what is a cordless drill used for

A cordless drill is a user-friendly tool that helps you complete various DIY projects. Unlike a corded drill, since this power tool doesn’t have a cord, it does not restrict your movement as you are working.

Whether you are drilling a hole to hang a picture or are fastening a screw into a piece of wood, a cordless drill will be the perfect partner to help you complete your project.

What is a cordless drill used for? In this post, we are going to give you an insight into this tool and some features you should look out for when you’re thinking of buying. Let’s dive in.

How Can a Cordless Drill Help You with Your Project?

Driver Bits

Battery-powered power drills come with driver bits, which make it easier for you to drive screws into various materials. A driver bit is a long and slender tool that drill a screw into the surface of a certain material at a very high speed.

Since driver bits are available in different designs, you can drive different types of screws into various surfaces like wood, plastic, etc.

Reverse Control

Most cordless drills have a reverse control that changes the direction of the rotation. This makes it easier and faster for you to disassemble any project.

A cordless tool usually rotates in a clockwise direction to drill in a screw, the reverse control switches the direction of the rotation to a counter-clockwise direction to unfasten screws from various materials.

Variable Speed

Some cordless drills have variable speed. This means that you can operate your drill at different speed settings ranging from lower to higher speed. Variable speed is suitable for when you are doing a variety of tasks like fastening screws into a piece of furniture and other tougher projects.

Drill Guide

A cordless drill also offers you a drill guide that holds a drive bit into position, making it easier for you to drive a screw into a certain surface. A drill guide also supports a screw in a sturdy position and prevents the wobbling and shaking of screws.

Handy Uses of a Cordless Drill

Used to Make a Pilot Hole

When a screw is driven into a piece of wood using too much force, the wooden surface might crack or split due to excess pressure and stress.

A pilot hole is a unique hole that makes it easier for you to drive a screw into a certain surface using a drill driver. It also protects a wooden surface by preventing the formation of cracks and splits while you are using a cordless drill driver.

Luckily enough, most battery-powered drill drivers come with drilling bits that can be used to drill pilot holes. The diameter of a pilot hole should be compatible with the diameter of the screw that is being driven into that hole. In most instances, the pilot hole might have a smaller diameter than the screws. The diameter of a pilot hole is determined by deducting the thread of the screw from the total diameter of the screw.

Drilling a Large Hole With a Hole Saw

This is a drill attachment, which has a saw that is used for drilling holes on different surfaces. A hole saw drills big holes with large diameters.

Once it gets connected to a drill, it rotates at a high speed and cuts through various materials using the saw-like teeth. Since cordless drills have variable speed, you’ll also be able to easily change the speed of the hole saw.

Thanks to this, a hole saw can be used to drill holes that are large enough to take in electrical cables and wires. A hole saw can also be used to cut large holes for plumbing and pipework.

It doesn’t stop there. A cordless drill might be a suitable tool for you if you want an easier way to drill holes for installing locksets and deadbolts. Moreover, a hole saw might be used to install different lighting fixtures in your home as it can drill large enough holes to accommodate your lighting equipment.

Drywall Installation

A drywall is made up of gypsum fitted between two papers which makes it quite sturdy.

The good thing is that you can use a cordless drill to put up drywall in your home without contacting any professional services. On the other hand, while it can be quite effective, you have to be very cautious while driving in drywall screws. If you do it incorrectly, you might ruin the surface of the wall.

The screw should be long enough to penetrate the gypsum drywall wall as well as into the support surface. Driving screws with a shallow depth might cause the gypsum to crumble.

If you want to make your work easier, you can use a screw setter during the installation process. It is a special tool that prevents you from puncturing the surface of the drywall incorrectly. Once the screw comes into contact with the drywall, the screw setter protects the surface of the wall.

Remove Rust and Dirt from Different Surfaces

Another use of a cordless drill is that it makes it easier for you to get rid of dirt particles and rust from the outer surface of metals.

To clean a surface, you have to attach a wire brush to the front part of your drill. A wire brush is a special kind of brush that can be connected to a drill, making it easier for you to clean different surfaces.

Since a drill rotates at a very high speed, a wire brush can clean a large surface within a short period. What’s more, it can be used to get rid of flaking paint from different surfaces.

Additionally, a wire brush is quite effective in removing rust and caulk from surfaces. Wire brushes are available in different sizes and designs, making it easier for you to choose the one that is compatible with the surface you are planning to work on.

Brushes made from hard materials are suitable for labour-intensive tasks and hard surfaces. Soft wire brushes are ideal for delicate surfaces and light tasks.

Concrete Hole Drilling

With a heavy-duty cordless drill and the right type of tools, you can easily make a hole on a brick or concrete wall.

If you want your heavy-duty power drill to be effective, you have to use the right drill bit. Since drill bits are made from different materials, they can be used to make holes on different surfaces.

For instance, masonry drilling bits are suitable for drilling holes in concrete walls. Masonry drilling bits have tips that are made from carbide and tungsten.

Moreover, a cordless drill can be a combi drill that has different torque settings which allows you to change the drilling power as you are working. For example, on a hard surface like a concrete wall, you can increase the torque of the cordless drill to get effective results.

Some cordless drills might offer you a hammer function setting, which makes it easier for you to drill hard surfaces. It uses a hammer action which moves the drill bit up and down at a very high speed. The hammer action works hand in hand with the rotary movement of the drill to make holes in concrete.

Shape Different Parts of Your Furniture

If you are working on a piece of furniture and you don’t want to make more cuts to the edge of the wood, a rotary rasp might be suitable for you. A rotary rasp is a cordless drill attachment that is used to shape curved surfaces in plastic and wood furniture. It rotates at a very high speed, making it easier for you to remove bits of wood from the edge of a piece of furniture.

A cordless drill also makes it easier for you to give your furniture a smooth finish. To work on different wooden surfaces, you need to attach a drill sander to the front part of your drill.

Lastly, a cordless drill allows you to work on furniture edges. For example, you can use a drill sander to smoothen the edges of a wooden stool. A drill sander can also make it easier for you to achieve a uniform level on a wooden surface.

Features That Might Affect the Performance of a Drill

The functionality and performance of a drill are determined by the different features that it packs. These are some of the features that might affect the performance of a drill.

Torque and Battery Voltage Rating

Torque is the driving power of a cordless drill. Drills that have a high torque rating for puncturing through hard surfaces like concrete and brick surfaces. On the other hand, drills with a low torque rating are suitable for delicate surfaces. A power tool like a cordless drill also features a torque selection ring for adjusting the torque.

Drill Chuck Size and the Chuck Mechanism

A chuck holds the drill bit of a cordless drill in position. Since cordless drills are developed with different chuck sizes, you should choose a drill that is compatible with various attachments. A chuck that is compatible with various drill bits is quite versatile as compared to a chuck that has limited usability. Drills come with different chuck designs—keyless chuck and keyed chuck.

Type of Motor

Some cordless drills have motors that can run for a long period, while others have motors that can run for a short duration. Cordless drills that have a powerful motor can handle heavy and labour-intensive tasks. Some cordless drills have brushless motors that change the speed and torque, depending on the task at hand.


Battery Power

The battery power also affects the performance of cordless drills like drill drivers and impact drivers. For instance, if the battery of a driver drill doesn’t have enough power, you might be unable to fasten screws into different surfaces. Many power tools such as a driver-drill or an impact driver do not work efficiently when the battery is low. Make sure that you choose a cordless drill that has a battery pack that can last for hours. Check the battery information while buying a power tool.

The Choice is Yours

What is a cordless drill used for? A cordless drilling power tool has various applications. Drilling and driving tasks become much easier with the help of a cordless drill. Examples of cordless drills that make life easier include drill drivers, hammer drills, and impact drivers. Drill drivers help you drive screws into furniture, while a hammer drill is suitable for hard surfaces.

Most cordless power tools come with chargers and extra lithium-ion batteries that make it easier for you to recharge as you are working. Additionally, lithium-ion batteries store power for a long period, which makes it more convenient for you to finish your project.

Now we have shared the different uses of a cordless drill, you can think about what type of drill you would like. Would you prefer a keyless chuck or will you prioritise those with brushless motors? Are you choosing a simple drill driver or would you rather have a hammer drill that can puncture hard surfaces?

Let us know in the comments which power tools you use and if a cordless drill is in your top five.

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