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With the increasing popularity of ceramic induction hobs, it’s no wonder so many of us are looking for ways to keep them in top condition. But how best do you go about cleaning and maintaining your induction hob? Thankfully, Neff have come up with a range of excellent products that make the job a breeze! In this article, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at how to use Neff induction hob cleaner from tips on cleaning and scraping to advice on preventing scratches. We’ll also take a look at customer reviews and a maintenance pack that will keep your appliance in tip-top shape. So let’s get started on our journey of discovering all there is to know about Neff induction hob cleaners!

Ceramic Induction Hobs

Ceramic induction hobs are easy to clean and maintain – just get yourself some Neff Induction Hob Cleaner and you’re good to go! When it comes to cleaning your ceramic induction hob, timing is of the essence. As soon as you’re done with your cooking, make sure to wipe down the surface with a soft cloth or kitchen sponge. If there’s any dried residue on the surface, use a glass scraper or white vinegar for tougher stains. Once you’ve finished scraping off the residue, simply wipe down with a damp cloth. This will help keep your ceramic induction hob looking as good as new for longer periods of time.

When it comes to keeping your ceramic induction hob running smoothly, regular cleaning is key. There are several techniques that can be used when cleaning an induction hob; from using specialised products such as Neff Induction Hob Cleaner to wiping down with basic supplies like white vinegar and a soft cloth. Make sure to always use gentle motions when scrubbing the surface so that you don’t scratch or damage it in any way. Additionally, avoid using abrasive materials like steel wool as these could end up scratching the surface of your ceramic induction hob beyond repair.

No matter what kind of tools and products you use for cleaning your ceramic induction hob, safety should always come first! Be sure to turn off and unplug all power sources before starting any cleaning activity on an induction hob so that no electrical shocks occur during the process. It’s also important to keep children away from potentially dangerous surfaces while they’re being cleaned in order to ensure their safety at all times. With these tips in mind, you’ll have no trouble keeping your Neff Induction Hob looking great and performing optimally!

Cleaning Tips

To make your induction hob shine like new, follow these easy cleaning tips! Ceramic induction hobs are prone to food and dirt deposits that could affect the performance of your appliances. Daily cleaning with soap and water is enough to keep it clean, but for more stubborn stains you will need specific products for ceramic surfaces. Glass surfaces require different products, such as a natural degreaser or a mixture of lemon and vinegar.

Soapy WaterDaily CleaningRemoves dirt & Food Deposits
Neff Services Burnton Stain RemoverStubborn Stains RemovalGet rid of difficult marks & Spills without scratching the surface
Natural Degreaser or Lemon & Vinegar MixtureGlass Surface CleaningSuitable for glass surfaces, leaving them sparkling clean after use

Paper towels can be used instead of sponges to reduce scratches on the ceramic surface. If all else fails, contact Neff services professionals to help with the cleaning process. To ensure correct appliance functioning in this context, regular maintenance is key – inspect your induction hob regularly and if any damage occurs, contact a technician immediately.

Cleaning Products

clean and protect your induction hob with neff

You can make your appliances shine like a diamond with the right cleaning products. When it comes to Neff induction hobs, you should always use a special cream cleaner that is designed for induction cookers and hobs. It’s important to read reviews and look at recommendations from the manufacturer before making a purchase to ensure you get the best care product for your appliance. This cleaner can be used on food stains or stubborn dirt – simply add a small amount of warm water and use it in combination with a scraper. Don’t forget about washing machines and fridges either! You may need an all-purpose cleaner for these larger items, but check with the manufacturer first as they will usually recommend using specific products when looking after their appliances.

It’s essential that you take extra care when cleaning any type of electrical appliance as incorrect usage could cause damage. Create a cleaning schedule so that you don’t miss any areas, and be sure to keep up regular maintenance so that your appliances stay in top condition for years to come. Make sure you have some soda or vinegar handy too – these are great natural solutions if regular washing isn’t getting rid of tough stains or odours on your cooker or fridge shelves!

The right combination of cleaners, sprays and polishes will help keep all your kitchen appliances looking sparkling clean – just make sure you read through all manufacturers’ instructions carefully before using any products on them. Cleaning doesn’t have to require lots of scrubbing; by choosing the right products and following simple tips, keeping your Neff induction hob shining like new is easy! To make sure this job gets done properly, consider investing in different types of scrapers available for removing stuck-on grime from surfaces quickly and effectively.

Scraper Options

When it comes to tackling tough cooking grime, scrapers are your best friend – offering a safe and effective way to get the job done quickly. For Neff induction hobs, the Bosch packaging provides detailed instructions for use with extreme caution and care. It is important to ensure that all cooking vessels used on the hob are suitable for an induction hob clean before using a scraper.

The most popular scraper for this type of hob is a glass ceramic or glass hob scraper which can be purchased in the United Kingdom from DIY stores and supermarkets. Most come with fault diagnosis instructions so it is important to read these carefully before using them on your Neff induction hob.

Using a scraper requires patience and should be done delicately as they can scratch the surface if not used correctly. To prevent scratches, always use light pressure and move slowly across the surface of the hob when cleaning taking extra care around heat rings or symbols. Taking these precautions will help you achieve optimum results without damaging your Neff induction hob. Moving forward, learn more about how to protect your appliance from scratches during cleaning…

Scratch Prevention

Protecting your appliance from scratches during cleaning is key to preserving the life of your Neff induction hob, so you’ll want to take the necessary steps. For a quick wipe-down, it’s best to use a clean cloth and an appropriate glass cleaner designed for induction hobs. Apply this in gentle circular motions while avoiding any harsh scouring or high pressure scrubbing. After that, make sure to dry off the surface with another clean cloth. Additionally, you may also consider using a maintenance pack designed specifically for your Neff induction hob for more thorough care and protection of its surfaces. Taking these small steps will ensure that your appliance remains as good as new despite regular use.

Maintenance Pack

For further peace of mind, a maintenance pack designed for your Neff induction hob can help preserve the life and condition of the appliance. This includes:

  • A cleaning cloth to wipe down your induction hob surface after each use.
  • Specialised cream cleaner to cleanse any surface blemishes.
  • Polish wipes to keep the hob looking shiny and new.
  • Covers for all knobs and buttons to protect them from grease or dirt build up.

These items will extend the life of your induction hob, while also keeping it looking great at all times. It is important to remember that regular maintenance is key in order to ensure optimal functioning and performance over time. Additionally, using these supplies will make cleaning easier and more efficient than other methods such as using harsh chemicals or abrasive pads which could potentially damage your appliance’s finish or cause scratches on its surface. With a regular maintenance routine, you can rest assured that your Neff induction hob will be in top shape for years to come!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of scraper should I use on my neff induction hob?

When cleaning a Neff induction hob, it is important to use the correct type of scraper. Generally, it is best to use a non-metallic scraper that has been specifically designed for cleaning induction hobs. Non-metallic scrapers are gentler on the surface and will not scratch or damage the hobs glass surface. It is also recommended to use a cloth or sponge with warm soapy water to remove any residue left behind by the scraper before drying with a soft cloth.

Are there any special maintenance requirements for neff induction hobs?

Maintaining a Neff induction hob is relatively straightforward, but there are some special requirements to keep in mind. Firstly, it’s important to use only non-abrasive cleaners and sponges when cleaning the surface of the hob. Additionally, make sure that you don’t leave cooking residues on the hob for too long as they can cause damage or discolouration if left. Finally, be sure to clean any spills immediately as boiling liquids may cause permanent damage if left unattended. All in all, following these simple steps will help ensure your Neff induction hob remains in top condition.


Cleaning your induction hob doesn’t have to be a chore. With the right products, techniques and maintenance pack it can become a quick and easy task. Neff induction hob cleaner is the perfect solution for effortless cleaning and scratch prevention. Plus, with customer reviews being overwhelmingly positive, you can rest assured that this product will help keep your hob looking its best.

Still not convinced? Try it out for yourself – if you’re dissatisfied in any way, take advantage of Neff’s money-back guarantee. So take the hassle out of cleaning your induction hob today – with Neff Induction Hob Cleaner, you’ll be glad you did!

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