What Is an Electric Shower

An electric shower takes your bathing experience to the next level. It heats water instantly and allows you to control the temperature as well. Not to mention, it is quite easy to use.

Electric showers are quite popular in various areas. They are inexpensive and do not require any special pumps to work effectively. Since electric showers are energy-efficient appliances, they can help you save some money on energy bills.

This post will answer the question, ‘What is an electric shower?’ and discuss how it works to provide you with an invigorating shower experience.

What Is An Electric Shower and How Does It Work?

An electric shower is an electrical appliance that warms water by converting electricity into heat.

How does an electric shower work?

Like other electric heating appliances found in your home, this type of shower comes with a heating element that converts electricity into heat in different bathrooms. After that, the heating component transfers the heat to the cold water flowing through it.

For safety purposes, the heating element in most showers is completely sealed to prevent any accidents.

Most of these showers work warm water directly from the cold water supply plumbing system and do not require storage systems. Due to this, these appliances are more power-efficient.

Moreover, these household devices have a thermostatic temperature control dial that regulates the amount of cold water passing through the heating element. Unlike other showers, electrical showers have an effective temperature-control system.

Who Needs an Electric Shower?

An electric shower can be used in different households to provide hot water.

It might be a suitable solution for you if you need:

  • A unit that heats water directly from the plumbing systemElectric showers can heat water instantly. It only takes a few seconds for an electric shower to warm water to your most preferred temperature. Not to mention, it takes your showering experience to a whole new level by offering instant access to hot water.
  • An energy-efficient shower. An electric shower uses most of its energy to warm the water that you are going to use. Plus, the water delivery is quite good. This makes it easier for you to save some money on your power bills and water bills.
  • A modern unit. If you want to make some changes to your bathroom, an electric shower might be a suitable option for you. It is better than other heating systems. Plus, it is easy to install. If your boiler breaks regularly, this shower might make a suitable choice for you.

What Is the Power Rating of Electric Showers?

The power rating of an electric shower is the maximum amount of power that an electric shower uses to heat up the water in a bathroom. While it varies from one unit to another, it usually ranges from 7KW-10.5KW.

Models with a high rating can heat up the water quite fast. While high-wattage electric showers are pretty efficient in heating water, they are quite expensive. On the other hand, electric showers with a lower classification are quite slow in heating water.

The power rating of an electric shower also affects the water pressure. As mentioned earlier, the temperature control dial works by adjusting the amount of water that flows through the shower.

If the temperature is increased to a higher setting, the water flowing through the shower reduces.

Since high-wattage models can heat up the water quite fast, the water pressure doesn’t drop when you increase the temperature. High-wattage showers have better water pressure, ensuring a consistent flow.

It is also worth noting that electric showers in most bathrooms do not have a pump. They depend on the overall pressure of the mains water supply unit.

What Is the Difference Between a Power Shower and an Electric Shower?

Wondering what the difference between a power shower and an electric shower is?

A power shower draws hot water from a hot water cylinder and feeds it to your shower’s hot water system. Cold water is used to regulate the temperature of warm water. In short, a power shower feeds hot and cold water to your shower unit. It draws water from a water tank and feeds it to your shower.

Unlike a power shower, an electric shower heats water directly from the water pipe, providing you with hot water. The water pressure in these two shower systems may also differ.

On the other hand, a mixer shower connects a hot water supply system to the cold water supply system for temperature regulation. Mixer showers also come with a boiling unit for warming water.

Advantages of an Electrical Shower

Temperature Adjustment

An electric shower comes with a temperature control knob that makes it easier for you to adjust the water temperature. While conventional showers have a system that allows you to control the temperature, they are not accurate in controlling the temperature as electric ones.

Easy Installation

Electric showers are available in different designs and can be installed easily. The electric shower installation process also takes a short period of time. Not to mention, some electric showers come with certain information that guides you through the installation process.

Energy Efficiency

An electric shower heats up the exact amount of water that you might require to shower. In short, it doesn’t use a lot of power on heating excess water. Not to mention, this shower has minimal heat losses.

When compared to other types of showers, an electric shower is power-efficient. Power showers have lots of energy losses that reduce the overall temperatures of water. For example, water temperature might decrease as it flows from the hot water boiler to the shower unit in the bathroom. Electric showers also occupy less space than other showers that require large storage spaces for storing a hot water storage cylinder.


Most electric showers have an affordable price tag. Due to this, most households have opted for this option. Electric showers are also available in different designs and different sizes. Premium models have more features and are more costly than the average shower. On the other hand, you can also purchase effective showers at an affordable price.

Power showers might be quite expensive because they have different parts and different things. Some also come with a pump for increasing the pressure in various water systems.

Choosing an Electric Shower for Your Home

Now that you know the answer to ‘What is an electric shower?’, let’s briefly discuss why you should consider installing one in your bathroom.

An electric shower is quite effective in heating cold water. In about 2 minutes, it can heat water to the most preferred temperature.

Not to mention, it has a nifty mechanism that makes it easier for you to adjust the temperature. Electric showers also come in different designs. You can choose the style that suits you the most.

Unlike other types of showers, electric showers are relatively easy to maintain. They don’t have any parts that require special attention. Plus, they are very durable and can work efficiently for a long time without breaking.

Have you decided on purchasing electric showers for your home? If not, what’s holding you back? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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