dried when they feel hard and will crumble under pressure. Fresh bread is bouncy and soft.

Another way to dry your bread, especially if you are pressed for time, is to turn pieces of bread into toast. All you need to do is to put pieces of bread into a toaster or lay them under the grill to dry them out.

Making Crumbs

After you have your dried pieces of bread, you can now make dried pieces of bread into fresh breadcrumbs. There are many ways to make bread into breadcrumbs.

Use a Grater

One way to make breadcrumbs is by using a grater. A grater is a metal kitchen tool with a variety of sharp holes in it. To make bread crumbs with a grater, you must repeatedly run the dried bread over the rough, the hole filled side of the grater, just like you would grate a block of cheese. When you lift your grater, you will be left with a neat pile of crumbs.

This option can sometimes get messy and can be labour intensive.

Use a Blender

A different way to create breadcrumbs is with a blender. A blender is very similar to a food processor; however, they have different blade configurations and are often different shapes, too.

To use a blender for homemade breadcrumbs, put the bread into the blender and pulse until the desired consistency is gained. If you want coarse breadcrumbs, then you can pulse for a shorter amount of time. If you wish to powder like breadcrumbs, you can pulse for a longer period. Be sure not to pule them for too long as they can heat up, and it will ruin the consistency of your breadcrumbs.

Use a Rolling Pin

Another popular way to avoid a food processor for homemade breadcrumbs includes a bag and a rolling pin. Take your dried bread, put it in a bag and remove any air. Make sure you seal it tight, then take your rolling pin and hit the bag full of bread on repeat. If there is air left in the bag, the bag will pop up the pressure and make a big mess. There is no need to hit it, but short sharp knocks will do the trick.

If you want coarse breadcrumbs, you can hit the bag for a shorter amount of time. If you wish to powder like breadcrumbs, you can hit the bag for a longer time.

Why Make Your Own?

As spoken of earlier, part of the reason why breadcrumbs are excellent is that they add a healthy boost to many recipes. For example, breadcrumbs can be a healthy alternative to butter for frying and can even substitute this frying for baking.

On the other hand, breadcrumbs can boost energy and a satisfying feeling to any meal by making you feel fuller and adding vitamin and nutrients.

By considering this, commercially processed breadcrumbs can be loaded with salt, sugar, and other harmful ingredients to be sold with a long best before date. These added ingredients make commercially processed breadcrumbs unhealthy and dangerous to your health.

Start Making Your Breadcrumbs

As a staple part of many recipes, making your own breadcrumbs is a healthy and cost-effective alternative to buying processed bags from the supermarket. Although food processors are becoming more popular, not everyone owns one of these appliances, so it’s essential to know how to get without one.

Knowing how to make breadcrumbs without a food processor is a simple but important thing to know so that your burgers never suffer again. From stuffing to breaded chicken, enjoy your breadcrumbs how they should be – fresh and homemade.

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