is c shaped or u shape pregnancy pillow better

Pregnancy is a special time in any woman’s life, and it comes with its own unique set of challenges. One such challenge is finding the right pillow to help you get comfortable enough to rest and sleep throughout the night. Pregnancy pillows come in all shapes and sizes, but two popular types are c-shaped and u-shaped. To illustrate their differences, I like to think of them as having a personality of their own – like siblings that look similar but act very differently! This article will take an in-depth look at c-shaped vs u-shaped pregnancy pillows so you can make an informed decision about which one is best for you.

Key Takeaways

  • C-shaped pillows offer more support and relief from pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy.
  • U-shaped pillows provide more overall coverage and allow for movement during sleep.
  • Both c-shaped and u-shaped pillows can be used after childbirth and provide a natural position for maximum blood flow.
  • When selecting a pregnancy pillow, comfort and function should be the primary focus rather than aesthetics.

What Are Pregnancy Pillows?

a pregnant woman embraced comfort with her pillow

Pregnancy pillows are an essential item for every expectant mother, delivering unparalleled comfort and support that surpasses any regular pillow. Specifically designed to conform to the shape of a pregnant woman’s body, these pillows offer targeted cushioning in crucial areas such as the back, hips, and belly.

These pillows come in two main shapes – U-shaped and C-shaped – which provide different levels of support. U-shaped pregnancy pillows offer more overall coverage and can be used to hug or cuddle the baby inside during sleep time.

They also allow more space for stretching out limbs. Meanwhile, C-shaped pregnancy pillows offer less coverage but provide more flexibility when it comes to positioning the pillow around the body. This is ideal if you need quick relief from pain or discomfort while sleeping. Both types of pregnancy pillows have their own advantages and disadvantages but both help ease any physical discomforts associated with carrying a baby for nine months.

One thing all pregnancy pillow users agree on is that these specialized cushions help them get better rest during this special time in their lives. Not only do they reduce aches and pains associated with pregnancy but they also give expecting mothers much needed extra space for sleeping without having to worry about taking up too much space in bed with their partner or children who may already be sharing it. Furthermore, some models come equipped with removable covers that make them easy to clean and maintain over time.

No matter what type of pregnancy pillow you choose, one thing is clear: these cushions are essential items for any expectant mother looking for a comfortable night’s sleep! Whether you choose the classic U shape or opt for a more contemporary C shape, you will discover that these specialised bedding pieces greatly facilitate your nights during the entire journey of pregnancy.

Different Types

When it comes to comfort, consider curving with a crescent-shaped cushion or cozying up with a U-formed one. Pregnancy pillows are designed to provide support and alleviate discomfort during the night. They come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the kind of position women need during their pregnancy journey. U-Shaped Pillows are popular among pregnant women as they provide full body support while Regular Pillows can be used for additional neck or back support. Full-Body Pillows are also an option, providing comfort from head to toe. Wedge Pillows can be used under the belly for extra cushioning and they come with a cotton cover that’s usually washable.

The type of pillow chosen depends on individual preference and needs. Some women may prefer using two pillows throughout their pregnancy whereas others may find one enough to get through the night comfortably. It is important to remember that whatever pillow you choose should offer adequate support without compromising your overall health. Choosing a pillow that provides ergonomic positioning will help reduce pressure points and allow you to rest more effectively at night while avoiding any associated aches or pains in the morning.

No matter which style you choose, pregnancy pillows can make all the difference when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep during your pregnancy journey – allowing you to feel refreshed and energized for whatever tomorrow brings!


Pregnant women can reap many benefits from using a pregnancy pillow, such as improved comfort and better sleep. The two main types of pregnancy pillows are the C-shaped and U-shaped pillows. Both of these full-body pillows provide pregnant women with the full body support they need while sleeping, but differ in terms of firmness and shape. A C-shaped pillow is usually more flexible than the U-shaped pregnancy pillow and includes a machinewashable cover that can be removed for easy cleaning. Additionally, this type of maternity pillow has enough room for an expectant mother to move around freely while sleeping on her side or back.

The U-shaped pregnancy pillow also offers great support for pregnant women who are looking to get comfortable during their sleep. This type of maternity pillow provides extra firmness which helps to keep expectant mothers in one place throughout the night without having to adjust frequently due to discomfort or pain. Additionally, it is designed with curved edges that make it easier for pregnant women to rest their arms or legs on without feeling restricted like they would if they were using a regular pillow.

Overall, both c shaped and u shaped pregnancy pillows offer excellent benefits that help expectant mothers get more restful sleep during their pregnancies. While there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to finding the best maternity pillow, each type offers its own unique advantages that can help ensure a more comfortable night’s sleep for pregnant women.

How to Choose

the woman found solace in her cozy pregnancy pillow

When it comes to choosing the right pregnancy pillow for you, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost is finding one that fits the person’s size and shape as well as their personal preferences. Many people opt for nursing pillows or standard pillows to provide extra comfort during pregnancy and postpartum recovery. It is important to select a pillow with quality filling that can be machine washed, as pregnant people may need to wash their pillows more often than other types of pillows. Additionally, those looking for extra support may want to choose between a U-shaped pregnancy pillow or full body pregnancy pillow – both of which offer additional back support compared with a standard pillow.

Beyond selecting the type of pregnancy pillow, it is also important to look at materials used in its construction. A soft supportive pillow filled with memory foam can help reduce pelvic pain during pregnancy by providing extra pressure relief and improved blood flow throughout the night. Hypoallergenic pillows are also available, along with organic cotton options for those interested in an eco-friendly choice. Many types of body pillows come with removable covers that make them easier to clean; some even have straps attached so they can be hung up when not in use.

The last thing expecting parents should consider when selecting a pregnancy pillow is consulting with a physical therapist or healthcare professional prior to purchase if they are experiencing any pain during their pregnancy journey – this will help ensure they find the best option for their individual needs such as lower back support and breathable cotton materials that provide extra comfort without creating too much extra pressure on sensitive areas.

C vs U Shaped

Now that we’ve discussed the many benefits of a pregnancy pillow, let’s take a look at the differences between C-shaped and U-shaped pillows. Both are great options for pregnant mothers, but there are distinct advantages to each.

To begin with, C-shaped pillows provide much more support than traditional pregnancy pillows. They are designed to cradle the head, neck and body throughout the night, and offer superior relief from pelvic girdle pain. Additionally, they allow for tummy time during the day without having to worry about rolling over or taking up too much bed space.

On the other hand, U-shaped pillows provide excellent support while still allowing you to move around in your sleep if necessary. They also come in a variety of shapes which allows you to find one that fits your specific needs perfectly. The level of firmness is also adjustable on most models so you can find what works best for you. Additionally, Pharmedoc offers an option with cooling gel memory foam that helps keep you cool throughout those sleepless nights!

So if you’re looking for comfort and support during your pregnancy journey, consider investing in either a C-shaped or U-shaped pillow from Pharmedoc! Their quality products will ensure that both mom and baby get plenty of restful sleep no matter which one you choose!

Pillow TypeSupport LevelFirmness AdjustabilityCooling Gel Memory Foam
C ShapedHighNoNo
U ShapedModerateYesOptional

Uses After Childbirth

a pregnant woman relaxing in bed

After your baby arrives, you can continue to use your C- or U-shaped pillow to help ease the transition back into regular sleep. Both shapes provide a natural position for maximum blood flow and offer several clever positions for getting your baby into bed. C- and U-shaped pillows are often made with a variety of materials such as bead filling, contoured curves, and shredded memory foam for extra comfort.

Having an appropriately shaped pregnancy pillow allows mothers to enjoy more restful sleep during the postpartum period. With its contoured curves and multiple positions, the C-shaped pillow helps hold babies securely in place while allowing moms to get comfortable at night. It also provides additional support when nursing or bottle feeding the baby.

The U-shaped pregnancy pillow provides even more versatility by wrapping around both sides of the body for superior cushioning and comfort. Its design helps keep mom in an upright position while she is sleeping which can reduce snoring caused by blocked airways caused by side sleeping. The shape also allows mothers to easily change sides without disturbing her partner or her baby in the middle of the night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are C-shaped or U-shaped pregnancy pillows better for back pain?

As a pregnant woman suffering from back pain, I have experimented with both c-shaped and u-shaped pregnancy pillows. After trying each one out, I found that the c-shaped pillow provided more support for my back and was better able to ease my discomfort. The shape of the c-shaped pillow allowed me to position it around my entire body, providing ample cushioning for my lower back and spine. On the other hand, the u-shape pillow seemed too stiff and failed to provide much relief from my aches and pains. Overall, I would recommend a c-shaped pregnancy pillow as being superior in terms of comfort and support for those dealing with back pain during pregnancy.

How long can a pregnancy pillow be used?

Pregnancy pillows can be used throughout the duration of a pregnancy, typically up until delivery. Depending on the type of pillow you choose, it may also provide relief for back pain and other common discomforts associated with pregnancy. It is important to consult a medical professional before using any type of pregnancy pillow to ensure that it will not cause any harm or discomfort. Additionally, some types of pregnancy pillows may need to be replaced over time due to wear and tear from regular use.

Is a pregnancy pillow necessary during pregnancy?

Pregnancy pillows can be a great asset during pregnancy. They are designed to provide extra support and cushioning for the body, which can be beneficial as a woman’s body goes through many changes throughout her pregnancy. While not necessary, they can help relieve tension in the back, neck, and hips while sleeping or lounging. Ultimately, it is up to the pregnant woman to decide if she wants to invest in one of these pillows or not; however, many women find that they add some much needed comfort during their pregnancy.


Having a pregnancy pillow can make the long weeks of pregnancy a lot more comfortable and bearable. The C-shaped or U-shaped pillows are both great options, depending on personal preference and needs. Many women find that having one of these pillows is like having an extra pair of hands to help them during this special time in their lives. Allusion can be used to evoke powerful emotions in readers, such as feelings of comfort and safety that come with knowing you have something reliable to lean on during your pregnancy journey. In the end, it doesn’t matter what shape pillow you choose; what matters is that it helps you feel safe and secure throughout your pregnancy, so you can power through each week with ease.

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