How to Move Heavy Furniture

Are you planning to move from one house to another, but you wonder how to move heavy furniture?

While moving heavy furniture from one spot to another might like a daunting task and a big job, you can easily move heavy furniture using the right tools and techniques. Not to mention that once you follow such tips, there is no need to look for services from companies that move heavy furniture.

In this post, we will show you how to move heavy furniture easily. We will also give you an insight into the proper lifting techniques that can save you time while you are moving furniture in a certain space.

How To Move Heavy Furniture

Step 1: Determine How You Are Going to Move the Furniture

Start by making a list of the heaviest furniture you plan to move. After that, group the furniture into different categories, depending on where they are located. For instance, furniture sets located upstairs should be grouped differently from the pieces of furniture downstairs.

Next, determine the sequence that you will follow while moving heavy furniture from one point to another. For example, you can start with the heaviest furniture and then move to the second heaviest. However, you have to follow the sequence (heaviest to lightest) while moving furniture sets from one point to another.

Furthermore, you have to determine how you will load the heavy furniture into the truck to distribute the weight evenly on the truck (that applies if you are moving house).

You should load some of the heaviest sets of furniture on the truck’s sides or the farthest part of the truck bed to get great results.

You also have to plan how you will arrange the sets of heavy furniture on the truck. While this might seem like a trivial task, planning how to position the heavy furniture on the truck will save you time.

Step 2: Get the Necessary Equipment to Move the Heavy Furniture

Before moving heavy furniture, it is essential to get all the equipment required to have it handy.

Here are some of the most useful pieces of equipment that can make your work easier while you are moving heavy furniture:

Lifting Straps or Moving Straps

As the name hints, these are unique straps that can secure various equipment and furniture in one position. They are available in different sizes, making it easier for you to fasten equipment of various dimensions.

Men using cargo belt straps for carrying sofa

Most moving straps are made from a tough material that can withstand heavy loads from heavy items. You can also adjust such straps easily to secure different furniture sets in a single position.

Moving Dolly

A furniture dolly is a tool that comes with a large base and wheels, making it significantly easier for you to move heavy furniture. It is also equipped with four wheels to manage various turns and corners in your house efficiently. Most furniture dollies also come with a handle that lets you push the whole unit.

Furniture dollies are available in various sizes and are designed to carry different furniture sets. It would be best to use a furniture dolly with a wide enough base to carry heavy furniture to get the best results. You can also use hand trucks to carry heavy furniture to your house.

Step 3: Remove the Items That Might Get In Your Way to Move Furniture Easily

Next, move the items that might get in your way. Place the items in a secure location. Examples of such items include carpets and rugs.

Moving such items to a secure location also minimizes the risk of injuries.

Step 4: Disassemble the Furniture

Start by disassembling the heavy furniture into smaller parts to make your work easier. For example, if you are planning to move a big cabinet from one spot to another, you have to remove the drawers and shelves from the main compartment.

If you have a sofa that you can dismantle into smaller parts, moving it will be easier after disassembling it.

To disassemble some heavy furniture sets, unfasten the screws from the main unit. If that’s the case, look for a container that will help you store the screws easily.

Step 5: Move the Furniture Using the Right Heavy Lifting Techniques

Once you finish disassembling different heavy furniture sets into multiple parts, you have to move them. If the furniture is located upstairs, you have to slide it to the staircase using heavy furniture sliders. Remove the carpet from your floor if you are planning to push the furniture.

Also, you should place the slider under the furniture’s feet to streamline the whole process. If the furniture doesn’t come with feet, place the sliders on the corners of the furniture.

Carrying heavy furniture on a staircase can be rather daunting. To minimize the risk of injuries, it is always advisable to ask for help from your family member or your friends while carrying the furniture on the staircase, especially if it is too heavy for you.

You have to use the high-low method while carrying heavy furniture on a staircase. For instance, if you are positioned on the upper part of the staircase, you should hold the highest point of your piece of furniture while carrying it.

Your partner should hold the bottom part (lowest point) of the furniture while carrying it. To minimize the risk of any injuries, Make sure to move slowly.

If your partner is carrying the furniture from the lower part of the staircase, they should set the pace to minimize the risk of any injuries. Support your partner so that you can make the initial lift together.

While some heavy furniture sets might look small, they could be quite heavy, so make sure to understand their weight before lifting them to avoid back injuries.

How to Move Heavy Furniture on Carpet

Made from a material that can slide easily on the floor, furniture sliders are designed to help you slide or push different types of heavy furniture on the floor and carpet. They are suitable for tiled floors and wooden floors.

You should place such sliders under every leg of the furniture as you drag heavy furniture into a certain space. If your furniture does not have legs, place the slide on its edges.

Are you wondering how to move heavy furniture on your carpet without sliders?

While furniture sliders should be purchased from a home-improvement store before moving, you can also improvise. For instance, plastic lids can also help you move heavy furniture through multiple hard surfaces and save your wooden floor from nasty scratches, reducing friction.

However, if you don’t have enough lids, you have to buy sliders. Sliders also make it easier for you to save time while moving heavy furniture.

Other Tips and Techniques for Lifting Heavy Furniture

Move Sofas While They Are in an L Shape

While some sofas can be disassembled into different parts, other sofas have to be moved as a whole unit. If you have a sofa that cannot be disassembled, you must tilt it and carry it from the sides. Asking for some help makes the task easier.

Moving a sofa using this technique makes it easier for you to carry it through slim door openings. If you are moving a sofa through a door opening, you should start off with the upper part of the sofa. After that, turn the sofa a little bit in pivoting motion, then move the lower part of the sofa through the door.

Carrying sofas through narrow corridors can be quite challenging. However, you can easily carry a large sofa through a narrow corridor with the right technique. You just have to tilt it, then carry it from the side.

If you are planning to manoeuvre a corner, you have to move it in a pivoting motion, starting with the heaviest side.

Cover the Furniture With Plastic Wrappings or Moving Blankets

If you are carrying delicate pieces of furniture that can be scratched easily, you have to cover them with some plastic wrappings or moving blankets to protect their surface, saving them from nasty scratches.

Empty living room with platic-wrapped couch and stacks of boxes

Since most furniture pieces always come into contact with walls while carrying them, covering such furniture with blankets or wrappings will also help you protect walls from scratches. For example, if you intend to carry big furniture upstairs, there is a good probability that the heavy object will bump into the wall or the stair railing.

Moving a Mattress With a Mattress Sling

Carrying heavy-duty mattresses can be rather challenging. While some mattresses are equipped with handles, such handles are not strong enough to carry a mattress (they are used to position a heavy-duty mattress on a bed).

But here’s the thing:

A mattress sling can help you move a heavy-duty mattress quite easily. Well, a mattress sling is designed to fit on the lower part of the mattress, making it possible for you to carry different types of mattresses. Most mattress slings always come with a handle or something to grip while carrying the mattress.

In addition to that, a mattress sling balances the mattress weight evenly to keep the mattress stable as you are carrying it.

Moving Heavy Furniture Safely

Here are some of the precautions to take while carrying heavy furniture to save yourself from various injuries.

Carry the Heavy Furniture From the Waist Level

You will be more stable when you carry heavy furniture from the waist level as compared to carrying it from a higher level. Since your waist level is the centre of gravity, carrying furniture from that level becomes much easier. Not to mention, it saves various body parts from injuries.

Clear the Exits While Lifting Furniture

Get rid of any obstacle that might restrict your movement while carrying heavy furniture. You have to check whether your floor is dry or not. Wet floors can be slippery and dangerous to use, but you can wipe off the moisture from the floor with a rag to minimize the risk of any injuries. Keep your doors fully open to streamline the process.

Move Slowly and Carefully

It is always advisable to take small and carefully planned steps while you are carrying heavy furniture, especially down the stairs. Huge steps can cause sudden movements, which will exert pressure on various parts of your body. On the other hand, small and calculated steps can make it easier for you to adjust your stance as you are moving.

Grip the Furniture Firmly With Gloves

Always grip the furniture firmly while moving it. If you feel that your grip is not firm enough, you can look for a pair of high-quality gloves. Gloves are pretty effective in minimizing the risks of any injuries and saving your hands while you are moving furniture.

Moving Heavy Furniture Is Easy!

And there you have it, everything you need to know on how to move heavy furniture. Remember: it is always advisable to ask for help, especially if you don’t know how to move a heavy wardrobe by yourself. However, you can use the above techniques to carry and move various types of furniture.

Make sure to plan how you will move the furniture so that you can save time while doing it. Once you get the right equipment, moving furniture, while still a daunting task, can become just a little bit easier!

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