How to Use an Electric Blanket

Temperatures can drop quite significantly at night and make you feel uncomfortable while you’re sleeping, especially in winter and if you don’t have a thick blanket. Not to mention, exposing your body to low temperatures overnight can be risky.

An electric blanket always keeps you warm overnight, making it easier for you to sleep comfortably. It also lets you adjust the temperature on cold winter evenings and warm up your bed while you’re getting ready to sleep. So that you get the most out of your investment, this article will teach you how to use an electric blanket in the best way possible throughout the night.

Choosing Your Electric Blanket

Electric blankets are available in different designs, shapes, colours and sizes. Most blankets feature a cord or a battery for supplying power. Electric blankets also come with some adjustment controls, which let you change the temperature and turn the blanket on or off during cold nights.

When using an electric blanket, make sure that you choose a high-quality one that is large enough to cover your bed. Also, check for any signs of damage while purchasing your chosen model.

Apart from that, you should opt for a blanket with a long power cable that can extend from the power source to your bed.

While the price might differ based on the size, fabric and design, electric blankets are quite affordable.

Adding Sheets And A Bed Cover

Using sheets and a bed cover is optional, but they can improve your comfort levels. While you can use an electric over-blanket on a bed without a cover, it is always advisable to use one. For starters, a bed cover can protect your blanket from dirt particles and keep it clean, thereby maintaining its good looks for longer.

If you use an electric blanket that you lie on, also known as an under-blanket, we recommend covering it with a bedsheet for the same reasons as above.

Step by Step Guide on How To Use Electric Blankets

Step 1: Read The Instructions That Are Provided On The Manual

If you have a new electric blanket, go through the manufacturer’s safety instructions to get some insight into the type of blanket you are using. It will inform you whether you have an over-blanket or an under-blanket. As the name suggests, an over blanket should be placed on your bedding, while an under-blanket has a slim design, making it easier for you to place it under an undersheet.

Apart from that, the manufacturer’s safety instructions will take you through the precautionary measures that you should take to prevent heat-related injuries or accidents.

If you plan to use an old electric blanket that another member of your household was using, we recommend thoroughly inspecting it and checking for any signs of damage. Check if the fabric is worn out or has scorch marks. Finally, also inspect the condition of the wires, as the heating wires should not be exposed.

If you notice anything unusual, we recommend buying a new blanket to reduce the risk of any injuries.

Step 2: Spread The Blanket

The next thing that you need to do is to spread the electric blanket on your bed. If you are using an over-blanket, spread it over your beddings or place it between your bed sheet and cover.

Ensure that the power cord is positioned in an area close to the power outlet, i.e. close to your bed’s head- or footboard. You could even use the over-blanket as a standalone blanket.

If you have an under-blanket, you have to first strip all the beddings from your mattress. After that, place the under-blanket on your flat mattress and cover it with an undersheet. Fit the electric blanket so that it sits perfectly on the mattress to prevent overlap and reduce the likelihood of it shifting while you are sleeping.

Step 3: Find The Right Heat Settings

While electric blankets can keep you warm at night, they might get extremely hot or overheat if the settings haven’t been adjusted correctly. To prevent this from happening, adjust the settings before you start using your blanket.

For instance, some blankets come with a timed heating mechanism that shuts off the heating element after a certain amount of time.

Plug your blanket’s cord into a power source, then turn on the power. If your blanket features a timed heating mechanism, set the total amount of time that it should take to warm your bed with the control found on the blanket.

The timer can also act as a safety feature and shuts off the heating element whenever you leave your blanket on.

Step 4: Adjust The Temperature Settings

Since electric blankets offer you various temperature settings, you should always adjust the blanket’s temperature based on your personal preferences.

Most blankets feature high-, medium-, and low-temperature settings. Not to mention, many electric blankets come with free buttons and controls.

If you had placed your blanket between your bed sheets and cover, we suggest choosing a lower temperature setting. With time, you will find the most suitable temperature setting for your electric blanket. We recommend starting on the lower temperatures and slowly increasing it to find the one that suits your needs best. In this way, you avoid waking up hot and sweaty in the middle of the night.

Step 5: Enjoy The Warmth Provided by The Blanket

So that your bed has the perfect temperature when you get in it, switch your electric blanket onto your preferred settings before getting into bed and give it some time to preheat your sheets. You can also easily use electric blankets on different furniture, such as your sofa, on movie nights.

Tips on Washing Electric Blankets Safely

Wondering how you can wash your electric blanket? Let us take a look at some tips and tricks that will help you maintain your electric blankets.

Washing Machine

Many can be washed in the washing machine. However, before you start the washing procedure, you have to turn off the power and unplug the power cord from the electric blanket. Read the blanket user manual to get an insight into the washing settings that should be used. Most electric blankets require a gentle and delicate wash cycle, as other cycles might damage them.

Wash by Hand

Electric blankets come with a user guide that shows you how to wash such blankets by hand. You have to presoak the blanket in soapy and lukewarm water for about 10 minutes in most instances. After that, apply some pressure on any stains and give them a gentle scrub. Rinse the electric blanket with lukewarm or cold water.

Professional Cleaning

If you are unsure that you can put your blanket in the washer or are not too keen on washing it by hand, you can also take your blanket to professional washing services.

Tips on Storing Electric Blankets Safely

You won’t always be using your blanket and would need to temporarily store it. Since it has electrical parts, we’ve also got some storage tips for you.

If you plan to store your blanket, ensure that you have disconnected it from its power source and let it cool down for about 30 minutes.

You can either roll the electric blanket or fold it carefully based on your personal preferences to save space. Once you finish folding it or rolling it, place it in a cool and dry space.

Do not put anything on top of the blanket after storing it. Also, make sure that the power supply wires are not tangled up once you store the electric blanket.

Get An Electric Blanket

While using your electric blanket might seem intimidating, the whole process is quite straightforward. Learning how to use an electric blanket properly and correctly will keep you warm during cold nights and ensure that you don’t need to get into a cold bed again. Furthermore, an electric blanket is quite versatile and can be used in other rooms of your home.

What type of electric blanket do you prefer, and do you have any tips or tricks for using yours? Let us know in the comments below.


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