What Type Of Electric Heater Is Most Efficient

An electric heater is a crucial tool that keeps you warm during those cold winter months. If you want to heat a whole room in the cold season, a portable electric heater might suit you.

Since there are various types of electric heaters on the market, it might be quite hard to know which one is the most efficient or which is the best electric heater for your lifestyle. Not to mention, most electric heaters have different designs that are appropriate for different heating tasks.

For an electric heater to run, it has to be powered by electricity. The running cost of different electric heaters might be different due to energy consumption. For instance, energy-efficient electric heaters have low running costs. On the other hand, electric heaters that consume a lot of power have high running costs.

In this post, we are going to take you through the different types of electric heaters. We are also going to show you what type of electric heater is the most efficient. Let’s dive in.


Here’s a quick overview of the different types of electric heaters:

Some can be used in your central heating system.

Electric Fan Heater

As the name hints, this type of heater comes with a fan. It is made up of a heating element that converts electrical energy to heat energy. Once electricity is converted into heat energy, it warms the surrounding air and distributes it evenly into the room using a fan.

Due to this mechanism, such an electric fan heater can also be categorized as a convector heater. Most electric heaters often come with a thermostat that makes it easier for you to control the heat energy they emit.

As if that’s enough, such heaters have a speed control setting for controlling the speed of the fan.

Electric fan heaters can also operate as cooling fans. If you don’t want the heater to warm the air around you, you can switch off the heating element altogether.

Since electric fan heaters warm air in a convection cycle, they can heat a small room such as a bedroom.

Most electric fan heaters are also easy to move from one place to another; a fan heater is a portable heater. Although being the least expensive electric heater on the market, an electric fan heater is not the most effective. Electric fan heaters are not one of the most affordable to run and consume a lot of electricity. For example, one electric fan heater uses the same energy required to power up to three air conditioners.

Not to mention, such heaters can make allergic reactions worse than they were before. An electric heater doesn’t filter out dirt particles from the air. Instead, it warms cool air and recirculates the hot air around the room. If the room is quite dusty, an electric fan heater will recirculate the same air, which could trigger allergies.

Infrared Heaters

Electric infrared heaters have an element that emits infrared radiation, which heats nearby objects instead of warming the air around them as other heaters do.

Such heaters emit infrared radiation that is quite similar to the heat that is produced by sunlight rays. Think of it like the heat that hits your face from the mid-morning sun.

Since infrared heaters come with a heating element that generates heat very quietly, they are suitable for a noise-free environment like a study or a bedroom. A medium-sized infrared heater can be used in a small room. Not to mention, an electric infrared heater doesn’t reduce the levels of humidity in the air.

Other electric heaters function by heating the surrounding air. Due to this, such heaters might end up making the surrounding air dry.

Electric infrared heaters are also quite efficient. Most of the heat energy that is emitted is used to warm up the surrounding environment. Plus, infrared heaters work immediately—no need to preheat a space while using such heaters.

Unlike other heaters, electric infrared heaters do not have tons of movable parts that require special maintenance or attention. It makes it easier for you to maintain them. To maintain an electric infrared heater, you only have to clean the parts once in a while. It is also cheap to run. It is the cheapest to run.

While electric infrared heaters are quite efficient in heating different spaces, they might pose some health risks in households that have children. Such heaters might be unsafe to use around children and pets.

Electric Baseboard Heaters

Electric baseboard heaters are sleek and narrow heating appliances designed to be installed along the wall base. Such heaters feature a heating element that converts electrical energy to heat energy.

Most electric baseboard heaters are fitted under a window for maximum efficiency. Since such heaters are installed under a window, they are efficient at heating cold air that gets into a room.

Furthermore, electric baseboard heaters also come with thermostats that help you regulate the temperature in a room. For instance, some models have programmable automatic thermostats that trigger the heater to start at night and shut off during the day.

While most electric baseboard heaters are installed permanently in a wall, some are free-standing units and can be placed in different room parts.

To get the most out of an electric baseboard heater, you have to place it far away from furniture and other obstructions that might hinder air circulation. Keep it 10-15 inches away from other home appliances.

Electric baseboard heaters operate quietly and can be used in a noise-free environment.

While electric baseboard heaters are quite good at warming cold air that flows into your room, they are affected by dust. If dust settles on the fins of an electric baseboard heater, it might not function efficiently. To prevent this from happening, you have to clean the fins regularly. Not to mention, an electric baseboard heater consumes a lot of power. Using it for a long period might be quite costly.

Since most electric baseboard heaters are often installed under a window, long curtains and drapes might affect the air circulation in a room.

Mica Heaters

A mica heater is a heating appliance that was named after the type of material that it is made from—mica. It packs a heating element that is surrounded by thin panels of mica.

Once such panels are heated, they emit radiant heat and convection heat. Not to mention, mica heaters emit heat quite fast. In about two or three minutes, you can feel the effect of such heaters.

Apart from that, mica heaters have different thermostatic control/settings for temperature regulation. For example, some mica heaters shut down after heating a room to the required temperature.

Most mica heaters also have a compact design that makes it easier for you to move them from one room to another. Plus, mica is a very durable material that can last for a long period of time.

Unlike other heaters, a mica heater can work efficiently near obstructions and furniture. Not to mention, it doesn’t reduce the humidity levels that might be present in the air. Since most mica heaters are not affected by obstructions, they are quite energy-efficient. Most of the heat that is emitted from such heaters is used to warm up your room.

Due to the fast-heating mechanism of the mica heater, less electricity is used to heat an entire room. It makes it quite economical and energy-efficient. Such heaters also have an overheat protection function that reduces the risks of accidents and injuries.

Electric Floor Heaters

As the name hints, an electric floor heater was designed to be fitted on the floor. While such heaters are installed on the floor, the heater can be used to heat an entire room.

Electric floor heaters come with an element that emits heat through thermal radiation. Once the heat is produced from the heater, it radiates from the bottom part of the room to other parts of the room and heats different objects in the heating radius.

With an electric floor heater, you can easily heat a room to achieve a uniform temperature in different parts. Most electric floor heaters come with a switch that allows you to control the heating mechanism. For example, if you want to increase the temperature in a room, all you have is to turn the switch on.

Since an electric floor heater works by transmitting electromagnetic waves to different parts of a room, it doesn’t stir up dust. Plus, it works quietly and doesn’t produce any disturbing noise.

Unlike other electric heater types, an electric floor heater covers a relatively large area and consumes a lot of power. While the floor area might differ from one room to another, using an electric floor heater might be quite expensive. Also, the installation cost of an electric heater is quite high.

Electric Fireplace

Interior room with fireplace for Christmas

An electric fireplace, designed to look exactly like a traditional fireplace, is a special type of heating chamber that warms up the surrounding air. It sucks in cold air from a room, warms it to a certain temperature, and then releases it back into circulation.

Moreover, some electric fireplaces come with an element that emits radiation, which will heat a cold room.

Electric fireplaces also have flames that add some sense of style to your home. While electric fireplaces might seem to produce real flames, such flames are produced through a series of simulation effects.

Not to mention, such heaters also feature different heat settings that make it easier for you to control the flame and heat of your fireplace.

Compared to traditional fireplaces, electric fireplaces have a safer flame that does not pose too much risk to your children. Also, electric fireplaces have a clean flame that doesn’t produce any smoke/soot that might affect your breathing system.

Almost 99% of the heat that is produced from electric heaters is used to warm up the surrounding environment. Since electric heaters do not have a chimney, they are very energy efficient. Most traditional fireplaces lose most of the heat energy through the chimney.

Which Is the Most Energy Efficient Heater?

Wondering which is the best electric heater for your home?

The most energy-efficient electric heater is the infrared heater. It is the cheapest to run and easy to use. Almost 100% of the infrared heat emitted by such heaters is used to heat the surrounding environment. Not to mention, infrared heaters have minimal heat loss.

Most infrared heaters are also portable, making it easier for you to move them from one room to another. They also have an affordable price tag and are available in different sizes. Convection heaters are not quite efficient. The same applies to a panel heater. A convection heater warms the air around you using convection currents. Such heaters tend to lose a lot of energy, causing your energy bills to spike. While such heats are cheap to acquire, it might not be the cheapest to run.

Stay Warm and Cosy

Knowing what type of electric heater is most efficient could be the difference between saving a few pennies and making sure your space is effectively heated.

However, the cheapest electric heaters to run may not be the best electric heater for your lifestyle. Convector heaters or convection heaters might be suitable for you if you are looking for a heater that is portable, as they are designed to help you move around. At the same time, you should avoid fan heaters if you are particularly sensitive to allergens.

A good electric heater takes your central heating system to the next level, from halogen heaters to storage heaters. There are many options available, so make sure you do your research before investing.

Choose the Right Type Of Electric Heater

We hope this article has answered the question ‘what type of electric heater is most efficient?’ and you can get the right electric heater for your home. Remember, the cheapest or the most expensive electric heater may not be the best for you. Simply choose an electric heater which is suitable for your need.

Now, we’d love to hear your thoughts on choosing an electric heater. If you already own one, share in the comments the areas you commonly use it and which rooms you place it in.

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