what to do with a used pregnancy pillow

As a pregnant woman, you may have heard of pregnancy pillows. These pillows offer many benefits and are designed to help provide comfort and support during pregnancy. But what do you do with your used pregnancy pillow once your baby arrives? In this article, we’ll explore the various uses for a used pregnancy pillow after birth as well as tips on budgeting, recycling, and more. We’ll also look at when to start using a pregnancy pillow during pregnancy and the types of choices available. With this information, you can make an informed decision about how best to use your used pregnancy pillow after giving birth.

Key Takeaways

  • A used pregnancy pillow can be repurposed for various purposes like supporting safe sleeping positions for cuddling with a new baby, providing extra body support while reading or watching TV in bed, reducing swelling and improving circulation throughout the day, and taking on trips away or to visit family and friends.
  • Maternity cushions and breastfeeding pillows are great tools to keep in the nursery for breastfeeding as they provide extra support around shoulders, back, neck, and arms for frequent feedings and make the transition from pregnant belly to breastfeeding mom easier and more comfortable.
  • A used pregnancy pillow must have breathable fabric and filling that keeps you cool throughout the night and ergonomic design that can make babies feel safe and secure with flexible joints that allow for adjustments during night feeds or movement while breastfeeding.
  • A used pregnancy pillow can be recycled by donating to a charity or thrift shop or can be second-hand if made of machine washable material.

Benefits of Using

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Using a pregnancy pillow has countless benefits, from providing relief during pregnancy to offering comfort after birth. There are many shapes and materials available when choosing the right pillow for you. From a body pillow to a supportive pillow, there is an option to fit any need or preference. A good quality pregnancy pillow will be made of cotton material and be able to provide support for the entire body while pregnant. It will also help alleviate common pains like lower back pain that often come with pregnancy.

The weight and firmness of the pillow can also vary depending on what type of support is needed most. Positioning the body correctly can be difficult when lying down since it can shift due to the baby’s size and movements in the uterus. A good quality pregnancy pillow should be able to offer stability and support regardless of position or movement, allowing comfort throughout all stages of pregnancy as well as post-birth recovery time.

When considering buying a used pregnancy pillow, make sure to inspect each one carefully before purchasing. Look for signs that indicate it was used heavily such as discoloration or rips in fabric, as these could affect its effectiveness at providing support for your body during this special time in life.

When to Start

It’s never too early to start using a pregnancy pillow—you’ll be surprised how much relief it can bring you! The U-shaped pillow is specially designed to provide extra space and support for your body, enabling you to get into a more comfortable position at night. Not only will this help with improving your blood circulation, but it can also reduce the risk of leg cramps during pregnancy. In addition, many pregnancy pillows come with removable or washable covers, making them easy to keep clean. If you seek an economical approach to enhance your sleep quality during pregnancy, a traditional U-shaped pregnancy pillow is an excellent option.

When selecting a pregnancy pillow, ensure that it offers ample space and cushioning for your body while also allowing freedom of movement during the night. Also look for ones that have removable covers so that they are easy to clean and maintain as well as breathable materials so that your body stays cool while sleeping. Finally, consider the size of the pillow since bigger ones may take up more space in your bed than smaller ones.

Pregnancy requires extra care and attention which is why having a good quality pregnancy pillow can make all the difference in getting some much needed restful sleep. Investing in one now can give you peace of mind knowing that you’ll be able to enjoy comfort and support throughout the duration of your pregnancy.

Types and Choices

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Discover how choosing the right type of pregnancy pillow can provide the comfort and support you need during this important time. The correct choice of pregnancy pillow makes a difference in your sleeping position and overall health throughout your pregnancy journey. It is essential to choose a suitable pillow that will offer the best support for you, your baby bump, and other body parts.

There are many different types of pregnancy pillows available on the market today, from regular pillows to body support pillows. Standard pillows are great for providing extra back, neck and side support while sleeping. Pillows specifically designed for breastfeeding women may help relieve pelvic girdle pain or improve blood flow through compression garments. A good quality cotton cover is essential when selecting any type of pregnancy pillow as it is more breathable than synthetic fabrics.

When deciding which type of pregnancy pillow is best suited for your needs, consider not only comfort but also the amount of space available in your bed; some larger models may take up too much room and become uncomfortable after a while. Consider what kind of position you prefer to sleep in before making your purchase so that you can select one that provides maximum body support without feeling bulky or too firm against your skin.

Budget and Second-hand

Finding the perfect pregnancy pillow can be a challenge, especially when considering your budget and second-hand options. There is a wide range of normal pillows that may help with sleep position and alleviate pelvic pain or other body aches caused by joints. If opting for a second-hand pregnancy pillow, look for one made of machine washable material that is full-length or shaped like a body pillow. Memory foam pillows are also popular but they tend to be more expensive than regular ones and not always as comfortable as luxury pillows specially designed for pregnant women. It is important to know the various types of pregnancy pillows available in order to make an informed decision about what will work best for you.

When looking at used items, it is important to check for any signs of wear and tear, such as rips or tears in the fabric, discoloration due to age, and odors from long term storage or use. Be sure to inspect the item carefully before purchasing it so that you don’t end up investing money in something that won’t provide the proper support or comfort needed during pregnancy. If you have any questions about how well it will fit your needs it might be best to find another option instead.

It can take some time and research but finding a good quality used pregnancy pillow can save some money while providing much needed support during this special time in life. Knowing your own needs ahead of time will help narrow down options quickly so you can make an educated decision on what works best for both your budget and body during pregnancy.

How to Recycle

Recycling your used pregnancy pillow is a great way to give back to the environment and help keep our planet healthy for future generations. Here are some tips for how to do so:

  • Find out if your local area has any initiatives or services that allow you to recycle pillows. Some cities have drop-off locations, while others may have mail-in programs or donation centers.
  • If no such programs exist in your area, consider donating it to a charity or thrift shop that will accept gently used items. This is an especially great option if you are replacing a fulllength body pillow, additional wedge pillow, V-shaped pillows, or other perfect pregnancy pillow options.
  • While many of these items can be recycled without any issue, it’s important to ensure that they remain soft and comfortable for their new owners. Opting for natural materials like down feathers and cotton will help guarantee that the pillows provide the support needed during safe sleeping positions while still maintaining its contoured shape and providing the perfect amount of comfort.

By recycling your used pregnancy pillow instead of throwing it away, you can both save money and contribute towards protecting our planet – without sacrificing quality or comfort!

Uses After Birth

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When the baby arrives, your trusty pregnancy pillow can still be put to good use! With its contoured shape and perfect amount of comfort, it’s a great way to support safe sleeping positions while cuddling with your new bundle of joy. Rachel suggests that you can use the pregnancy pillow to help alleviate some post-birth aches and pains. It can help ease hip pain by providing extra support, as well as provide cushion for any sore knees that may have come from all those late night feedings. The pregnancy pillow is also filled with a cotton blend fibres which helps make it adjustable in firmness so you can get just the right amount of cushioning.

Another great way to use your pregnancy pillow after giving birth is as an extra body support when reading or watching television in bed. A lot of women experience excessive blood pooling in their legs during this time due to hormonal changes, so using the Dreamgenii pillow under your feet or between your legs helps keep the blood circulating around your body properly. This added comfort will also help reduce swelling and improve circulation throughout the day; making sure you don’t suffer from too much discomfort after childbirth.

The pregnancy pillow is also a great item to take on trips away or even just for visiting family and friends who live further away with baby in tow; allowing both mum and baby enough space and rest on long journeys without having to stop every hour for a break! All these uses combine to make the used pregnancy pillow not only multi-functional but also incredibly versatile; offering mums plenty of options for how best they can make use of this amazing piece of kit even once their little one has arrived!

Breastfeeding Tips

Now that your baby has arrived, a used pregnancy pillow can still be a great tool to keep in the nursery. Many of its features can help make the transition from pregnant belly to breastfeeding mom easier and more comfortable. Here are some tips on how to use your maternity cushions for nursing:

Baby Into BedTo help ease your baby into bed, you can use the ergonomic design of pregnancy pillows to make them feel safe and secure. This will also provide pain relief when holding them in certain positions.
Flexible JointsThe flexible joints of these types of pillows allow you to adjust it as needed for night feeds or if you need to move around while breastfeeding. You can even tuck it under your arm so you don’t wake up feeling uncomfortable after sleeping with your baby all night long.
Breathable Fabric & Type Of FillingLook for one with breathable fabric and a type of filling that helps keep you cool throughout the night. This will make feeding sessions more enjoyable since both mom and baby won’t overheat during those special bonding moments together.

The best part about using these kinds of maternity cushions is that they are designed specifically with breastfeeding moms in mind, so they provide extra support where it’s most needed – around shoulders, back, neck, arms – while allowing easy access for frequent feedings throughout the day or night. With all these benefits in mind, it’s no wonder why so many moms love using their old pregnancy pillows even after their babies have arrived!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I replace my pregnancy pillow?

It is generally recommended to replace your pregnancy pillow every six months or so. This is because over time, the material will break down and degrade which can lead to an uncomfortable sleep experience. However, it ultimately depends on how often you are using the pillow and if it begins to show signs of wear and tear. It’s important to check for any rips or tears in the fabric as these could cause discomfort or even put you at risk for injury.

What is the best way to clean a pregnancy pillow?

The best way to clean a pregnancy pillow is to first remove any removable covers or cases, and wash them separately in a washing machine on a gentle cycle. If the pillow itself is machine-washable, then put it in the washing machine on the delicate setting with mild detergent. Alternatively, spot-clean the pillow by hand using warm water and mild detergent. Make sure to rinse thoroughly before allowing it to air dry completely.

Can I use a pregnancy pillow if I’m not pregnant?

Yes, you can use a pregnancy pillow even if you are not pregnant. It is designed to provide extra comfort and support for the body while sleeping or resting, so it can be a great asset to anyone, regardless of their current stage of life. Alliteration aside, the key here is that pregnancy pillows are made to provide additional comfort and support for many different types of bodies – something that most people would appreciate. So even if you’re not expecting a little one soon, don’t hesitate to give yourself the relaxation and restorative sleep your body deserves with a pregnancy pillow!

Are there any health risks associated with using a pregnancy pillow?

I am mindful of the potential health risks associated with using a pregnancy pillow, particularly one that has been previously used. As such, I would take precautions and exercise caution when deciding to use a secondhand pregnancy pillow. While there is no concrete evidence to suggest any inherent danger in its use, I would err on the side of caution and seek an expert opinion before making any decisions – after all, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Anachronistically speaking, it certainly pays to have all your proverbial ducks in a row when it comes to matters of health and wellness.


I couldn’t have been more satisfied with my pregnancy pillow. It provided me with the comfort and support I needed during my pregnancy and beyond. In fact, it was so helpful that I’d like to thank it for being such an amazing companion! I’m sure that whatever I decide to do with this beloved pillow, it will be put to good use. Whether donating it, giving it away to a friend or family member in need, or finding another creative way to utilize its many benefits, I know that this pregnancy pillow will bring joy and comfort to someone else’s life too!

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