can you take bathroom scales on a plane

When it comes to packing for a plane trip, many of us are often left wondering what items are allowed and which ones must be left behind. One item that usually raises a few eyebrows is the bathroom scale – can you take one on a plane?

Of course! After all, who doesn’t want to keep an eye on their weight while they’re away from home? But before you start slipping your bathroom scale into your carry-on bag, there are some rules and regulations that you should know about.

In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of bringing scales on planes so that you can stay within the guidelines. So buckle up and get ready for takeoff!

Carrying Scales on Planes

Travelling with scales? Here’s what you need to know before boarding a plane. Before travelling with your scale by plane, it is essential to check the regulations of the airline beforehand. Most airlines have restrictions on the size and weight of suitcases and other items that can be taken onto a flight.

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Digital scales or digital luggage scales are usually allowed as long as they fit in your carry-on bag and do not exceed the maximum weight limit set by the airline.

Portable scales may also be allowed if they have a hook or device that allows them to be attached to your suitcase or carry-on bag.

When travelling with a scale, make sure it is securely packed in your checked baggage or carry-on bag so that it does not get damaged during transit.

Additionally, it is crucial to keep in mind that certain airports may implement additional security measures that can impact the allowance of certain items, including scales, to be carried onboard. To avoid any issues at the airport, make sure you check all relevant TSA regulations before packing your scale for travel.

To ensure a smooth journey, always double check with your airline about their specific rules regarding carrying scales onboard flights and plan accordingly. This will help ensure that you don’t run into any problems when trying to board your flight with a scale in tow. With these tips in mind, travelling with scales should be hassle free!

Carry-on Rules

When it comes to bringing items on board, make sure you understand the rules and regulations of your airline so your journey can be hassle-free. When it comes to taking bathroom scales on a plane, this is an option depending on the size and weight of the scale.

If you are looking for a regular scale that is designed for home use, these usually weigh more than what most airlines allow for carry-on luggage, with some domestic flights only allowing up to 50 pounds in total per person.

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There are other options such as cheap luggage scales or handheld scales which are smaller in size and lighter in weight so they may be allowed as a personal item or within your carry-on bags.

Regular bathroom scales also come with digital displays which could make them over the limit if they exceed certain airline restrictions.

It is important to check with your airline before heading out to the airport as different airlines have their own policies when it comes to carrying items onto planes.

Some domestic flights still adhere to strict limits while others have become more lenient over times when allowing passengers to bring additional items onboard without any extra cost.

It is best practice though to check what the guidelines are so you do not end up having any surprises at the gate or paying additional charges for exceeding weight limits set by the airline. No matter what type of scale you decide upon, it is always important that you pack smartly when flying and consider taking items that comply with all of your airlines’ restrictions before boarding any flight.

Be mindful of how much space each item takes up and how much extra weight can be added without costing too much money – this way you will get through security quickly and enjoy a stress-free journey ahead!

With careful planning, travelers should be able to find an appropriate solution for weighing their belongings that fits within their carry-on allowances without having to pay for expensive checked bag rules fees.

Checked Bag Rules

Pack smartly to avoid any surprises at the gate, as checked bag rules can be a heavy burden if not planned for in advance. Major airlines like American Airlines and Amazon have specific guidelines when it comes to checked luggage:

  • Electronic devices must be removed from their cases and placed in bins at the checkin desk.
  • Baggage handlers may weigh your bags, and overweight luggage may incur an added fee.
  • Handheld luggage scales are available on Amazon to measure your bags before you go to the airport.

It is important to read up on airline weight limits before you travel, as all major airlines charge extra fees for bags that exceed those limits. Knowing what items should go in your carryon or checked bag can help ensure you don’t have any unexpected costs upon arriving at the airport. To make sure your trip goes smoothly, remember to always pack smartly and follow the airline’s guidelines for checked baggage!

Weight Limits

a white digital weight scale on the floor

Knowing the weight limits of your checked baggage can save you from a stressful situation at the airport, so plan ahead and be prepared! When traveling with carryon or checkin luggage, it is important to consider scale for luggage.

Luggage scales are digital weighing scales that allow travelers to accurately assess how much their piece of luggage weighs. This is important in order to avoid any security issues or excess baggage charges due to a bag’s maximum weight capacity being exceeded.

It is also imperative to take into account the maximum size allowed by airlines, as this will also determine whether you incur additional fees. It is possible to take bathroom scales on board an airplane when travelling with carryon items as long as they do not exceed the maximum weight allowance set by your airline and are not too large in size.

However, if your bathroom scale does exceed these limits then it must be placed in checked-in luggage which may result in extra fees for overweight items depending on the policy of your airline.

For added security, ensure that you clearly label all items within your suitcase including any digital weighing scales so that they do not get confused with other pieces of luggage during transit. When packing for a flight be sure to check what the policies are regarding checked bags and their associated fees so that you can avoid any potential issues at check-in.

Carefully weigh each piece of luggage before leaving home and factor in any additional costs incurred should there be a need for excess baggage charges due to exceeding either maximum weight capacity or size restrictions set by your airline prior to departure.

Handheld Scales

You can easily keep track of your luggage weight with a handheld scale, allowing you to avoid hefty fees and have a hassle-free experience while travelling. Handheld scales are portable and easy to use, often featuring a stainless steel hook that allows you to attach the scale to your luggage handle.

Most handheld scales feature an LED display which shows the exact weight of the item being weighed in just seconds. These scales are powered by either batteries or USB ports, and usually come with rechargeable batteries that offer long battery life.

Another advantage of using a handheld scale is its accuracy when measuring the current weight of any item. This makes it easy to ensure that your baggage adheres to size limits and other restrictions imposed by airlines for both check-in baggage and cabin bags.

It also helps you stay within the maximum limit allowed for each piece of luggage without exceeding it due to unexpected items like bottles filled with liquids or souvenirs picked up during travels.

A handheld kitchen scale is perfect for individuals who want to take their own bathroom scale on board flights in order to measure their bodyweight accurately as well as keep track of their luggage allowance; all while making sure they don’t exceed size limits or maximum weights set by airlines.

At Home Scales

Never worry about excess baggage fees again with a reliable at-home scale, so you can quickly and easily weigh your luggage before heading out the door. An at-home scale will help you make sure you’re not carrying extra weight that might slow down your travels. Larger scales are also available if needed for martial arts equipment or other large pieces of luggage.

Many have longlasting batteries and are built to last for years, even with frequent use. Air France even offers a lifetime guarantee on most models – saving you extra cash in the long run. At-home scales come in many shapes and sizes to fit any needs. They range from small pocket scales to larger ones that weigh entire suitcases – perfect for carry on luggage.

Most feature easy-to-read displays and user friendly functions such as tare or hold weights so multiple items can be weighed together without resetting the scale each time. Many have settings specifically designed for airline travel which makes it easier than ever to get your bag ready for take off!

No need to worry about packing too much or having to pay expensive fees when flying with an at-home scale in hand. With its convenience and accuracy, these scales are must have tool when traveling by air – allowing you to save time, money, and hassles along the way!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bathroom scales allowed on international flights?

Yes, bathroom scales are allowed on international flights. However, it is important to check with your airline before packing them in your luggage as some airlines may have restrictions or additional fees for certain items. Additionally, you should ensure that the scale is properly packaged and secured so that it does not cause any damage during transit.

Are digital or analog scales preferable for flying?

When considering which type of bathroom scales to take on a flight, digital or analog, it is important to consider their respective advantages and disadvantages. Digital scales are typically more accurate and tend to be easier to read due to the digital display. On the other hand, analog scales can be bulkier and less accurate in comparison. Ultimately, the decision will depend on individual preferences as well as budget constraints.

What are the size restrictions for bathroom scales?

When traveling with a bathroom scale, size restrictions should be taken into consideration. Most airlines have a maximum size for carry-on luggage of 22″ x 14″ x 9″, and some even smaller. Therefore, it’s important to choose a bathroom scale that will fit within these dimensions. If you already have a larger scale at home, check with your airline to see if they can make an exception or offer additional guidelines for shipping the item.

Are there any restrictions on the type of batteries allowed for bathroom scales?

luggage at the airport

When traveling with bathroom scales, it is important to understand the restrictions on the type of batteries allowed. Many airlines do not permit lithium-ion or non-rechargeable batteries due to safety concerns; however, airlines may accept alkaline, nickel-metal hydride (NiMH), and sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries.

I recommend double checking with your airline prior to travel to ensure that your battery type is allowed. This will help you avoid any delays at the airport and ensure a safe flight for all passengers.

Is there any way to avoid fees for overweight bags when flying with a bathroom scale?

I’m looking for ways to avoid fees for overweight bags when flying with a bathroom scale. Before I book my flight, I’ll want to check the airline’s website or call them directly to find out their baggage policies and fees.

If the scale is over the weight limit, I may be able to buy an extra bag or look into sending it as cargo instead of as part of my checked luggage. I also should double-check that my scale is allowed on the plane; some airlines have limits on size and weight for carry-on items.


In conclusion, bathroom scales can be taken on a plane, but it’s important to understand the rules and regulations. Generally speaking, many types of scales, like handheld ones, are allowed as carry-on items. However, larger or heavier models must go in checked bags due to weight limits.

Additionally, overweight baggage fees may apply if the combined weight of your scale and other items is over 50 pounds. Surprisingly, this fee can range from $50 to nearly $200! So make sure you know all the rules before packing your scale for a flight.

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