What Is a Mitre Saw Used For

Wondering what is a mitre saw used for? A mitre saw is a versatile cutting tool that can be used in your workshop to cut different types of wood at different angles. Thanks to this feature, a mitre saw lets you work on a wide variety of woodwork projects in your workshop. You can use it in any project that requires an angled cut, such as a compound cut. It lets you cut an angled cut to your most preferred size.

Moreover, a mitre saw saves your time as you are cutting planks of wood. It makes your work much easier. Instead of contacting a contractor, you can use a mitre saw to build different furniture. You just have to place it on a stable work surface and cut wood to a specific size. In this post, we will give you an insight into the different uses of a mitre saw.

Different Types of Cuts That a Mitre Saw Can Make


Like circular saws, a mitre saw can be used to make a crosscut on a piece of wood. A crosscut is a regular cut that is made across a piece of wood. Since mitre saws come with a large cutting blade and a moveable arm, they can cut different pieces of wood into two parts. Unlike circular saws, mitre saws are more versatile. However, they can’t be used to make rip cuts on wood planks.

A crosscut can reduce the length of a certain piece of timber and cut perfect squares at the ends of wooden planks. While this is one of the most basic ways to cut wood, it is a popular cut used in different woodwork projects. The size of the crosscut might differ, depending on the wooden plank that you are cutting.

A sliding compound saw is a special mitre saw that can cut across the grain of a large piece of timber.

Mitre Cuts

A mitre saw is a powerful tool that makes it easier for you to cut two pieces of wood at the same angle to come up with a mitre joint. For example, you can cut one piece of wood at 45° and another piece of wood at 45° to make a 90° mitre joint. Most mitre cuts are 45° or 22.5°. A mitre saw comes with an adjustment mechanism that lets you adjust the angle of the mitre. It also features a movable arm that enables you to cut mitres easily.

While cutting a mitre joint might sound complicated, it is an easy woodwork task. Mitre joints are commonly found on the corners of door frames and picture frames. A mitre saw might be a handy power tool for you if you are working on a woodwork DIY project that requires mitre joints. For instance, you can use it to cut mitre joints on your door frames, crown moulding, window casings, and picture frames. You can also use a mitre saw on a skirting board to cut external and internal mitres.

Bevel Cuts

This type of cut is an angled cut across the thickness of a wooden plank. Like mitre cuts, bevel cuts make it easier for you to join two pieces of wood to make a perfect joint.

A bevel joint can be used to get a neat finish. Unlike a chop saw, compound mitre power saws come with a bevel gauge that lets you adjust the bevel angle as you are cutting a workpiece edge. As you adjust the bevel gauge, the saw blade will tilt vertically at an angle, making it easier for you to slice through a workpiece at a certain angle. The size of bevel cuts may differ.

The saw blade of a single bevel compound mitre saw can only tilt in one direction, while the blade of a double-bevel compound mitre saw can tilt in both directions.

DIY Projects and Tasks Where You Can Use a Mitre Saw

Now that you have some insight into the different types of cuts that a mitre saw can make, let’s take a look at the DIY projects where those cuts can be used. Here are some different types of DIY woodwork projects and tasks that will allow you to use a mitre saw:

Building Utility Shelves and Bookshelves

Utility shelves allow you to organize and store different items in a neat manner. Such shelves can be built in various rooms in your home.

Examples of such rooms include your bedroom, your kitchen, and your garage. With a mitre saw, you can easily cut planks on wood to match the shape of the utility shelf that you are planning to build. Not to mention, you can easily cut a mitre on the diagonal support of a utility shelf.

Apart from that, a mitre saw can also be used to build bookshelves. A mitre saw lets you cut bevels and mitres on different pieces of wood as you are making a bookshelf. It saves your time and helps you get tidy joints on your shelves.

Building Wooden Removable Storage Drawer

The wooden planks have to be joined with each other at a 90 degrees angle to build a perfect storage drawer. Since a power mitre saw comes with a bevel adjustment and a mitre gauge, you can easily cut different types of wood at different angles to get a perfect joint when joining two planks of wood. For instance, you can make a 45° bevel cut on a piece of wood, then join it with another plank to make a perfect 90 degrees corner.

Storage Box

Just like a removable drawer, a storage box should have 90 degrees joints at every corner. While a storage box and a drawer are used to store things, a storage box is bigger and more versatile than a removable drawer. Drawers are mostly used to store stationery, but storage boxes are used to store a wide variety of items. Since storage boxes are made from wide planks of wood, you can use a sliding compound mitre saw to cut such planks. Not to mention, a mitre saw can help you cut wood at a certain angle, making it easier for you to create mitre joints.

Mirror Frames, Picture Frames, and Painting Frames

A mitre saw can also be used to build high-quality picture frames that have perfect joints. Most picture frames usually have 90 degrees mitre joints that provides support to the whole unit. Plus, mitre joints can make a picture frame look tidy and attractive. A mitre joint joins two wood frames smoothly, making it hard for you to know where the joints are located.

Since mitre saw comes with a mechanism that allows you to cut wood at different angles, it is easier for you to build picture frames with different designs. A mitre saw can be used to make picture frames that have different shapes. For instance, with a mitre saw, you can create a stylish hexagonal picture frame that adds some style to your living space. The blade can cut two pieces of wood at a 30° angle to create a 60° joint. When you join all the frames, you will get a hexagonal picture frame/mirror frame.

Plus, you can also use it to build octagonal picture frames. You just need to adjust the blade to cut the frames at a 22.5° angle to make 45° angles that will give you an octagonal frame. Most octagonal frames are mainly used as mirror frames to improve the interior decor of a certain space.

Installing Wooden Skirting Boards and Crown Molding In Your Home

A mitre saw can come in handy when you are installing skirting boards in your home. A skirting board is a wooden board installed at the base of a wall to give your wall an attractive finish. For a skirting board to fit perfectly on a corner, it has to be cut at a certain angle. Not to mention, most skirting boards have a mitre joint that gives them a smooth finish at different corners.

To fit join two skirting boards at a corner, you have to adjust the blade to cut each skirting board at a 45° angle, then join the two boards to make a 90° mitre joint. While you can use other materials to cut a skirting board, they not as accurate and effective as a mitre saw. Plus, a mitre saw saves you time while installing skirting boards in different rooms in your home.

Building Wardrobes in Your Home

While homemade wardrobes might not have a smooth finish like wardrobes purchased at a furniture store, they are still effective in storing different clothes. With a mitre saw, you can build homemade wardrobes that will give you enough space to store clothes, and a mitre saw can help you make one easily.

Advantages of Using a Mitre Saw

Easy to Use and Versatility

A mitre saw is quite advanced and cuts wood easily than other tools. It also comes with a user manual that gives you insight into the different parts that it packs. A user manual also shows you how you can use the mitre saw to cut wood. Adjusting the mitre angle in a mitre saw is quite easy. Plus, mitre saws have a lock mechanism that locks the saw at a certain angle, making it easier for you to cut wood. Mitre saws are also available in different sizes and have an ergonomic handle. Advanced models may offer you a dust bag that helps you tidy up other work surfaces.

A Mitre Saw Can Be Used to Cut At Different Angles

Unlike other power tools, a mitre saw can cut a specific workpiece at different angles. Not to mention, a compound saw lets you cut different sides of a wooden plank at different angles. For instance, you can make an angled cut through the thickness of a plank and the width of the plank.

Moreover, mitre saws come with a mitre adjustment that lets you change the angle of a mitre angle. Compound mitre saws also feature a bevel adjustment that enables you to adjust the bevel angle. A bevel adjustment tilts the mitre saw to a certain angle, making it easier for you to cut a bevel.

A Mitre Saw Saves Your Time as You Are Cutting Planks of Wood

Compared to other cutting tools like circular saws, a mitre saw saves your time as you are cutting wood at different angles in your workshop. If you use other power tools to cut a mitre, you first have to measure and mark the angle you want to cut. On the other hand, a mitre saw comes with a calibrated scale and adjustment mechanism that moves the whole unit to a certain angle, saving your time.

As if that’s enough, a mitre saw comes with a blade that rotates automatically. The only manual work you have to do while using a mitre saw is to adjust the cutting angle and lower the blade to your workpiece. On the contrary, if you are using a hand saw, you have to move it manually as you are cutting a workpiece. Doing this might be time-consuming and cumbersome.

A Mitre Saw Is an Accurate Power Tool

You have to cut wood planks accurately to get perfect joints. A mitre saw is accurate and precise in cutting planks of wood at various angles. It also features a lock mechanism that lets you lock the saw at a certain angle, minimizing any movements. It also has a laser guide for precision. A laser guides you as you are cutting. Plus, the probability of making an error while using a mitre saw is relatively low. It also features blade guards that protect you and minimize the risk of injuries.

Get a Mitre Saw For Your Wood Work Projects

What is a mitre saw used for? A mitre saw is a tool that can be used in a wide variety of woodwork projects. You can use it to cut baseboards, crown moulding, shelves, and picture frames. It is an ideal tool for DIY projects. Not to mention, it is easy to use tool that helps you finish a task in a short time.

What do you use a mitre saw for? What projects have you completed? Share with us below!

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