Which Type of Hedge Trimmer Do I Need

When it comes to maintaining your garden, the right tools are essential. But with so many options available, choosing the right type of hedge trimmer can be daunting. Do you go electric? Petrol? Or cordless? We’re here to help answer this age-old question: which type of hedge trimmer do I need?

We’ll review all three types and provide insight on which one best suits your needs – whether that means tackling tougher hedges or just keeping them in check. So if you’re wondering how to choose between an electric, petrol or cordless hedge trimmer for your outdoor project, then stay tuned – we’ve got the answers for you.

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Electric Hedge Trimmers

Electric hedge trimmers are a popular choice for UK consumers looking to keep their gardens neat and tidy. They offer several advantages over petrol-powered models, such as being quieter, lighter and more affordable.


Electric hedge trimmers are powered by electricity, either through a corded or battery-operated model. Corded models provide the most power but require an outlet nearby; battery-operated models can be used anywhere but may not have enough power for larger jobs.


Electric hedge trimmers are much lighter than petrol versions due to their lack of fuel tank and engine components. This makes them easier to transport from place to place without having to worry about carrying extra weight or dealing with spills or fumes from gasoline.

Noise Levels

Electric hedge trimmers produce significantly less noise than petrol versions, making them ideal for use in residential areas where noise levels must be kept low. This also means they won’t disturb your neighbours while you’re working on your garden.

Electric hedge trimmers tend to be cheaper than petrol versions due to their simpler design and lack of fuel costs associated with running them. This makes them a great option if you’re on a budget but still want something that will get the job done quickly and efficiently without breaking the bank.

Electric hedge trimmers are ideal for smaller gardens, as they are lightweight and easy to use. However, if you have a larger garden or need more power, then petrol hedge trimmers may be the better option.

Petrol Hedge Trimmers

Petrol hedge trimmers are a popular choice for gardeners who need to trim large areas of hedges and shrubs. They offer more power than electric models, making them ideal for tough jobs that require extra cutting force.

The main advantage of petrol hedge trimmers is their portability; they don’t need to be plugged into an electrical outlet, so you can take them anywhere in your garden or yard. This makes them especially useful if you have a large area to cover or if you’re working on uneven terrain where it’s difficult to access electricity.

A man using a petrol hedge trimmer

Another benefit of petrol hedge trimmers is the amount of power they provide; with a two-stroke engine, these machines can cut through thick branches quickly and easily. However, this also means that they tend to be louder than electric models – something worth considering if noise levels are important in your neighbourhood.

Finally, petrol hedge trimmers tend to cost more than electric ones due to their higher performance capabilities and greater maintenance requirements (such as regular oil changes). If budget isn’t an issue though, then investing in one could prove beneficial in the long run as it will last longer and perform better over time.

Overall, petrol hedge trimmers offer many advantages over electric models when it comes to tackling tougher jobs around the garden or yard. They may cost more upfront but their powerful engines make light work of even the toughest pruning tasks; plus, they are portable too.

Petrol hedge trimmers offer more power and longer run times, making them ideal for larger gardens or tougher jobs. However, cordless hedge trimmers provide convenience and ease of use for smaller tasks – let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

Cordless Hedge Trimmers

Cordless hedge trimmers are becoming increasingly popular with UK consumers. They offer a convenient and efficient way to trim hedges without the need for an electrical cord or petrol engine.

The main advantage of cordless hedge trimmers is their portability. As they don’t require an external power source, you can easily move them around your garden to get the job done quickly and efficiently. This makes them ideal for smaller gardens where there may not be access to a mains electricity supply.

A man using a cordless hedge trimmers

Another benefit of cordless hedge trimmers is that they tend to be quieter than petrol-powered models. This means that you won’t disturb your neighbours when trimming your hedges in the early morning or late evening hours.

Cordless hedge trimmers also have good battery life, allowing you to work on larger jobs without having to worry about running out of power mid-way through the task. Most models come with rechargeable batteries, which can be recharged using a standard wall outlet or USB cable – meaning no trips down to the local hardware store for replacement batteries.

However, one downside of cordless hedge trimmers is their cost – as they tend to be more expensive than petrol-powered models due to their convenience factor and advanced technology features such as lithium ion batteries and brushless motors. But if you’re looking for a reliable tool that will last many years, then this could well be worth investing in.

Finally, it is important to note that some cordless hedge trimmer models are heavier than traditional petrol powered ones, so make sure you check how much weight it adds before purchasing one.

Key Takeaway: Cordless hedge trimmers offer convenience, portability and quiet operation. They are more expensive but come with advanced features such as lithium ion batteries and brushless motors for a longer lasting tool. Consider the weight before purchasing one.


In conclusion, when it comes to choosing the right type of hedge trimmer for your needs, there are a few factors to consider. Electric hedge trimmers are great for smaller gardens and those who don’t want to worry about petrol fumes or noise. Petrol hedge trimmers offer more power and longer run times but require more maintenance. Cordless models provide convenience with no cords but can be limited in terms of power and battery life. Ultimately, the answer to the question ‘what type of hedge trimmer do I need?’ depends on your individual requirements – so make sure you take some time to weigh up all the options before making a decision.

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