how to start a strimmer

Using a strimmer can help keep your unruly grass and weed at bay. It is one of the most important tools to have when you want to maintain a beautifully manicured garden. In this guide, we are going to show you how to start a strimmer. Let’s dig in.

How to Start a Petrol Strimmer

These five easy steps should get you started with less fuss.

Step 1: Put Some Fuel on Your Strimmer

Before you start your strimmer, you have to add some fuel to the strimmer’s tank. Most trimmers come with a two-stroke engine that is powered by a mixture of oil and regular fuel. The petrol-to-oil fuel mixture ratio should be 40:1. Not to mention, some strimmers include a measuring cylinder or jug that allows you to measure the oil level. Strimmers also come with an instructions manual that shows you the type of stroke oil you should use.

Step 2: Add Some Fuel to Your Strimmer

The next thing that you need to do is to add some fuel to your machine. Open the fuel cap of your strimmer and pour the fuel into the tank.

Step 3: Press the Priming Bulb

Once you fill the tank of the strimmer with petrol, press the primer bulb seven times consecutively. Well, there is no fixed number on this. You can press it around 5-7 times. Once you press the primer bulb, the fuel will be transferred from the tank to the grass trimmer’s carburettor. This makes it easier for you to start your grass trimmer without pulling the cord too many times.

If the priming bulb is not working effectively, you should check the tank filter. In most cases, the fuel filter might be hindering the flow of the fuel. To fix this issue, you have to remove that part and repair it.

Step 4: Turn the Switch on and Move the Choke Lever to the Right Position

Turn on the switch. In most models, the switch can be found on the handle of the grass trimmer.

If the engine is cold, slide the choke lever to the ‘start’ mode position. If you restart the grass trimmer, slide the choke lever to the ‘run’ mode position. After that, press the throttle slightly.

Step 5: Pull the Starter Cord of the Strimmer

Place the machine on the ground, then use your two feet to secure it in one position. The trimmer head should not come into contact with the ground. Hold the trimmer with one hand, then use the other hand to pull the grass strimmer’s starter rope. Pull the starter cord until the engine comes into life. You might make some attempts before the engine fires up completely. Generally, it takes around three pulls of the starter rope.

What Happens If Your Strimmer Doesn’t Start?

If the engine is not sparking up, you should troubleshoot all the parts and analyse the cause. For starters, if the oil-to-petrol ratio is wrong, you might have some difficulty starting your trimmer.

Apart from that, your strimmer won’t start if the carburettor is not getting enough air. To fix this issue, you should turn the carb screws to fix the carburettor. Fasten the carb screw in a clockwise direction, then unfasten it slightly by moving it in an anti-clockwise direction.

Moreover, if your grass trimmer engine is flooded with fuel, your machine won’t start. The good thing is you can easily fix this issue. Remove the cover casing that is located on the side of the trimmer. Unfasten the lid that protects the trimmer’s plug. Use a wrench to remove the spark plug. Let the engine dry off for a short period. After that, replace the old spark plug with a new one. Once you replace the spark plug, the trimmer will start if you pull the rope.

Go Get Trimming

Learning how to start a strimmer is the first step you need to take to make your grass cutting job as easy as possible. While it is a low-maintenance tool, don’t forget to clean and store it safely, to keep it in good working order.

What are your experiences with using a strimmer? Tell us about it in the comments.

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