Where to Place an Air Purifier in a Room

An air purifier gets rid of airborne particles and pollutants that might be present in the air circulating in your home.

The efficiency of an air purifier depends on where it installed. You can increase the efficiency of a purifier by 20% if you place it in the perfect spot. If you’ve just purchased an air purifier, determining the perfect position for your device might seem challenging, but it is quite an easy process.

Whether you want to keep it in your bedroom or have a portable one you can move around the house, we’ve compiled handy tips to help you figure out where to place an air purifier in a room.

In this article, we are going to show you how you can find the best location for your air purifier.

Where to Place Your Air Purifier

Air purifiers should be installed in the room with the highest concentration of air pollutants. To ensure the optimal air purifier placement, you must determine the concentration of indoor pollutants in each room. A room with high air pollution levels affects the air quality in other rooms. Thus, you should place one air purifier in that room.

These are some of the rooms that have the highest levels of indoor pollution :

  • Washroom
  • Basement
  • Rooms with mould

You can use an air-monitoring device to test the quality of indoor air in your living spaces. Listed below are ideal locations for your air purifier.

1. Near Pollution Sources

The first thing you need to do is to identify the source of air pollution in your home. Is it a vent or a window?

Some of the areas that might be a source of odour in your home might be your pet’s litter box or bed, your carpet, doors and windows, mould in your kitchen, and your storeroom.

Once you have identified where the air pollutants are coming from, you need to put an air purifier closest to the pollutant source to clean the air that might be circulating around that part. For example, if you live with a smoker, the best place to put an air purifier is the room where he or she spends the most time in.

This makes it easier for the air purifier to get rid of the airborne particles and contaminants before they spread to your living room and other rooms in your house. A superb air purifier location also improves the overall indoor air quality.

Moreover, if you have an HVAC system in your home, you should place the air purifier near the air inlet of the HVAC system. When you place an air purifier near the air inlet, it prevents air pollutants from getting into the HVAC system.

2. Where There Is Good Airflow

closeup of hand operating air filtration device Since electric precipitators and ionisers do not have a fan for drawing air into their inner compartments, you have to place them in a location that has good airflow.

So how can you find a position that has good airflow in your home?

Air flows smoothly in an empty space that does not have any obstructions such as furniture and walls. If you are planning to place a purifier in your living room, make sure that it is an open space and away from obstructions. Installing an air purifier close to an obstruction is not a good idea; it will not filter all the polluted particles that might be present in your indoor air. Optimum air purification is facilitated by good airflow.

Try to position an air filter at least 0.5 metres away from various objects in your home. For example, an air purifier should be 0.5 metres away from your sofas, tables, and shelves. A spot with good air circulation, such as near doors and windows, is the perfect location for an air purifier.

3. Away From Other Electronics

An air purifier should not be placed near electronics like televisions, microwaves, stereo systems, and cookers. Since electronics emit different wavelengths, putting an air purifier close to an electronic device might affect its performance.

Not to mention, some electronic devices produce an electromagnetic field that affects the smooth functioning of an air purifier. Position your air purifier at least 0.5 metres from electronic appliances for smooth functioning.

4. In a Safe Area

When determining the best area to install an air purifier, you should look for an area that is free from moisture since doing so may result in significantly short filter life. Avoid placing it near water dispensers, taps, and other sources of water.

Not to mention, an air purifier should be kept far away from busy spaces and away from kids and pets. If kids like playing in a certain section of a room, then you should keep an air purifier away from that section. Kids can be tempted to tamper or play with an air purifier. You should also keep it far away from pets.

Just like any other electronic home appliance devices, air purifiers can overheat when they are exposed to high temperatures. Thus, people should avoid placing their air purifiers where the devices may be subject to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, or next to a radiator, where they can overheat.

5. Away From Corners

One mistake many people make when installing an air purifier is put it in a corner so it doesn’t take up too much space. Corners and confined spaces will limit the airflow to an air purifier, reducing the air exchange rate.

You should not put your air purifier in a confined space or a corner. Instead, provide a means to facilitate airflow by placing it in an open area and far away from corners and confined spaces such as bookshelves. If it is placed away from corners, it will clean the air easily by getting rid of dust particles and pet dander. Not to mention, it will improve the air quality by emitting fresh air that has been purified.

For the best results, make sure air and, therefore pollutants such as dust particles, can circulate freely around it to be efficiently filtered.

Other Things to Consider

Here are other things to consider when it comes to determining the perfect location for your air purifiers.

Can I Put My Air Purifier on a Table?

The most suitable location for HEPA air purifiers depends on their design and size. Some purifiers are heavy and large, while others are small and portable. You may be able to place a heavy purifier on a table or a sturdy stand that can handle the weight of the purifier whereas lightweight options will not be as restricted.

Some air purifiers have a versatile design that makes it easier for you to place them in various spots. For instance, an air purifier can have multiple parts that allow you to place it on a countertop, a wall, a floor, and a table.

Most air purifiers come with a user manual guide that gives you more information about the purifier and where it can or cannot be placed. If you want to find more information about a certain air purifier, you can read the user manual. It will show you the most appropriate surface to place your air purifier.

Should I Sleep With an Air Purifier On?

air filtration device and elderly person in white bedroom The purpose of an air purifier is to filter the air that surrounds you. If you turn it off when you are sleeping then you are only letting polluted air continue to circulate. As long as your air purifier is safe and connected securely, there is no reason you shouldn’t leave your air purifier running constantly.

The only thing we would consider is how noisy your air purifier is. You wouldn’t want an air purifier in your bedroom if it keeps you up at night. Quiet air purifiers are available and have a lower dB when functioning which could be perfect for placement in your bedroom or somewhere you nap frequently. You spend 30% of your time sleeping therefore it is important to have the best air to be able to do so.

Some air purifiers are considerably louder so the best place for these may be in rooms where it doesn’t matter if you have a bit more background noise.

Should I Install It Above the Ground?

Air circulates in two directions—horizontally and vertically. It travels horizontally when it is moving from one opening to another and vertically depending on the temperature.

Therefore, when moving from door to door the air will be moving horizontally wheres, on the other hand, air circulates vertically due to temperature and density differences. For example, hot air rises to the upper part of a room, while cold air circulates to the lower part of a room. Positioning an air purifier 0.5 metres above the ground makes it easier to capture air that is circulating horizontally and vertically.  Not to mention, it increases the efficiency of the purifier. If an air purifier is placed 0.5 metres above the ground, it will keep your air clean and free from dust and pollen particles.

Can an Air Purifier Remove Kitchen Odours?

A kitchen has various sources of air pollutants. Examples of such sources include your kitchen bin, under sink odour, mould from kitchen water, detergents, and chemicals. Installing an air purifier in or near your kitchen makes it easier to get rid of air pollutants and contaminants that are found here.

A good location for an air purifier in your kitchen is on a wall. You can look for a wall-mounted purifier, which can be easily installed where it fits best. On the other hand, if you are planning to put it on your countertop, you may have to move other items around to accommodate its size. Plus, it is recommended that you position it far away from water sources.

Can I Move My Air Purifier From Room to Room?

Most air purifiers are lightweight, making it easier for you to move them from one place to another easily. For instance, if you want to read or do something in a quiet room, you can move an air purifier to another room so as not to disturb you.

Since most air purifiers are portable, you can easily place them on another surface; you don’t have to have an air purifier in the same position all day every day. You can change the position and height of an air purifier, depending on the room size.

What’s more, changing the location of the air purifier regularly gives it the opportunity to filter more of the air around your home. Whether you have a large space and you want to filter more of the air in the room, or you want to move it to your bedroom when you sleep, moving your air purifier will not do any harm.

Bottom Line

Placing your air purifier in a perfect spot in your house might be quite easy for you if you follow the tips that have been listed above. Remember, an air purifier should be placed in a spot with a good amount of airflow whilst considering the level of noise it produces.  If you have children and pets, then you should keep the air purifier away from such playful users who might tamper with various components.

Clean air has many benefits so now that you already know where to place an air purifier in a room, there is no reason to not make the most of your air filtration device.

Where do you keep your air purifier? Do you have it in your bedroom near your bed, or perhaps on the wall in the kitchen? Let us know in the comments.

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